437-435 wedding

 The day has finally come.

 Prince Arowana and Puffa's wedding!
 That day!

 That's me!

 Naturally, I will be attending the wedding.
 I'm the groom's best friend and brother-in-law, and the bride's former employer.

 Prathi will be in attendance with Junior as a family member, and Gala Rufa will also be there as a family member.

 Batty tailored a party dress for me, and it looks good on her.
 By the way, Prati and I are also wearing formal wear today.

It's been a long time since we've been back to the seabed, hasn't it? We usually stay at home while everyone else is diving.

 And Gala Rufa.
 It really is.

 It's a shame everyone wants to put you in charge of the farm's mermaids and then send you off to mermaid country.

 But not today.

 After all, it is a fine ceremony and all hands must be present.
 The girl mermaids that Angel brought with her, such as Discus, Veertale, Hechelly and Batrax, have grown up steadily, and I've been able to leave them in charge of their absence.
 The problem is that Angel himself has not grown up at all.

I'm off. I know my absence will create a huge gap, but we're all going to have to work together to keep it alive!

 The angel also temporarily returned to the mermaid kingdom to attend the wedding.
 She's also royalty, so there's no reason for her not to attend.

 However, I don't think there's anything else she needs to focus on from here on out, so she'll probably disappear from here on out.

 And now, the all-important star of the day.
 I can only say that she is the star of the show.

 Pfafah, the bride of the wedding ceremony today.

 For some reason she was standing alone on the beach.
 She was staring at the horizon in awe.

"What's going on here, Pfafa?

 Why don't you just dive down to get to the ceremony.

 What the hell are you standing around for if you're not going to turn your bottom half back into a fish?

'Don't interrupt me, sir. The wedding has already begun.

 He was pulled back by Prati from behind.

 Then I watched quietly for a few minutes.
 A change occurred.

 Something emerged from the surface of the sea, approaching towards Puffa.

 It was a human head.
 It gradually emerged, revealing a face, a neck, a shoulder, and finally a whole body, and we realized who it was.

 It's Prince Arowana.
 The groom of the day.

 When he came within sight of Puffa standing on the shoreline, he knelt down....

"I have come for you. I ask you to come to the Mermaid Palace to be my wife.
I will come to you.

 The bride holds the groom's hand that is held out to her.

 .........Hmm, it's really a ceremonial and solemn scene.
 I understood what Prati meant when she said, 'The ceremony has already begun.
 I'm sure that this series of exchanges between husbands coming to greet their wives is one of the ceremonies handed down among the mermaid royalty.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea. Master Junior, please.

 He hands Junior to me and walks over to an empty-handed Prati bride and groom.

'The witch gives the bride a potion. A potion to win their love.
You're talking about a curse, aren't you?

 Apparently this is a process that is not part of the regular ritual.

 Anyway, take the medicine offered by Prati........
 The lower half of the puffa's body shines brightly, and the two legs, standing firmly on the earth, dissolve into one, boundary melting.
 By the time the light subsided, it had turned into a tail fin covered in scales.

 The lower half of its body is a fish.
 A mermaid's original form.

 I'm sure Prati gave him the medicine to release the earthly human form to regain the appearance of a mermaid.

You can now go back to the sea. Thank you for everything. Take care of yourself in the new place.
It doesn't feel like a new place for Atai just to go back to his home waters. Thank you. This has been the most intense experience of my life so far, Atai.

 There's a hint of nodding from the surroundings...?

'But my life here ends today. From today, Atay will live in a new place, under a new title. ...the Prince's wife. A very un-Atay-like name for a prince.
You'll look good in it. A sensible woman like you.

 Puffa looked satisfied as Prince Arowana embraced him.

'My wife has been a great help to me to this day! The most impenetrable sanctuary on land! Eternal thanks shall be given by the mermaid race!

 It was an important day for the ceremony, so it was a big deal to say.

"The wedding ceremony will take place at the bottom of the sea in the mermaid kingdom! Come on down to the mainland and wave to the attendees!
I'll see you there.

 Prince Arowana and Puffa dove into the sea with him.
 They would be heading to the mermaid country where the ceremony took place.

 It's a long, long aisle.
 No, it's in the sea, so it's a virgin passage?

'What do we do? Chasing?

 My people, Prathi and Gala Rufa, can turn into mermaids and swim away, but not me and Junior.
 Will we take a boat to Paradise Island once we've visited mermaid country before and then dive into the bubbles?

 That's going to be a bit complicated.

No, I'll use transference magic this time.
I can use it.
"Didn't Puffa make those crystals with the coordinates? They're supposed to be flying towards it.

 Well, there was such a thing.
 It's a mobile transfer point that Puffa completed with all of his talents in the hopes of accompanying Prince Arowana on his training mission.

 Normally, you would only be able to fly to a point that was set up by magic.
 Once a transfer point is set up, it cannot be moved. So if you wanted to fly to a different place, you had to first physically move to the destination and then set up a new transition point.

 However, the crystal with the coordinates developed by Puffa is portable, so it can be transferred anywhere the crystal goes.

 Prince Arowana, who was training to become a warrior, could wear the crystal and follow it anywhere on his journey.

"Come to think of it, since then, Puffa's love for you has become vindictive...?
"According to what he says, they can't make the same thing anymore. I'm sure she pushed herself to the limit of her abilities to travel with her brother...!

 The crystal with such a coordinate code is now said to be enshrined in the palace of the mermaid kingdom.
 In that case, can you fly without worrying?

I've already got a special transfer spell from Puffa, so we can fly with it. All attendees, gather around!

 As instructed by Prati, as soon as the magic solidified within the range of action, Prati immediately opened the lid of the test tube and dripped the liquid filled inside.

 The moment it fell to the ground, it immediately vaporized and emitted colored smoke.
 And in large quantities.

 It was so thick that it covered all of us who were stuck in one place, and the smoke completely blocked our vision.

 And after a short time. When the smoke cleared, we were able to see better.

 The landscape was completely different.

 I should have been standing on the farm's shore, but now I was indoors.
 A large room with a majestic atmosphere. It's a room, but it's so large that it's hard to believe it's outside.
 Moreover, the material of the walls is marble-like and luxurious.

''Well it's definitely a nice room.''

 I thought intuitively.
 In the center of the room, the example coordinate crystal was enshrined. I knew it must have flown towards this.

''Oh my goodness! Welcome!

 And Queen Sheila, who greets us.
 Then I'm sure that this is the mermaid country.

I'm sure you'll find that transition magic is very useful. Arowana should have come back in a flash.
'Those two are part of the wedding ceremony, swimming to get to the ceremony site. Let them make out with each other as much as they want.

 We moved after Plati and the others.

 The capital of the mermaid country is located in the belly of a super giant fish, and it has air and even architecture.
 That's why Junior and I, as terrestrial humans, can operate without any problems.

'Look, it's mermaid country again!

 I was showing Junior the scenery outside and getting my mind off of what was about to happen.

 Yes, Prince Arowana and Puffa's wedding was to be held in the mermaid country.
 The wedding is being held here in the mermaid country.