447-445 New Emperor Development Report No. 9 Supreme Dungeon Structure

 I, Ardheg of the Geyser Dragon, am now visiting a dungeon ruled by a foreign dragon.

 The Holy White Maiden's Mountain, ruled by Brother Alexander.
 No more than this in the estimation of mankind.

 I came to visit the dungeon to collect reference materials for my own dungeon.

I'll walk you through the main courses and give you an overview of our dungeon.

 Brother Alexander's squire, the No-Life King's family order speaks.

 Or rather, how can the one, which is feared by the world as the two greatest disasters in the world, be made to obey the other...!
 This would tell us more than anything else that Brother Alexander is the one who transcends dragons.

The Holy White Maiden's Mountain belongs to the mountain dungeon in classification. It is a dungeon where the natural mana circulating around the world is dammed up, stagnant and stagnant in the Great Mountain.
I know what it is, and I'm not stupid.
"This is rude.

 You are not to be perturbed, Sister Veerle.
 It's only natural that I'm here to study, so it's a matter of course. I'm grateful for that.

But our dungeon is also enhanced by the mana emitted by the master himself. That's why it's one of the best in the world.

 It's the same logic as the Dragon Emperor's Castle created by the Geyser Dragon.

''Well, I'm sure Alexander can do it.

 Father said evasively.

''A hybrid of natural mana and the mana emitted by the Transcendent Dragon. That's why you can make large scale dungeons. It's even bigger than the Dragon Emperor's Castle I once built?
"The Holy White Maiden's Mountain is now divided into thirty-three sections.

 Thirty-three is an awful lot of people...!

''There are twenty-four main sections, eight sub sections plus one. The main mountain where the master is waiting for you is made up of twelve levels, and you can take two climbing routes. Twelve times two is twenty-four compartments.''
Why do you take two routes...?
"to meet the needs of the adventurers who enter the mountain.

 Sister Marie and Sister Veerle are whispering behind me.

''I heard there are twelve levels. How many levels are in your sister Marie's dungeon?
"d*mn it, all ten levels! So what? So what?
"Shit, we even lost to Marie's dungeon!

 Another futile rivalry........?

''With the care of the master, we have recreated a variety of environments to allow you to collect a wide variety of materials. "We cannot go directly to the top of the mountain, but we can obtain most of the materials that are not available in the main mountain.

 The monsters and materials that emerge differ depending on the dungeon environment.
 I think they're trying to provide a wide variety of environments so that you can get a variety of materials.

''Each of the sub-eight sections is divided into different types of mountains: rock mountain, tropical mountain, volcano, snow mountain, poison mountain, thunder mountain, mine, and spirit mountain, and each of them has a No Life King administrator.
What? Besides you?
''All of them were S-class adventurers during their lives, and were turned into undead after swearing allegiance to Master Alexander. They are called the Eight Jieks, and can be challenged by going to the deepest part of the sub-division. 'With the monsters they have raised,'
He's not going to fight?
"so that no one can win.


''When you defeat the monsters trained and nurtured by the Eight Jieks, you will be rewarded with a badge. If you collect all eight badges, you will be given the right to challenge the master at the top of this mountain.''
What is that system?

 Huh? Wait a minute?

'So what happens if you go around all eight sections and make it up the main mountain without collecting a badge? Is brother Alexander through?
I'll get a compliment from the master personally. After that, you'll get a souvenir and go down the mountain.

 It's a friendly system.

''Originally, the purpose of challenging the Eight Masters and collecting their badges was to measure their ability to fight the Master directly. But there's no way that humans can fight a master properly. It's a formality after all.''
''It's a commemoration that you're fighting the master. ''I'm going to fight him to the bitter end so that he doesn't kill me.

 It has become a complete sideshow.
 Why is brother Alexander doing something that can only be seen as a waste of time?

I know exactly what I'm talking about!

 It was Sister Veerle who exclaimed, "I'm not sure what I'm going to do.
 'What did you find out?

That mindset has something in common with my master! It gives maximum excitement to those who challenge it! They used to say that when they were building Oakbo Castle and the exposition!
That High Priestess?

 How could it be that Brother Alexander and His Holiness thought exactly the same thing?
 'So the wise man is going to cross the same bridge?

'I see! So the most important thing in dungeon building.......is to entertain the intruders in that way!
'Yes! The master called this entertainment!

 That's the key to dungeon building!

 I came to visit and suddenly I learned something important! That's my brother Alexander's dungeon! And the saintly ism!

'Entertainment...... Was Marie aware of that when she made her own dungeon?
I don't think I've ever thought about it for a second.

 But if Brother Alexander and the Lord Saint think alike, there must be some sense in that!

'Alright, then, Master Veerle of the Grinzel Dragon will show you how it's done!
My sister?
Don't patronize me! I've inherited my master's imms, and I've been well received at the exposition and at the stall at Oakbo Castle!

 That's my sister!
 How dare you learn wisdom from the Hall of Saints and take it as your own!

'Alright, I'll call your brother Alexander and we'll launch a new entertainment project in this dungeon! Let's go back to your brother!
"The master is a fun-loving man, and I'm sure he'll agree with most of what I have to say.

 What a surprise.
 In Brother Alexander's oversized dungeon, Sister Veerle, who was taught by the saint's hall, is hosting a project.

 So, you want me to learn how to make a dungeon from that?

    * * * *

 And the next day, the plan is carried out.

The next day, the plan was decided: "Well, adventurers who are going to challenge the Holy White Maiden's Mountain today, I have a message for you. I have a message for you.

 At the first level, the family order says.
 In this place that should be the entrance to the dungeon, many adventurers, regardless of strength or weakness of veteran newcomers, pass by.
 It's a perfect place to make contact.

I'm the No-Life King,
It's rare to see a family order come down to the first level.
Another remodel announcement?

 The adventurers are used to it, and they pay attention to the house decree and listen to it, as they are sure it will be meaningful information.

It's not a good idea to be a part of this, but it's an urgent matter, so I've decided to tell you directly. This dungeon will be hosting a special event from today.
What's going on?
What is it? Do you think this is a good deal?

 Everyone was curious as they waited for the order.
 And the announcement was made.....

"It's Dragon Enrichment Month!
It's ""Dragon Fortification Month!"

 He continued.

''Currently, our dungeon is visited by dragons who are younger siblings of our master. Master Ardhaeg of the Geyser Dragon, Bloody Mary of the Grauglinzel Dragon, Veerle of the Grinzel Dragon, and Seadr of the Grinzel Dragon.

 Those dragons roam the dungeon and usually attack when they encounter adventurers.
 That's Dragon Enhancement Month!

Wait a minute! Does that mean... that means...?
The world's most powerful dragons, wandering around the dungeon like normal monsters?
That's the worst part! I'll die just walking around in that dungeon!
''Even though the difficulty of the dungeon has increased dramatically with that demon angel on the prowl!

 The adventurers were loudly criticized.
 Why did he launch such a terrible plan?

"Because we want you adventurers to have a fruitful dungeon attack.
It's fruitless! Soon everything, including life, will be returned to the earth!
''How did you think you could conquer a dungeon on such a devilishly difficult level?

 The adventurers asked a lot of questions.
 In contrast, my family members, as expected of a no-life king, responded calmly.

''To that question, let me quote the words of the proposer, Veerle-sama, as they are. ........According to him, 'The thrill is the best entertainment!'

 That statement left all the adventurers present speechless.

 The thrill is the best entertainment.

 It's tough and difficult, and a momentary lapse in judgment can cost you everything.
 Overcoming such a hellish situation will give you a sense of accomplishment greater than anyone else's. That's the thrill, the entertainment.

 That's the thrill, the entertainment.

 Isn't that right, sister Veerle?

 I'm proud of you, and this is the secret to your success.
 I'm sure you've learned this lesson from the saint, so let's make this a very hard obstacle for your own adventurers.

 I've been observing the first level with my magic from afar, and your father is one of them, with his anxious struggle.

''I wonder if we'll ever feel a sense of accomplishment after being forced to go to a level of difficulty that we'll never achieve?

 I muttered.