440-438 Parade


 Prince Arowana and Puffa's ceremony went off without a hitch.
 It ended without hassle, but after it ended, the ceremony site was in a horrible state with dead bodies lying all over the place.

"The god, Poseidon, the god of the sea, is here before us...?

 Everyone sat back in shock at the appearance of the god.
 We said we were going to make a vow in front of the gods, but who would have thought that a god would actually appear?

 Therefore, about 60% of the attendees were so shocked that they were shaken to the core.
 They couldn't move on the spot and were left to die.

What kind of wedding is this, where people vow their love to each other in front of God...?
Such a wedding is unheard of...! Will Prince Arowana, who performs such a ceremony, become a mermaid king that surpasses His Majesty's Nargus...?

 By all means, Prince Arowana's charisma is in good hands.
 Well, that's a good thing, too.

"Lord Saints! Thank you for joining us!

 Prince Arowana comes in with his new wife after completing his vows before the gods.
 Puffa, who was neatly cozying up to her new husband, made an unprecedented impression.

''Ah, what can I say, congratulations on your marriage...?''
'Thank you! The ceremony isn't over yet, though! The wedding feast is about to take place, and I would like to invite you to join us, saintly lord!

 It's the same format as the world I've been in before.

 After the Shinto ceremony, there's a banquet with the meaning of a celebration.
 That's the wedding banquet.

Hmmm! A banquet? You're going to be served food at the saint's place, then I'll have to attend!

 Poseidos is still here.
 Just go home.

No, don't do it, Master. No, you don't want to disturb the shallow water people without good reason!

 Goddess Medusa rebuked it.
 That's the dignity of a wise woman.

It's not good for a god to influence the son of a man too much. That's what the gods in heaven have proven time and time again. Since we have completed our role of witnessing love, we should leave promptly.''
"What? But he said he's going to serve dinner, so...
'I don't think the saints will be served dinner today, sir.
I'm leaving.

 She knew how to handle her husband.
 As expected of a sea goddess.

'I like Medusa-chan because, unlike Amphitrite, she spoils me a lot.

 I don't hear any such thing, sea god.
 Fly home.

Well then, we'll be leaving, but I have one last thing to tell you.
Yes, sir.
'The key to having two or more wives living peacefully under one roof is not to try to be the best,'

 Stop it!
 Don't enjoy the secret of polygamy's ability to keep your family happy!

 Not as much as the gods in the sky, but still gods! I'm not going to leave you with a lousy word!

 Thanks to that, after the gods left, the air was indescribably delicate.

''........Well, well, let's get back on track and move to the reception hall.
Well, let's forget about God.

 It sounded like Nietzsche was being pretentious.

'The wedding reception will be held on Paradise Island.
Well, um...

 Paradise Island is an isolated island owned by the Mermaid Kingdom, located in the ocean.
 It is a diplomatic window, so to speak, that the mermaid kingdoms deep in the sea have prepared to conduct diplomacy with the countries on the ground.

 They invite envoys of terrestrial species who can't live underwater to the island to negotiate and welcome them.

 I visited there once, and there were many luxurious and elegant buildings that deserve to be named the diplomatic window of the mermaid kingdom.
 The natural scenery was also superb, reminding me of a resort area.

There are already envoys from other countries gathered there to celebrate our wedding. After all, our position compels us to speak more broadly...!

 Prince.........it's the future king's wedding.
 That's why there will be words of congratulations from abroad.

We'll also have a parade to mark our passage to Paradise Island. We're going to report to the people of the mermaid kingdom about our wedding. After all, it is important to report to the people...!

 It really is a tough marriage for royalty.
 There are so many people to report to and be recognized by.

 This time it's largely divided into........

 Divine ceremonies are for domestic officials.
 The parade is for the people.
 Wedding receptions are for foreign countries.

 ........and so on.

I'd like to invite the saints to participate in the parade. The more flashy the festival, the better.
Are you sure? If you and the rest of us join in, people will think that you and your husband are the stars of the day, right?

 My wife, Prathi, teases me, but it doesn't feel like a joke.

It's a joke. The people must see that the future king and his future husband, Atai, are more dignified than the poor princess and her husband, right?

 Puffa is also defeated and talks back.
 It seems that his character hasn't changed after all, even though he's married.

 And so a parade was held to inform the people of the mermaid kingdom of the prince's marriage.

 The capital of the mermaid nation (in the belly of a giant fish) has a large canal running through its center, and mermaids swim around in it on a daily basis.
 It was there that the parade course was chosen.

 The canal is already so big that even tankers can easily pass each other, so it was perfect for events like the parade.

 Mermaid soldiers lined up like a procession of feudal lords and were advancing in the middle of the canal.
 A boat like a portable shrine was floating in the middle of it, and the prince and his wife who got on it were waving their hands to the right and left.
 The people lined up on both sides of the canal to see the prince, who had finally received his wife today, and his beautiful bride, who had won the prince's heart.

 Behind them followed a line of officials, all aboard the luxurious but smaller cruise ship than the ship of the lead couple, the prince and his wife.

 I'm also on that boat, and Prati, Junior, Lamprey and Hendler, Gala Rufa, Zos Saira, and Dr. Saira are also on board.
 I guess all the people who attended the ceremony will be riding in this to the reception hall.

'It's not easy being at a royal wedding...'

 I thought honestly.
 It's not enough to ask for the consent of the whole country to get married.

It's just that if my husband wasn't my husband, I wouldn't have had to do this much either.

 Prathi said in an exasperated tone.
 She's a princess too, you know.
 If it were true, she would have had to hold a ceremony like this, but because she married me, she didn't hold the ceremony itself.

''Well I wonder about that too?''

 Just when I was starting to feel like I couldn't go on like this.


 My body shook as the ship suddenly stopped.
 The ship suddenly stopped.
 Junior was startled and started to cry.

What's going on? The line's stopping.
It's not supposed to stop here, is it? What's going on?

 Curious, I jumped off the scenic boat and ran over the canal.
 Thanks to the potion that Prathi was able to make, I can stand on the water.

'Wait, sir! I'm coming with you!

 Prathi jumped off the cruise ship after him.
 He looked really hard to swim with, as he had to keep Junior dry in his arms.

 When we got to the front of the parade, we found a strange sight.

 There were a lot of women blocking the path of the parade to prevent it from proceeding.

'We are Prince Arowana's True Wives Society!
"Fake Bride Pfa! Come out! I will be defeated for seducing a prince!

 What are they talking about?
 They may be mermaids after all but how many dozens of them are there?
 Can we hold back the procession of feudal lords if we form that many groups?

It's like a women's club that resents the fact that your brother is married.

 Prathi says as he catches up.

'Your brother will be popular with that too. I'm sure all those people who dreamed of marrying your brother in the future and dashed their dreams on their own are getting angry on their own.'
Is that why you're protesting the bride, Puffa?
To them, Puffa is just another slothful cat who snatched their seat.

 How unreasonable.

 Prince Arowana and Puffa got married completely for their own reasons, and they had nothing to do with it.
 Moreover, some of the female mermaids holding up the queue were clearly out of proportion to Prince Arowana's age, weren't they?
 Uh, madam?
 Why don't you try to get Prince Arowana to marry you, too?

Oh, great.

 A voice from behind me.
 I turned around and saw our bridal gown puffers?

"I never bought a fight that was sold to me. That's what happens when you get married. I'm going to wipe out all the evil insects that love your husband. Why don't I make it my first duty as the prince's wife?