444-442 Q&A

 My name is Al Ghul.
 I used to be the strongest man in the world.

 But I'm not anymore.

 I've fallen from strength to strength, and now I've seen the most horrible faces I've ever seen at a wedding or so I've attended.
 I hoped I wouldn't see you again, so why are we running into each other here?

 To us dragons, humanity is a worthless opponent. They are nothing more than little worms that scurry around at the edges of our vision.

 Twice in the past, however, the former Geyser Dragon, Al Gore, had been made to feel his life was in danger.

 One of those two men was in front of him now.

 Sheila Cannu or something like that........
 It's the Holy Ghost Wizard.

    * * * *.

 After the wedding was conveniently over, I had a chance to sit down with this embodiment of horror.

 I didn't want to talk about it.

 But if I were to defy him and provoke his wrath, I'd be in over my head right now.
 My son has already done that to me, he has taken all my powers.

 I don't have the strength I had when this woman gave me a taste of death and I ran away in a horrified body!

'How interestingly fate has made it possible for us to meet again in this way.

 Says the Woman of Terror.
 "I was an active Geyser Dragon, a woman who could torture me and kill me at any time.

I'm surprised to learn that one of the people who defeated me was your son. It does seem odd.

 I was a tough guy and that's all I could do.

 Once, I was a Geyser Dragon and there were two human beings who stood toe-to-toe with me, and two of them survived.
 This woman was one of them.

 I'm sure you'll find a lot of people who are interested in this kind of thing.
 Even dragons can turn into lizards in front of them.

It's not necessary to be so frightened. Now you are the father of a friend of my son's. So aren't we all friends then?
You're kidding me! You mean to tell me that the mighty Geyser Dragon is going to be friends with the humans? You wouldn't be proud of that!
'I am humbly invited to be your friend!

 I am now nothing more than a powerless wooden dragon.
 You cannot resist the mighty!

You've changed a lot, but you've also changed a lot as a friend. You used to say 'I'm going to end this world' and now you want to be the queen.

 Come to think of it, this woman's appearance has changed a lot in the past.
 It was twenty or thirty years ago. The woman I met back then was wild and had dark eyes that seemed to despair of everything in the world.

 She was small in stature, and I don't think her breasts were as full as they are now.

'Oh, you remind me of things I don't even want to remember,'
Excuse me!
''It's okay. The truth is, you shouldn't forget about it. ........Back then, I thought 'this world has no value' and 'it would be better to erase it', and I tried to erase the world just like that.......

 The scary thing about this guy is that he can do it!
 It was all done with the Holy Chanting Demon Act, though.

''What was it called? What about the No-Life King who gave you the chanting magic?
"Old Princess. She was an immortalized mermaid who used the underwater cave dungeon as her home base. I've been researching the primordial magic of the mermaid race, which is called the Holy Grail, and I've been experimenting a lot with it to get my hands on it. And in order to obtain it, he conducted numerous experiments.

 This woman was one of those test subjects.

 It's not uncommon for mages who are out of the way to use a live ningen as a test subject for research and development of new magic.
 If you take away an orphan or something like that, no commotion would be the first to occur.

 This woman would not be the only one abducted by the Sea Immortal King in such a manner.

'The only one who survived was me. In addition to me, there were a hundred other children brought into the old princess's dungeon to be experimented on, but they couldn't stand the process of opening the magic circuit of the holy chanting magic, and they all died.
You were the only one who stuck it out.

 Then she mastered the Holy Chanting Magic.
 The first thing this woman did with the Transcendental Magic she had just acquired was revenge.

 The old princess of the No Life King was instantly annihilated.

''The children brought to the experiment site were friends for a short time, even though it was an unfortunate turn of events. "The children who were brought to the test site were unfortunate enough to be my friends for a short period of time, and when they were killed like trash, I thought to myself, 'What's wrong with this world? I thought the world was wrong...

 It would have been shocking enough for a child only ten years old or so at the time to despair.
 A young mind and the power to determine the existence of the world.

 When these two extremely unbalanced elements were mixed together in one body. It would have been a clear world crisis.

It's not just a matter of time before the world is in crisis. It's a system that's on a different level from other magic. It's the perfect truth for those immortal kings to pursue with their endlessly wasted time.......
''Yes, in fact, it wasn't just the old princess who was plotting to revive the Holy Chanting Demonic Law in this world. Almost all of the No-Life Kings in the sea were chasing after the Sacred Chanting Demon Method, so I made them disappear. So I made it disappear.

 What the woman said was not a metaphor or a joke.

 Just as there are countless dungeons on the ground, there are countless dungeons on the ocean floor.
 They're called underwater cave dungeons or something like that.

 Since there are dungeons, there are also quite a few mermaids who absorb concentrated mana and become No-Life Kings.

 However, there are currently no No-Life Kings in the sea.
 Not a single No-Life King from the mermaid race.

 This guy wiped them all out.
 The No-Life King in the sea, alone.

 There's not a single No-Life King in the sea that comes close to the Three Sages and One Fool, but he could still pull off such a horrible act of evil because of the Holy Chanting Demon Law.

 That was a forbidden law that should have been sealed.

 I've seen it firsthand.
 I poked my nose into this guy who was slaughtering the No-Life King of the Sea at the time.
 That was a mistake.
 I was running away from him as fast as I could.

''Well it may be too much to destroy the world, but with your power, it would have been easy to rule the entire world. To be satisfied with a mere country, and not the ruler himself, but his spouse...

 She is a very strange woman.

It's enough for a woman to have a good home. I used to think that the world was worthless, but my darling taught me something different. I would have devoted my life to that person and given birth to his or her children. What else could make you happier?

 I wasn't sure if he asked me that.

And even if you wanted to rule the world, you couldn't really do it, could you? I'm listening, there's another strongest person on land who didn't stand up to you, who was a Geyser Dragon just like Atashi, right?

 Another one I don't even want to remember.
 That guy was strong as shit, too.

 Belfe Gamilia.

''He's like a guy who inherited the secret technique from the 'Three Sages and a Fool' old master and became a No Life King while he was still alive. He's that guy and he's messed up and hard to fight...

 Once, I fought a casualty, but not a single attack hit me, and any counterattack was painful in its own way, and somehow lingered.

 In the end, I was in a 'can't do it' mood and ran away.
 I don't enjoy it and I don't want to fight again.

'It's a horrible time to think about it. You and Belfegamilia, the strongest of them all, were born at the same time as two niggers who could defeat me.
Are you sure you're not the strongest person I know? In terms of strength, your son has long since surpassed you, and there are probably other human beings who could defeat you, too. See, like that saint?

 There's so much ambiguity about him, I don't understand.
 I'm sure he could beat me if he wanted to.

The only thing more annoying than the human race are the No-Life Kings.... In the end, you and Belfegamilia surpassed this Gaither Dragon with the power given to you by the Immortal King.

 Immortal kings are usually like that.

 He transcends being human and pursues the truth of something, usually with an earned eternity.
 Something beyond the long, long path that will never be reached in a man's lifetime.

 The holy chanting magic method that the old princess had revived and the secret method that the old master had created were both worthy of that truth.

''But why would those immortals give it to a living ningen?''

 The threat created by this is Sheila Cannes and Belfegamilia.
 If you've grasped the truth, you should keep it carefully in your possession.
 Why would you give the truth to the most insignificant and vulnerable ningen of all?

Because you knew that truth is beyond the control of the dead.

 Sheila Cannes's fellow said as if he understood.

The truth doesn't mean anything if it's in one person's hands. It's only when it is passed on to others that it gains meaning. The old princess and others have always seen me as an experimental animal, but I'm sure Master wanted someone to take over his creation.
Is that what it is?
In the end, a person cannot be disconnected from others, even if he or she were to become immortal. That's a truth. It took them thousands of years to grasp the truth that I learned through my encounter with my darling. What a disaster!

 Yes, sir.
 I don't know what I'm thinking.

"Wait a minute. This is a bad idea. If other No-Life Kings start doing the same thing, we'll be in trouble!

 Even now, there are many No-Life Kings on earth.
 If they were to wake up like them and offer the Ningens the great magic they've spent hundreds of years cultivating for thousands of years.

 One after another, threats like Sheila Cannes and Belfegamilia?

Well, it sounds like that's already underway, doesn't it?
What did you say?
You are in the presence of a saint, aren't you, sir? I heard that the No-Life King is the one who gathers these young people together and teaches them? My child took one of the classes and said, 'The teacher's class is so easy to understand! And then he said, "I'm so proud of you.

 Oh, yeah?

 I saw you when I was visiting the saints.
''I only thought, 'There are immortals doing strange things,'' but when I thought about it, it's a disaster!

 He's a no-life king with multiple students!
 Several new Sheila Kanne and Belfegamilia from that group!

''In a way, you might be the most dangerous No-Life King teacher in this world right now. Giving the Immortal Mysteries to the living so generously...''
"The balance of power in the world is out of whack! Oh no! The farm is still in trouble! Should I just destroy it now?
I'm not going to let you do this, am I?

 Sheila Cannu returned to the old atmosphere only this time.

''Two of my daughters are staying with the saint, so if you're going to mess with them, that means you're going to make an enemy of me, right?

 I apologized as soon as I could in fear.

I don't mind. "Well, let's see if something new can come out of this new experiment that will have a positive effect on the world. Let's just wait and see.

 So what kind of world will that bring?
 What if our dragons aren't the strongest in the future?

 Anyway, the topic of my conversation with Sheila Cannes kept changing like this.
 Before I knew it, several hours had passed and we were in a lively conversation.