438-436 Oath of God

 Me being ushered into the ceremony hall.
 And I was overwhelmed by the crowd inside.

"Too many people!

 Well, to be precise, it was a mermaid.
 As expected of a prince's wedding, the place is packed. Large scale.

 The floor of the ceremony hall is covered with water and the mermaids are able to swim around freely.
 As a terrestrial, I can walk on the water with Plati's magic potion, but....

 I'm sure the people attending the ceremony are all great people.
 So many of them. Too many to count.

 A royal wedding is awesome after all...?

Am I not the right person for this...?
Don't worry. Of all the people here, you are without a doubt the greatest and most powerful.

 Who's going to pick up my soliloquy?
 But when I turned around, it was Lamp Eye, the "Hellfire Witch"!
 And his mate, Hendler, with him!

Oh, and congratulations to you guys.
Thank you, sir. We're not much of a party, although we had a modest sushi ceremony.

 Because she and Mr. Hendler had joined him, she quit the farm and returned to the mermaid kingdom ahead of Puffa.

 I thought she was going to take the opportunity of her marriage to take up a major position in the mermaid kingdom and serve her country, but apparently, Mr. Hendler is still going to be a debater.
 With Lamp-Eye.

 Lamprey is a born-and-bred military man, and I thought he would make her husband a general after the marriage, but that's not the case.

I'll protect Princess Platy for the rest of my life! And then you quit that job too.

 So, love takes precedence over everything else.

 But I've given the job of security guard to my sisters, Veiltail and Clowntail, so I guess that's not a problem.

"You will be there. It's only natural. You are the bride and groom's dearest friends.
No, sir. It was not proper for my wife and I to attend a royal wedding. We cannot thank Prince Arowana enough for his mercy in allowing us to do so.

 Awesome, Mr. Hendler.
 But don't you want Prince Arowana to put you in charge anyway, eventually?

'I am sorry, Master Prati. For resigning my guard duty and not getting a comparable mission...
It's all right. It's just amusing to hear that you're taking your love life over a soldier's mission. We already heard about what's going on at Betas. Well, if your brother and Puffa get their personnel files, they're going to put you in a position of power and we'll have a little bit of free time.

 Prathi had made the same prediction.

 And so the time passes while they are gabbling.

 Finally, the ceremony would begin.

The bride and groom will be on their way.

 A huge door giggled open and a radiant man and woman emerged from it.

 It was Prince Arowana and Puffa.

 They were in the most radiant state in their lives, dressed for the occasion.
 By the way, Batty designed their dresses.
 Her sense of style is known across the border.

 A round of applause greeted the bride and groom.
 Everyone here congratulated the newly born couple once again.

'Hugghhhh! Congratulations! What a bunch of bullshit!
Oh, my God! What!?

 I was surprised to see someone crying cancer next to me.
 It's an acquaintance of mine, so I'm twice as surprised.

It's Zos Saira from The Witch of the Abyss.

Did you get invited too?
Of course! I was Puffa's mentor. I deserve an invitation...! Puffing and puffing!

 And then he starts to cry!
 Why are you so moved by your apprentice Puffa's beautiful appearance?

 Wasn't she that kind of a character, you evil witch?

Well..... Her parents died when she was a child and she was all alone. I picked it up by accident. It's a good thing that you can't get away with it, because it's too pathetic, so I took care of her until she became independent...

 He suddenly started to reminisce!

He began, "After I had trained him in the art of witchcraft, I gave him his own way, but he was not in a position to feel a debt of gratitude to me. We were neither of us feeling indebted to each other, and I didn't know the rest.... I can't stop crying when I see her at her happiest today.

 Yes, yes, yes.

 I'm also surprised. I didn't know this guy had such a tearful personality.
 You're surprisingly good at taking care of people. It's not just Puffa, but Angel and the other girl mermaids also kind of love her.

 ........no, no, no.

 The stars of today's show are Prince Arowana and Puffa.
 I have to pay attention to them without looking aside.

 They make their way down the aisle.
 The sight of Puffa cuddling up to the groom was unimaginably ladylike.

'You've become a married woman and you've got a unique s*x appeal.

 Prathi chided me in a whisper.

 They walked down the aisle to the altar.
 There they would pledge their eternal love to each other. Towards God.

........I knew you were a mermaid, so your vow is to the sea god Poseidos?
Yes, that's right. We are the creators of the mermaids.

 I've met the god Poseidon in person, but he seemed like a lazy person (god).
 I wonder if the future of the two of them will be okay if they are made to swear by him?

 Why don't we switch to the Hades God?
 That god would at least not cheat on me.

 Now, when they go up to the altar, the priest or priestess will see to the marital vows on behalf of God........

 I even remember a priest greeting the bride and groom at the altar!

Isn't that the teacher?

 The No-Life King's teacher?
 What's a guy who lives in an above-ground dungeon doing at the bottom of the ocean?

Because I asked him to.
"Platy? Did you do this?
I may be an idiot, but it's my brother and his friend's wedding, and I want it to be great. And who better to witness the vows than the teacher?
No one!

 That's a dumbfounding argument, but you're thinking of the inconvenience to the teacher!
 Thank you for making the trip to this far away!

I'm very happy to see the two of you embark on this journey. I wonder if this is how a parent feels...?

 No, he's enthusiastic about it!
 That's sweet!

'Then let's set the stage for the two of you to make your vows. And Hennyala.

 As the teacher chanted the spell, space distorted and a giant being appeared on the altar.
 The sea god Poseidos appeared.

''I summoned a god again ah!

 In person!
 He's going to make me swear directly to the god! Love!
 Never seen a wedding like this before?

I don't know if I have... Didn't the Demon King make his vows in front of the God of Hades himself...?

 Just because there's a precedent doesn't mean you can't repeat it twice or three times, though!
 The attendees are also dawdling and fainting in surprise.

'Today, on this good day, I'm happy to have the honor of blessing the heroes of the mermaid race.
"Truly, congratulations to you both.

 There was another goddess lined up next to the god Poseidos.
 You're not the goddess Amphitrite, wife of the god Poseidos, are you?

You mean Queen Medusa, the goddess of the sea. The other queen goddess of Poseidon.

 The second god?
 That godd*mn polygamy?

"Amphitrite is the Mother Goddess of the Sea for childbirth, but Lady Medusa is in charge of the marriage. Puffa just received her blessing from Medusa.
"You, who have my blessing.

 The Goddess Medusa spoke up.
 She was a goddess with black hair as deep as the sea at night in the moonlight.

'After all, you have gone the way I thought you would. Continue to fulfill your responsibility to support those you are responsible for.''
'Yes, I swear to the Queen of God that I will support her as his wife for the rest of my life.

 Pfa states reverently.
 With this, the couple's vows were witnessed by the gods.

"Huh? I haven't heard a single word from you!

 God d*mn it, Poseidon, shut up. I'm in the middle of something.

 And while more than half of the attendees were sitting on their haunches, all but a few were floating on water.

 Their wedding would be memorable enough to be talked about later.