441-439 Six Witches Rally

 A harmonious wedding suddenly turned into a confrontational mood!

 In the middle of the parade, on the canal, with the people watching, Puffa and many female mermaids were staring at each other.

That's Puffa? That's the bad girl who cheated Prince Arowana!
"Don't wear a pretty wedding gown! That's so cheeky!
That was actually supposed to be me wearing it!

 The vindictiveness comes from all over the place.
 Really, they're shocked and angry that Prince Arowana got married.

''First of all, like a nobleman, I'm going to declare war on you!

 One of the female mermaids from the clique says

'My name is Black Bass! A venerable mermaid noblewoman! A noblewoman who is no match for a commoner like you!
"Huh? What the hell are you looking at me for? That's why commoners don't grow up!

 He was scared to death and said to Puffa, "That's why I don't think a bottom-feeder like you deserves a Prince Arowana.

That's why a bottom-feeder like you doesn't deserve to be Prince Arowana. Now, get your shit together and get out! A prince's wife deserves a noble woman like me!
What are you talking about, b*tc*?
"Don't get lost in the hustle and bustle of the moment! I'm the wife of Prince Arowana!

 A split in the ranks is brewing.
 It's only the sentient people who have colluded in the hatred of Prince Arowana's new wife.

"Why don't you just call me and tell me what's going on?

 For the first time today, Puffa gives me his usual vicious look.

'You don't like Atay, do you? Then why don't you try to remove it by force? Well, if I can beat Atai, I can give that guy the right to marry me, okay?
"Puffa, wait a minute!

 Prince Arowana rushes to stop him, but Puffa is determined.

"Don't trust in the power of Atai, master. Do you think that Atai can be defeated by a bunch of young ladies?
"Yeah, but...?

 You have to admit that.
 It's true that Puffa is the "Frozen Witch". That title doesn't disappear when you marry and become a married woman.

 She is undoubtedly the strongest potions user in the mermaid kingdom.
 She is one of them.

''Is that guy a witch after all...?

 Even the vigorous female mermaids immediately surrendered and backed away.
 They are under pressure from Puffa's spirit.

'The people are watching you. It's just in time for us to show you. The new prince's wife, the 'Frozen Cold Witch', is a force to be reckoned with...
Wait a minute.

 The only thing stopping Puffa from throwing a test tube full of Potions at any moment was my wife, Prati.
 It was my wife, Prati.

 She handed Junior to me and herself stood alongside her sister-in-law.

'What the...? Are you trying to warn me not to overdo it or something?
'Attention? I'm not going to do anything halfway like that. I'm going to fight, too.

 Prati in her wedding dress.
 You take out a test tube filled with Potions.

It's my brother's wedding to a bad friend. I won't let them interfere with it! As a little mother-in-law!
"Mother-in-law? I don't like that role revelation!
'We can't let the star of the day dew up! This little mother-in-law is going to punish you for your wife!

 Even Prathi joined the enemy camp and the female mermaids were upset.
 Prathi's bravery must be even more roaring than that of Puffa. After all, she is a princess and a witch. You're not going to be able to get your hands on any of them.

"Then I, too...

 What's more, there's a lamprey!

"It is my lifelong duty to protect the royal family, even though I am no longer associated with the mermaid army. "It is my lifelong duty to protect you from the mermaids, and I don't see why I shouldn't fight for you, Puffa, who is now a member of the royal family.
Me too.

 Unexpectedly, even Gala Rufa leapt into the fray.

''It's not very often that these four of us do something together anymore! I'll join you for the sake of memories!''

 That's why.

"Stop meddling in the affairs of my lovely apprentice...!

 And the ultimate was Zos Saira.
 A look of horrible anger is on his face as he turns to his enemies.

Who is the common man? Who is the lowest of the low? The insults to my disciple, whom I trained, are inexcusable! Don't think you're gonna die easy! I'll take in the Deep One's body, keep him conscious, and slowly take the time to turn him into flesh and blood!

 And what you're saying is very scary!

 But what about the five female mermaids who have gathered on the front lines...?

The Crown Witch, Platy?
Puffa, the Frozen Witch?
The Flame Witch of Hell, Lamprey?
Gala Rufa, the Plague Witch?
The Witch of the Abyss, Zos Saira?

"Six witches at once. That's quite a sight to see...

 And finally, Queen Sheila appeared at the end?
 Only a few people know that she is the last of the Six Witches and the last one of the strongest, the Witch of Darkness (adobeer)?

But it's a perfect battlefield for all six witches to rampage. Burn, freeze, consume, devour and rule all as you please. This Sheila Cannes will allow you to do just that. Sheila Cannes will allow you to show the horrors of witchcraft and add some flowers to your wedding.
" " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " " "

 A horrible person made them decide to do something terrible.

 It was a one-sided overrunning that began there.

 Puffa had already reduced the air around them to a low temperature beforehand, and the cold had slowed down the opponent's movements.
 Into such a stalemated enemy, Puffa and Lamprey mercilessly throw attack magic pills.

The test tube containing the potion is dead.

 The test tube containing the potion exploded as soon as it was hit, blowing away the jealous female mermaids with a bang.
 It's a good idea to be able to have the explosive power adjusted so that you don't die, but still, it's relentless!

'Run! You can't win! Six Mad Mad Demonesses, all together in one place!
Don't be afraid! You can't run away! We must stop at nothing to win the love of Prince Arowana!
You can't win! I'm so scared I want to throw up!
It's not a good idea! Get your mind right and you won't have any more ailments!
"But my head hurts, I'm dizzy, I'm in knots...?
Me too... and me too... and me too... and me too...

 A number of the enemy's female mermaid group suddenly complained of physical ailments.
 They can no longer stand and even squat down, but they are blown away by the magic potion of the platyramp eye from those who did so and fly away.

''Is this........not your imagination? What are they doing to you?
Hmmmm.........................You are slow to notice.

 The one who lets out a creepy laugh is "The Plague Witch", Gala Rufa.
 Her behavior is truly that of a mad scientist.

''This area has already been sprayed with a magical germ that I have specially manufactured. It's a boastful product that only infects those it targets within a certain range.

 Gala Rufa does a great job of explaining it, but if you don't understand the concept of germs first, you don't know what he's talking about.

'When you get infected, it causes symptoms similar to the common cold, but it goes through a much faster cycle than the common cold. That's why the germs are killed off so quickly, but can we survive the onslaught of Prati-sama and the others with the conditions rattled by the symptoms?
'Huh? What's going on? What the hell is this guy talking about? Funny!

 This is how Gala Rufa is treated again, as a freak.
 And worse is over there.

 It's Zos Saira.

 The supermassive Deep One (a monster-like creature created by Zos Saira) is so huge that it can stand upright on the bottom of a canal with its feet on the bottom of the canal, and it overwhelms its opponents by simply sticking its upper body out of the water and banging its arms around.

''Help! I'm dead! I'm going to die!

 The female mermaids who were jealous of Puffa and attacked him were just running away.

 It was no longer a matter of winning or losing.
 It wasn't even a form of competition.

 Nor was it.
 Puffa and the others are the Six Witches, the highest magic potion users in the mermaid world.
 If all of them banded together to fight, they wouldn't be able to do anything about it, no matter how many hundreds of ordinary people were working together.

 In the first place, one of them can win without any problems, so overkill is a good thing.

 In fact, I'm beginning to feel sorry for the jealous mermaids who try to force their way through.

'Hmmm........it's a wonderful sight. It's nice to see an overwhelming display of power.

 Queen Sheila said something very scary.

'You're not going to fight?'

 It's a secret, but even the Queen is one of the Six Witches.
 When she goes to war, she will be perfect, but she only watches from a step back.

I have a special way of fighting, don't I? We can't just show it off in such a public place, can we?

 It's such a well-crafted excuse.

And you know what, this is actually just like the annual event of mermaid royalty. I was attacked by a bunch of jealous people who were planning to marry my darling when we got married.

 You think history repeats itself?
 What did you do then?

Did you fight with the Holy Grail?
Of course we couldn't do that, so we fought without magic. I beat them all with goofballs.

 I realized once again.
 I knew this guy was the strongest.