442-440 reception

 Thus, an overwhelming storm of overrunning that wasn't even a battle broke out........
 ........Has not a minute passed?

 It was all settled.

 Not a single person was hurt on the Six Witches' side, and not a single stain was on the dress they had dressed up for the wedding.
 All of the raiding mermaids who had been jealous of Puffa, who wanted to marry Prince Arowana, were now floating puckered up on the surface of the canal in mermaid country.

 I think they're still alive, at least.

'It's not enough of a sideshow!

 Prathi's one word said it all.
 It wasn't even a sideshow, let alone a fight, for Prathi and Puffa and the others.

 Strong, too strong.

 This was the power of the six witches feared in the mermaid kingdom. That it was demonstrated in the public eye without regret, it was an event that would go down in history.

 After all, the place was packed with ordinary citizens who had come to watch the wedding parade of Prince Arowana.

'WOW! "This is the power of the Mad Six Demonesses!
"Six Mad Mad Demonesses fighting together!
'And as I said, each one of them is still very strong! After all, witches are the most powerful potions master!

 And great enthusiasm.
 But please don't call her the Crazy Six Demonesses. They hated it.

 Originally, the term "Crazy Six Demon Femalejie" was used by many people in the mermaid kingdom as a term for the strongest female mermaid in the world. It seems that the six witches were brought together after the rumor that they had been in a flurry of activity.

 So essentially, the six witches are not connected to each other.
 They were complete strangers to each other.

 All of them gathered together to fight as a team, so it must be exciting for the spectators like an all-star event.

''Oh, if only there was a 'dark witch' in this!
If only The Dark Witch were here, it would be perfect!

 And a voice that can be heard leaking from the gallery.
 ...........................There's actually a 'dark witch' here too.

It can't be helped. It can't be helped, since the existence of the 'dark witch' is questionable...
"Yeah, I have to think it's great that there are five witches here...?

 I can hear it leaking out again.

 It's okay, the "dark (adobeer) witches" do exist.
 And they're all here, and they're all here.

 He won't reveal it, but he's not willing to do so.

"Dear mermaid nation! See it? This is the power of the Six Witches, as they say! The power of fear! One misstep of this power and the world will be at risk of extinction!

The "Dark Witch" herself speaks.
 And what he's saying is scary.

'But nothing that serious will ever come to pass! Because Puffa, the most prudent and fearsome of the Six Witches, the Frozen Witch, will be the new wife of Arowana, the next king! Mr. Puffa will be surrounded by the love of my son and will lose his ferocity!

 The people were more and more excited by this declaration.

 They took a horrible witch to wife and brought her under their control.
 What an amazing mermaid Prince Arowana is, to be able to do such a thing.

 That's the mermaid king of the future!

The most terrible? Puffa? I don't want to hear it...?
Hold it down, Lamp Eye. It's an announcement for the outside world...!

 Prathi restrained the ramp-eye in his defiance.

'Attai is rabid? That mother-in-law is a lousy one, isn't she...!
"Keep Puffa in check, too! You know what I mean! You'll boost your brother's stock if you say so!

 It was a busy day for Prati.
 Although not popular with some, Queen Sheila's speech basically struck the hearts of the people with a thud...!

Long live Prince Arowana!
"Long live Princess Puffa!
"I wish you a long life!
"The mermaid kingdom will flourish even more in future generations!

 It was a great turnout.
 As you would expect of a queen who has been a queen for several decades, she knows how to agitate people.

Do you understand, Pfa? You need to be able to do these things too, you know?
'Nuh-uh-uh! One day, even Atai will be able to...?

 Thanks to the unexpected trouble, the people would be more excited and the prince and his wife would be accepted smoothly.

 The rest of the parade resumes, and as planned, we exit from the belly of the giant fish, the mermaid capital of the world, and make our way through the ocean.
 We surfaced and arrived at Paradise Island, an island owned by the mermaid tribe.

 This is where Prince Arowana and Puffa's wedding reception will be held.

    * * * *

 If a Shinto ceremony is a ceremony to pledge marriage to God........
 A wedding reception is a party to report your marriage to society.

 Both are important and necessary.

 With a more social and secular nature, the wedding banquet adds a number of more important guests.

 Important people from other countries.

 After all, it is only the marriage of a prince that will bring congratulations from other countries.
 This is important because it is a confirmation of the good relationship between nations.

 Since the mermaid country would be a natural terrestrial country, it is not surprising that the Paradise Island, the window to the earth, was chosen for the wedding reception.

 Many demons, humans, dragons, and even mermaids who came up from the ocean floor with the bride and groom had already joined them in the hall that had been designated as the venue for the party.

 As I looked around, I immediately saw a familiar face.

"Demon King!

 The ruler of the Demon Kingdom, the chief of the Demon Clan, and the Demon King were naturally present at the wedding party.

''So they were over here. You should have attended from the divine ceremony as well, Demon King-san...''
No, no, no, the Miracle of Marriage is a sacred thing for each species. Outsiders should not trespass on it with impunity.

 The demon king said with political prudence.

It is true that Prince Arowana is an ally, but this time I want to prioritize the relationship between the demon kingdom and the mermaid kingdom, the nation. That is why the friendship between our two countries will last for many years.

 I see.
 So that's why they attended from the wedding banquet.

 Other traveling companions who accompanied Prince Arowana on his warrior training also attended from the wedding banquet.
 They were Songokphong, Hakkai, and Ardhegg and his friends from the Gaither Dragon.

We don't want to go through all the hassle of the ceremony. I'm just going to eat. We're going to eat it all!

 Sunggok-dong ran out to the buffet style feast served at the wedding reception.
 And the rest.....

It's been a while since Mr. Ardhegg has been away.
No, no...! I've always been a great help to the saint's hall, but I couldn't do much to thank him...!

 He was greeted like a businessman.

 Since he is participating in the banquet of humanity, Mr. Ardhögg has naturally transformed into his human form.
 And behind Mr. Ardhegg, there are many things lined up.
 I wonder if there are four of them?

 And one of them.........

"Veerle, you're over here?
'Master! And Junior, we finally got to see each other again!

 It was Veerle who ran up to Junior as Prathi held him.
 I thought I would accompany Junior this time because he usually doesn't leave his side, but I didn't see him when he left, so I left him behind.

 And this is where he unexpectedly joined us.

We don't want to have a boring ceremony. I'd rather be waiting for you while eating something delicious!

 He's saying the same thing as Songgokphon.

 And there were other dragons behind Mr. Ardhaeg's back that were also humanized in the same way.

'Look, look, Sister Marie! Your bride is beautiful!
"Nay, Seadr, do not let the appearance of a lowly race deceive you.

 Isn't that Mr. Bloody Mary and Mr. Seidl?
 Why are those two with Mr. Ardhaeg?

'But lovely! I've always been fascinated by the Ningen marriage ritual. I wish I could marry her in a pure white dress like that!
'What are you talking about? A proud dragon imitating an inferior race... Pathetic, pathetic...!

 Bloody Mary, I can't take my gaze off Puffa's bride figure from earlier as she sits at the bride and groom's table.

''Wow, white doesn't look good on me and...! What would Ardhegg think?
Sister Marie can wear anything she wants, don't you think?
"Does that mean I can wear a wedding dress?

 What's with the love comedy, you dragons?

 The last accompanying dragon, Al Gaul, the previous Geyser Dragon, was piling up more of the buffet with an enlightened look on his face.

 That's the kind of expression you get when you're forced to watch a romantic comedy up close and personal.

    * * * *

It's very impressive.

 Queen Sheila said with great emotion.

 But we're really well gathered, aren't we?
 Especially the dragon tribe.
 This is the first time that the Emperor's dragon and his family attended a human wedding.

Maybe this is the virtue of Arowana's people. I'd say they should be grown up. With this, should we be allowed to say something about it?

 His Majesty Nargus, the Mermaid King, answers.

 What on earth do you propose to announce?