431-429 Seven ingredients

 So we talked about adding snacks to our drinks.

 However, it doesn't seem to be such a serious problem.
 The farm has been in existence for quite a while now. The farm has been in existence for quite a while, and some of them are good to go along with drinks.

 Edamame to go with beer.
 Cheese to go with wine.

 I made a lot of things.
 It seems to be enough to serve with these things, but that doesn't mean we can cover everything.

 There are other kinds of drinks, too.

 At any rate, I'd like to prepare some other snacks to go with the sake and whisky.

 Whiskey snacks don't immediately come to mind, so I'll leave it at that for now....

 Let's think about what goes with sake...and shochu.

 Sake was a big hit at the "Sake Pavilion" on the first day of the fair, too.
 If we could have some sake snacks, we wouldn't have so many holes in our menu.

 That's why I thought about it....

 ........Because sake goes with everything, we're at a loss when we try to find the perfect sake, aren't we?

 Do you want to take the super high road and go for surume or salted fish?

 But the purpose of preparing snacks this time is to help the alcohol dissolve in the drink, not just drink it.
 Therefore, we want to eat more food to dilute the alcohol.

 Is it a staple food?
 Then I had an idea.


 Speaking of oden, it's a standard drinker's dish at a bar.
 One of the happiest moments of a drinker's life is to have a hot cup of oden and a hot drink at a stall.

 Oden can be a great substitute for rice, and you'll probably get less alcohol in your system because of it.
 The theory being that you'll naturally get less nausea!

All right, let's make some oden! Let's make an oden that goes well with sake!
'For God's sake, saints! I would love to finish that oden and all that stuff to spread the word about my sake!

 Bacchus was listening beside me, and he went from despondent to lively.


 He blew Bacchus away with a lariat.

"What are you going to do by leaving it to others? It's your problem, your wish to have as many people drinking alcohol as possible!

 Once again, it's a bastardly wish.

You can't just leave it to someone else to make snacks for you! You do it! The fact that you made this oden with your own hands should go perfectly with the sake you made!

 You're going to change.
 Bacchus immediately echoed my sermon.........

'The saints are right...! What have I been fooling myself about? If you really care about the sake, I'll have to make the snacks myself with great care! Liquor and snacks must be mixed together!

 Mm, that's right.

"Saints! I came to my senses! I'm all motivated to spread the wonders of alcohol to the world this time!

 Now that you have that line, Bacchus is back in full force.

 So, let's work together to create an oden!
 I'll hand over the body to Bacchus, but of course I'll be there to help!

"Oden needs garnish! Oden is a dish decorated with a wide variety of ingredients!
So I'm going to arrange the ingredients for the oden one by one. They say when you have it all together, any wish will come true!

 That's probably the other one.
 To complete the oden, we need to prepare the following ingredients....

1. radish
2. eggs
3. kelp
4. konnyaku
5, Tofu
6, chikuwa.
7. Mochi


First you get the daikon, Bacchus! You can go ahead and pull out the fruit from my field!

 Bacchus dashed into the field.

'A big one! I pulled out the ones growing around there and... what? How is it getting out of the ground by itself? Does it have a two-pronged tip? Like feet? He escaped! Why did Radish run away on his own? Wait a minute!

 The evolution of our crops has recently entered uncharted territory.
 While Bacchus is chasing after the daikon, I'm going to get to work.

 Tofu, chikuwa and rice cakes are indispensable ingredients for cooking, and let's say you have prepared them before and used them.

 You don't just throw them into the oden pot.
 By further processing, they will evolve into the familiar ingredients that are only recognized as oden ingredients.

 First, the tofu.
 This is then deep-fried as is and made into a thick slice of tofu.

 This completes the ingredients for oden.

 Also, the drained tofu is made into deep-fried tofu. Put the mochi into the baggy bag and you have a baggy cloth with mochi in it.

 There are other things that can be made with tofu, too.
 Start again with Nama Tofu. After mashing the tofu, I mix in the chopped carrots and burdock.
 Then we roll it up and fry it in oil, and it's ready to eat.

 I didn't know it was possible to make so many kinds of oden with just one tofu.
 I am glad that I made the tofu in response to the wilfulness of the lettuce rate when I made it.

 I was disappointed when the soy milk ripped it all up, but I'm still glad I made tofu!

 ........and I also made chikuwa.
 I've made kamaboko before, so I made use of that experience and ingredients.

 A thick fried tofu, a baggy baggy with rice cakes, cancerous mushroom and chikuwa.
 We now have four kinds of oden!

 Furthermore, let's try the next stage, making konnyaku.

 ........To tell the truth, this is the most difficult problem this time.
 I've never made konnyaku before.

 It is not so simple as an ingredient, and therefore, there was no opportunity to pay attention to it.

 However, konnyaku is absolutely necessary for oden.
 Shirataki is made from konjac, too.

 .........I remember that konnyaku is made from yams, right?
 I've seen this in the episode where Lu0n attacked the Zantian sword.

 There's also a method of growing and processing konjac potatoes with the 'supreme bearer', but it's going to take some time.

 Now what to do........
 But then someone came.

"I am the Konjac Mondo, the Konjac Potato Tree Spirit.

 Even the konnyaku potatoes have been turned into trees?
 But is that okay? Konnyaku potatoes don't grow on trees. I thought it was a tree spirit because it haunts trees!

Don't bother with details. It's more important to note that someone recently got engaged here.
Oh, yes.

 Is it Prince Arowana and Puffa, Mr. Hendler and the Lamprey?

"I brought you konjac to celebrate your engagement.

 What a nonsense and I ended up with a konnyaku!
 There's even a konjac thread attached to it, in other words, a white waterfall!
 In addition, there's even a konnyaku ball!

"If you like, I can teach you how to make konnyaku from scratch at a later date. See you later.

 By an unexpected turn of events, we got a konnyaku without any effort.

 At the same time, Bacchus, who finally caught a radish, fought with the Yoshamo and got an egg.

 The remaining kelp was given to us by Prathi.

 Now all the ingredients were ready to go.

 When they were all boiled, the pot turned into a jewel box...!