436-434 Gala Rufa edited before the wedding

 I am Gala Ruffa.
 I'm Gara Rufa, one of the Six Witches, known as the 'Plague Witch'.

 Ha ha.
 After all, it's been a long time since I came to the farm.......

 An event happened that made me realize the passage of time.

 Mr. Puffa is getting married.

 You mean the Puffa?

 Puffa-san, who was the most protruding of the six witches and seemed to hurt everyone she touched, would enter the household.......
 ........I never imagined it when I met her.

 In addition to that, I didn't know that Mr. Lamprey would get married.

 If I recall, there were three of us in total, including these two and myself.
 The three of us visited the farm together, didn't we?

 Two of them got married at the same time and I was the only one left.


 That's not what I'm talking about. It's not that I'm behind schedule.

 But both Puffa and Lampuie are getting married and moving to different houses of marriage, so they can no longer continue to live on the farm.
 It looks like they will safely graduate from the farm.

 I would be lying if I said I didn't miss them.

 After all, we were farm colleagues who worked together.
 Recently, we have been working in different departments, and there were times when we didn't see each other all day long.

 But even so, there was a bond between us as people who worked together.

 Now they are leaving the farm.

 They would marry and leave me alone.

 ................................No, no! I don't envy you!
 I congratulate you on your marriage, and I say congratulations, but that's just in general terms!
 Not from my personal values!

 I'm just a researcher! As long as you can study Potions, you don't need to be as happy as other people

 I am majoring in germs!

 They are still unrecognized in this world, and were first named by the knowledge brought in by the saints.
 Invisibly tiny little organisms are breeding all over the place, causing all sorts of events.

 Once I foresaw the existence of bacteria and published a paper on it.
 However, the Society of Mermaids did not approve of it and, on the contrary, criticized me, calling me 'crazy'.

 This was the occasion when I became known as the "Witch of the Plague".

 Even so, I didn't give up my theory, and as a result of various things, I ended up being thrown into a mermaid prison.......

 Because from there, the route to reach this farm was extended.

 This farm is amazing!

 The germs that caused you to despise me for being crazy are admitted as a matter of course!

 The master of the farm, the saint, is a master at putting germs to good use!

 Fermenting crops with bacteria, causing them to break down harmful components and remake them into more beneficial nutrients.
 Simply to make it more delicious.

 When I was shown this process, my spirit as a researcher was thrilled.
 Not only did they prove the existence of a bacterium (*named "Saint") that had never been proven to exist before, but they were able to make effective use of it in a single step!

 It's enough to make me soar just to have my theories confirmed as correct, but you've established a practical application!

 How great the saints are!

 As I was continuing my research in my own way, I was in charge of the bacterial-related work on the farm.

 I am the one who makes the seed koji that Master Bacchus needs for brewing alcohol.
 In the case of beer, it's the malts, and in the case of wine, it's the indigenous bacteria on the grape skins that allow the alcohol to ferment, but in the case of sake, the koji needs to provide the fermentation bacteria.

 Koji is necessary for making miso and soy sauce, so Mr. Paffa often comes to get it.
 From now on, Mr. Puffa's successor, Mr. Discus, will probably come to get koji from him in the same way.

 Also, in terms of effective use of the fungus, I've been assigned to be the farm's medical officer.

 As I predicted in my theories, as I predicted, many of the diseases that humans developed were still caused by bacteria.

 The pathogens that entered the body caused various symptoms, and the body developed a high fever to kill such invading bacteria.
 The saint's explanation makes a lot of sense.

 If we can find out what germs have entered the body, we can find out what diseases we have contracted and we can establish what to do about it.
 Currently, my lab on the farm has ninety-eight different deadly diseases that are considered incurable in this world (including diseases that affect crops).
 All of them are drugs for diseases caused by viral pathogens........


 It's presumptuous of those who rejected my theories to want to take care of this medicine.
 Only after we get a little more advanced in civilization and can understand my ideas.
 The world will be entitled to the benefits of my research.

 Until then, only the farms of the saints will be able to enjoy my talents, my research and my achievements.

 I will only work for a farm that understands me!

 The farm is the best!
 This is my utopia!

 I'm not leaving this farm for life! I'm not going to leave the stage like Mr. Puffa and Mr. Lamprey!
 Because this is my final destination! Because this is my goal!

 I'm not moving from the farm anymore!
 We're going to be studying bacteria here for the rest of our lives!

''Ahhhh, hahahahahaha!
'Ah! Lady Gala Rufa is starting to laugh high! 'Another one of Lady Gala Rufa's mad spirits gone up in flames! We're coming with you!

 Heckery and Batrax, who were working in the same room, run over and laugh together.


 They were the girl mermaids who moved in with the Second Princess Angel and started to help me somehow.
 I've been doing more and more every time I've lived on a farm for a long time, so having an assistant is very helpful.


 Wait, both of you?
 Why do you have such a dirty laugh?

'What? Because in order to match Lady Gala Rufa's muddiness, it has to be this special kind of laughter!
''That's right! Ordinary laughter doesn't even begin to describe Lady Gala Rufa's madness!

 So why does the world want to make me a mad magical researcher?

 I'm perfectly normal.
 I'm just studying bacteria in a normal way.

 To say that the concept of bacteria is beyond our current understanding and that studying it is maddening is just an imposition of values.
 The breakthrough of the old ways is the beginning of the new technology.

Breaking out of the old ways? That's not what you think...?
The overthrow of the present mermaid kingdom? And the establishment of a new nation!

 Stop replacing every single thing I said with dangerous thoughts.

 Why are you trying to madden me so relentlessly anymore?
 I'm a very ordinary magical researcher.

 Research is all about being humble, quiet, and unchanging.

''I understand! That means...!

 You understand.
 That's my little pupils, indeed.

"A true Mud is not to sprinkle it about freely! In peace time, it's hidden in your belly! I guess boiling gently under water is the real maddening thing to do!
'Right! The fact that you're laughing so geeky and high as you proclaim that you're a Mad is proof that you don't have enough Mad to make up for it with your behavior!
''A true Mad Potions user like Lady Gala Rufa doesn't need to behave like one! Because your usual behavior is mad enough!
"Sit down, sit down, and be mad! What a complete mad! I respect you from the bottom of my heart, Gala Rufa-sama!

 ........Well I'm glad you respect me.
 I feel that the direction of respect is definitely wrong.

 ...while Mr. Puffa and Mr. Lamprey are getting married and enjoying their new lives.
 I'm going to spend the rest of my life surrounded by these idiot disciples.
 I suddenly feel jealous of the two of them.

    * * * *

 .... hmm?

 Ah, yes, yes.

 The pickup person came to call me. Oh, is it that time already?
 Well then, I'll be gone for a few days, so please take care of me for a few days, won't you, disciple?

''Yes, sir.''

 It's Heckery and Batrax with a good reply.
 It's up to the two of them to decide where to go.

 It finally starts today.
 We're going to attend the wedding of Prince Arowana and Mr. Puffa.