446-444 New Emperor's development history Part 8 Ryu's social tour

 And so we interrupted.

 A dungeon mastered by brother Alexander of the Graugrintz Dragon.

To the "Holy White Maiden's Mountain".

    * * * *

"The young Geyser Dragon visits us out of the blue and wondering what is going on...?

 The deepest part of the dungeon... or should I say the topmost part in a mountain dungeon?

 Anyway, Brother Alexander, who sits there, has taken human form.

 It seems that even in normal times, Brother Alexander, who shows a bizarre devotion to humanity, takes on a human form instead of his original dragon form.

 He is a superb dragon that far exceeds even the Dragon Emperor Gaiser Dragon.
 It's probably easier to stay in human form than in dragon form, where his power is radiated in an uncontrolled manner.

 We're going to follow the example of the landlord we're visiting and transform into human form.

"A visit, huh? A tour, huh? It's good to see you so eager to learn.
Brother Alexander is the undisputed master of dragons! I thought that the dungeon ruled by your brother would be the reference for building a new Dragon Emperor's Castle!

 Brother Alexander has the title of Glaugrinz Dragon, also known as the Crown Prince Dragon.

 The first candidate to succeed Gaiser Dragon, also known as the Emperor's Dragon, is named after him, but of course, in order to obtain this title, one must be extremely strong.

 In fact, brother Alexander is so strong that he is far stronger than the framework of a Glaugrintz dragon, to the point that his father, when he was an active emperor, was afraid of him and planned to destroy him.

 Normally, Brother Alexander should have been the one to become the new Gaijin Dragon, but it seems that he is not interested in you, so I was given a bowl.

 Otherwise, there's no way a young man like me could become a new Geyser Dragon.
 However, your brother promised to give me as much support as possible when I hand over the throne to him.
 That's why I'm relying on him this time.

''I've heard that your dungeon is very popular with the ningen! I would love to learn the secret to that!
"N-ha-ha-ha, you're so good at flattery for being an emperor.

 Your brother's on a roll?
 It was very unusual.

'Making dungeons is my life's work. The destruction and the struggle are both bloodthirsty, but they are less meaningful than the creation and nurturing of dungeons. If you have the strength to do so, you can destroy anything, but you can't create and nurture anything by yourself. So I have compassion for those actions.
'Great! It's helpful, brother!

 After all, Brother Alexander is different from any other dragon.
 Not only is he the most powerful, but he knows how to act like a healer.

 You are a hero and a champion, too.

But you've never set eyes on my dungeon, brother. You know as well as I do. My dungeon, the Holy White Maiden's Mountain, has been beloved by mankind for hundreds of years. Mankind has always needed dungeons. The more precious and abundant materials a dungeon can provide, the more highly valued it is. The more difficult and challenging they are, the more adventurous they are, the better. This means that dungeons will be judged by mankind. This is important. If you don't have others to evaluate your dungeons, you'll be complacent. On the other hand, to my surprise, my dungeon received a six-star rating on the dungeon grade set by the human race! Isn't that great! The truth is, dungeons are only starred from one to five, but that's six stars beyond that! Well, I don't think I've ever felt that much effort paid off before! If you're going to build a dungeon too, be aware that humans will invade it. Because if you build something they'll love, they'll surely respond to it! That's what it means to be creative! The best part! You'll know it when you try it too, and that's the fun of it!
'He talks so fast when he talks about dungeons, doesn't he? Tsk.

 Father clicked his tongue out at me.

"No, father, you mustn't do that, not with your tongue.
'Shut up! You young Alexander is feeling enlightened! What's the point of making something up! You can just make a dungeon by following a template!

 As usual, father is not on good terms with brother Alexander.

"Speaking of which, Ardhegg, I've been wondering about you for a while now...?

 Your brother interrupts his story and asks you.

You've come to visit us with a lot of people. You have a very large group of people.
They kept insisting on following us.
Why are they all so disgruntled?

 That's right.
 The dragons who came with me to visit my brother Alexander's dungeon.
 For some reason, they were all in a bad mood.

 You can't blame Father for being at odds with Brother Alexander from the start, but....

 Bloody Mary, older sister.

'Why Alexander? Why did you stop at Alexander's place? You'll learn more in my dungeon, won't you?

 Then, Sister Veerle.

My dungeon is more amazing than yours. It's smaller in scale, but I'm confident that it's the winner in terms of concept and ideas. That's all of those parts that Master has tweaked, though!

 And Seedle.

''Gyaaahhhhh...! This is the strongest dragon, Brother Alexander? My waist is twitching just standing in front of me...!

 This guy is simply scared of brother Alexander's strength, though.
 The other two...?

Especially Veerle. Why are you here too? I think you've gone back to the farm, don't you?
Marie's guy asked me to join him! Together, we're going to stink up Brother Alexander's dungeon!

 Why are you so insidious, Sister Marie?
 I can see why Sister Marie, who was once a contender for the title of Gaither Dragon, would have been hostile to Brother Alexander?

What is this floor?

 Sister Marie, pecking at the floor with your fingertips........and stroking....

'See how much dust there is on the floor? Not a very clean dungeon, is it?
Sister Marie, you can't do this! You've been acting like a mother-in-law since before you got married!

 What are we really doing here?
 As you'd expect, the floor would be dirty.

''I'm sorry. I am responsible for failing to cleanse the great master's throne.''

 I noticed that there was someone beside Brother Alexander.

 It was humanoid, but it had no flesh and bare bones. I could tell at a glance that it was undead.

''Uh, who are you?''
"I am the No-Life King in the service of Master Alexander, sir.


"You work for the No-Life King, brother?

 How many other dragons have you ever seen?

I could be the No-Life King's lackey in a heartbeat if I wanted to!
I've got a dead body in the neighborhood!

 Both Marie and Veerle have a rivalry!

 Especially Veerle, are you talking about the teacher? I know the No-Life King's teacher is more of a guardian to Sister Veerle!

''Don't worry about it. ''Don't mind me, I'm a fool compared to the other immortal kings. I'm not even close to the Three Wise Men and One Fool.

 This kind of humility is what's so frightening to me.
 And yet, the older sisters are taking the words to heart and are domineering.

You are right, aren't you? There's no telling how good a no-life king can be at being a squire, right?
We are the dragons! Respect!

 The No-Life King hangs his head reverently, but that's just an attitude of hospitality to his guests, right?
 How does that Immortal King move when in front of a non-customer?

My dear family. Grant them what they desire. Tell them I will guide them through my dungeon to their heart's content.
"As the master wills.

 The Immortal King obeys his brother Alexander's orders.

You are not going to show me around by yourself? Aren't you lacking in respect for the Dragon Emperor Geyser Dragon?

 Sister Marie takes on a challenging tone.

 Stop it! He's a dominant force to be reckoned with, and on top of that, his brother Alexander is a dominant force to be reckoned with!

That's a perfectly legitimate question, and it pains me to say it. But I can't leave this place now. I hope you'll allow my household commander to represent me.
'A party of adventurers. A party of adventurers are about to reach this summit. Wouldn't it be a pity if the Lord wasn't present at the finish line?

 How thoughtful you are, brother!

"So it's the adventurer Momoko's party? It's a good thing that you're not the only one who's interested in it. Also, there's Songgokphone roaming around on the eleventh level right now.
That's all right. I believe in the potential of the Ningens and the others, and I will just sit here and wait. I leave the hospitality of my brothers and sisters to you.
Acknowledged, sir.

 How cool is your brother?
 He believes in the ningen that are challenging him, and is doing his duty as the one being challenged.

I don't like it when you act like a good little girl.
'Dragons should be more vicious than that.
I'm a better man than you!

 The other dragons don't like that.
 Dragons are basically an irredeemable race.

Now, let me show you around.
Oh, that's very polite of you.

 We begin our tour of the highest dungeon, guided by the House Order of the No Life King.