435-433 Before the wedding, the lamp eye edition (below)

 The current head of the Betta family, Traditional, had four children.

 The eldest son, Wilde.
 The second son, Hendler.
 Third son Delta.
 The youngest sister, Crowntail.

 Of these four siblings, only three grew up to live up to the name of the famous family.
 The eldest, Wilde, with the face of an illegitimate son, was able to win at the top of everything. The youngest son, Crowntail, although a woman, was blessed with a talent for warfare, and while studying at the prestigious Mermaid Witch Academy, he is certain to join the Kingsguard after graduation.

 And of all of them, the one with the most brilliance is the third son, Delta.

 It is said that he was the most gifted genius since the Betas began, and he is said to be a prime minister or even a general.

Among them, I'm the only one who didn't stand out.

 I tell the lump eye I'm going to be with in the future about my life.
 I don't like to talk about my past, but I can't stop talking about it to the girl I'm going to share my life with.

I can't do anything as well as other people," she says. Not even studies, not even martial arts. When I was little, my brother did everything better than me. Whenever he beat me, my father would scold me for not being good enough.

 As I lived my life, I gradually came to believe that I was worthless.
 I didn't think I was worthy of being part of the venerable family of betas.
 Rather than live the rest of my life being despised, I thought it would be easier to leave the family and become a nobody.

That's why I decided to leave home. I chose to be an editorial writer by chance, and I would have preferred anything as long as I could keep my distance from this house.

 But it was a good fit for the s*x, though.

'I ran away from the house, after all. I didn't want to be called a failure. I don't want to be called a failure, and I'm returning to that house today. It just doesn't feel right.
'Master Hendler has become a fine man. His military prowess and achievements are unparalleled. Shouldn't you feel that you can now go home with your heart in your hands?
'Maybe so, but...'

 But maybe the emotions that were ingrained in me at a young age cannot be erased.
 I will always be the fall guy in this house.

 In the meantime, there was a lot of noise on the other side of the door.
 Father must have brought his family with him.

 I opened the door and it became a full-blown wailing mess.

'Now let me introduce you again to Hendler's new wife! First of all, I'm the head of the Betta family, traditional! I am a general in the army of mermaid nations!
I know. I'd like to thank you for your support.

 Lampey prostrates herself smoothly.
 She's good at this.

This is my wife, Comet. This is my wife and mother-in-law, but do not forget to get along with each other.
No, my dear, you're not part of a queen's household.

 Mom, you are so irreverent.
 The family introduction moves to the children's section.

His son, Wilde. He is the captain of the Kingsguard, so he may know Lord Lamprey, a former Kingsguard, but...
'As you say. Captain, what a pleasure it is to see you again in this way, what can I say...

 Lumpy eyes in front of my brother.
 He really is a good sport.

"I know you'll be in good hands with my brother. "I'm going to need you to lead my brother into trouble.

 What a nuisance.
 Surprisingly, Lamp-Eye seemed to know her youngest son, Crowntail, as well, and she was congenial.
 The speed at which she is adjusting to our home is frightening.

 At this rate, I really think I'm going to have to go back to my parents' house when I get married.......

''Ah, finally...?

 What's going on?
 Your father's tone was suddenly awkward...!

"My third son, Delta...

 Oh Delta.
 He was my younger brother, the most talented of the four brothers.

 ........The reason I left home was also because of my complex towards him.
 I was thinking that he must have grown up to be a great man by now........


 ..........Huh? What's up with this wild young man?

"...if you're Delta?

 He didn't answer.
 He looked away.

 It looks different, but I'm pretty sure it's because it's a shadow of its former self.
 This is Delta? You've been called the genius since the Betta family began!

A lot has happened since you left home.

 I got an earful from my brother Wild.

He was brilliant as a child, but as he grew older, he couldn't keep up. We can't call him a genius anymore.
"I was not nominated for the Mermaid army's top job two times in a row. By law, I'm no longer eligible to take the exam. The only way to join the army is to start with a first-class diploma. Unless you're a good swimmer like yourself, you're not...!
''Speaking of which, did Delta participate in the competition?''
He's out of the first round.

 I didn't expect this to happen.

 When they were young, the second and third sons were constantly being compared to each other.

"Hendler is such a bad guy.
"Why can't you do as well as Delta?

 That's what I've been told.
 I haven't seen him once since I left home, but today I finally saw him again....
 Clearly our positions have been reversed........!

'You'd think our positions had been reversed, wouldn't you?

 Delta said abruptly.
 Hostile tone.

'You must feel pretty good! They used to look down on you, now they look down on you! Isn't that a good sign? This is the brother who was told he was a genius, and now he's in a bad way!

 My brother was devastated.
 The reality of the situation was that he had become all but deflected by the inevitable.

 There was something familiar about him. I had just left home and that's exactly what I was feeling.

"Hey! I'm sorry, you two. I'm sorry, both of you, for not being polite...!
Nooo! Ugh..........?

 Your father holds him by the scruff of the neck and he struggles.

Really, I had high hopes for a while, but I was wrong. Hendler is a lot better than that. I'm so proud of you! If you come, my house is safe...............Bobbe?

 With a very good sound, your father was blown away.

 It was because he was slapped on the cheek with all his might.

 The one who slapped him was Lamp Eye.
 My fiancée.

 What the hell!
 As my eyes widened in surprise, not only at me, but at the whole family, she began to speak.

'You are an unfit father.'

 To my father.

'I can't believe you can only love your children with your abilities. I am disappointed that such a man is the great general of the mermaid kingdom.
No, it must be a great general...?
I can't have my husband working for a man like this. It's too early for Master Hendler to be returning to this house.

 When I said that, Lamp Eye, he took my hand........

'Excuse me for today. I'll see you again when we are ready to receive Master Hendler properly in this house.
What? Hey, hey...
And you.

 Lamprey says to Delta, who is crawling on the floor.
 My brother was once called a genius.

Whether you rise or fall is your business. But don't bring my husband into this. Family and siblings will always be together, but there are times when you still have to fight alone. If you want to win, don't take it out on them, fight alone until you win.

 Delta's eyes widened with a huff at those words.
 Was there something that could be understood?

Well then, mother-in-law, I beg your pardon. I apologize for my rude exit.
'It's okay - you said what I really had to say for me, and you said it for me.

 Your mother was magnanimous.
 A husband who is a great general was beaten up by his wife.

'Forgive him. That man was never born not to be a soldier, so he can't see it any other way. He only knows how to love his children and how to be a soldier.

 That's what I was told and it made me huff and puff.
 It's true that since I was a kid, I've been a soldier when it came to praise and scolding.

That's one of the good things about her. That's one of the good things about her, but sometimes it's not enough. I'm glad you pointed that out to me. It took me about 20 years to say what I wanted to say.
No, you are Lady Hendler's mother. I will respect you all my life.

 There was something about the women alone that made them bond.
 While the others were stunned.

'So, Master Hendler, let's leave for today.
Hmm? ...hmmm?

 I'm leaving with her hand in mine.

'What? Where are you going? Aren't you two going to live here from today...?
Figure it out, girl. You don't deserve to be in Alexandria, Alexandria. Delta, you don't deserve it.

 As a mother, she turned her stern gaze on her third son.

People have been too quick to flatter you that you are a genius. But it's your fault for being so conceited that you didn't take the chance. Now you have to figure out how to get on with your life. As your mother, all I can do is to stay on your side for as long as I can.

 With your mother, it seemed that your father and brother would be fine.

'But are you sure?'

 I ask as I head for the exit of the house.

'I thought marrying me was a prerequisite for coming home. You're a born-and-bred military man.

 I will enter the military register and serve my country as his wife.
 Such a life plan would have allowed her to leave her post as Princess Prati's guardian.

'No, it's not. I'm not marrying into the House of Betta, I'm marrying Lady Hendler.


"It's good to live in poverty as a debater's wife. I'm sure Lord Prathi will understand.

 Her powerful words brought back a powerful memory.

 It was the first time I met her.
 I remember how she beat me to a pulp that time, too, because of an unintentional word I had said.

 I could live with her and never get bored.