448-446 Dungeon Stall

 It's Chave the Adventurer, man.
 Someone help me.

 A few days ago, the difficulty of the dungeon I was attacking changed like a nightmare.
 There are now dragons prowling in the normal field.

 What's that?
 What's going on here?

 Normally, dragons are supposed to be sitting at the back of the dungeon as dungeon masters!
 Why are they hanging around?

 And it's not just one!
 Four at once!

 This nightmarish situation occurred in the world's highest dungeon, Holy White Maiden Mountain.
 It was undoubtedly the best dungeon in the world, but everyone screamed at this change in difficulty that exceeded the limit.

 It had become a vicious dungeon that no one could enter, and if they stepped one foot in, they would never get out alive.

 Because it's a dragon!

 How am I supposed to conquer a dungeon that encounters dragons as if it were a normal monster!

 Originally this dungeon even had a demon angel hanging around, like Sunggok Phone or something like that, which means encounter = retirement.

 I wonder if the same 'walking game over' will proliferate and that guy will relent a bit? I was expecting that, but that wasn't the case.

 Rather, it's more like "A business enemy? I'm not going to lose! And I started to get fired up.

 All the wrinkles are going to us adventurers!

'Oh my God! Oh my goodness, the S-class adventurer, Mr. Silver Wolf, has been killed by a dragon!


 When I rushed over to check on his safety, I found that Silver Wolf's brother was about to be carried down the mountain.
 d*mn it for being beaten up so badly!

...I'm afraid you're in for a surprise. You're no match for a dragon...!
You've got to get a hold of yourself, brother!

 Shit! I will avenge my brother Silverwolf!
 You can't!

I was beaten, but I found a weakness in a dragon. It's an all-black dragon called Bloody Mary...!

 Even if he is beaten, it doesn't mean he was just beaten, but he gets some kind of result.
 Is this the greatness of the S-class?

''To that female dragon, it's like, 'You and Mr. Ardhegg are perfect for each other,' or 'Yo, ma'am! Or, 'Your husband said he likes you! When I blow into him, he gets embarrassed and averts his gaze. Take that moment to run away. That should be enough to dodge that dragon!

 That's awesome, bro!
 But my brother retired as if he'd been ripped to shreds in exchange for trying to figure out a strategy.

 The dragons were holding back and not taking their lives but there was no such thing as this!
 There's no way even an S-class adventurer could clear a difficulty level that would tear them to shreds!
 What the hell am I going to do?

    * * *

 I'm dying in a corner of a dungeon.

 I went in there in a torn-up state, but I was spotted by one of the dragons, and after being chased around, I fell off a cliff and got smashed all over my body.

 I'm in a lot of pain and can't move.

 I seem to have escaped from the dragons, but I don't think I'll be able to go on anyway.

 Or rather, it's life threatening.
 He's so injured that he can't move his body. My life will be over as soon as one of the monsters passes by here.

 ...Is this a stupid way to die?
 Some of my colleagues have been telling me. Some of my colleagues said that we should hold off on attacking until the dragons leave.
 They said that dragons are boring creatures, just have a little patience and they'll go away.
It's also called "Dragon Reinforcement Month". Month.

 ...But that's not it.
 Moving away from danger is not how adventurers live.
 If you wanted to be safe, why didn't you become a government official?

 If you chose the path of an adventurer as a way of life, you must dare to challenge the dangers, otherwise your choice will not be worth it.

 .........that's why I don't wish for dangers that go beyond the limit, though!
 No, I don't want to die in distress after being chased around by these dragons, that's a stupid way to die!
 I need to survive somehow! And I want to conquer the dungeon alive! I want to be an S-level adventurer, too!

 And, yes. I wanted to find the saint's farm, too.
 Oh no, there's still too much to do with my life.

 Somebody help me, please, somebody...!

It's a bother.

 Next thing I knew, someone was standing over me.

 It's a little girl.
 A girl in this super-dangerous dungeon?
 This is so out of place!

He was a lucky guy to be found by me. Well, the voice in my mind was so loud, I could see it from outside the dungeon.
'What? Um...! No, you can't be puzzled. I'm sorry, little girl, but can you go get some help? As you can see, my brother is in quite a bit of trouble...!
Shut up. I don't care if you're dead or alive.

 What the hell?
 What kind of kid is this? You're acting so cold!

All you have to think about now is whether you're going to eat ramen or not.
Ramen? What do you mean?
I know it when I sit down.

 The girls lifted me up by my body in a heap.
 The girl lifted me up in a heap, and contrary to appearances, she had great arm strength!

 As I was lifted up, I noticed something strange right beside me because of my elevated perspective.

 A hut?
 A wooden hut with wheels on each side that can be moved.

'This is where you will sit. This is the seat for the customers of the stall!
Customer? What's 'yatai'?

 I was sitting down without saying a word and there was a table in front of me, and it smelled great.
 The girl stood on the other side of the table and began fidgeting with something.

When I told my master about this place, he was furious. 'You can't make a game out of a difficulty level you don't intend to clear! You know.

 I'm not sure what you're talking about, but I have a feeling that the master and his ilk are right.

''That's where we decided to make adjustments. Even though Seadr and Sister Marie chased me around, I'm going to eat this ramen and hang on!

 and the bowl the girl puts on the table (?) There was a strange food inside the ramen that I had never seen before.

That's ramen?

 What's this? It's a soup dish?
 But what is that thing in the soup that's so long and thin?

 We don't know anything about it and can't get at it...?

"Come on, eat. Your only choice is to eat ramen here or die.
Practically an option?

 No, I'll eat it.
 Either way, the dragons were chasing me around, I was running out of energy, and I was starving to death.
 Even if this ramen was poisoned, I would still eat it.

 The pain in my body from the fall is still there, but I manage to hold the bowl with my trembling hands and drink the soup first.

"....What is this?

 Super tasty!

 I also tried the long, thin thing in the soup, which is also delicious!
 What's with the chewy texture?

 The more I ate, the stronger I felt, and the faster I ate, the faster I ate, and in no time at all I had finished it.

I ate it up in no time.
We're doing a double dip in the soup. But you're drinking all the soup, aren't you?

 Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
 What does this mean?

 As soon as I finish the ramen, power rises from my body!
 The injury you sustained when you fell off the cliff is completely healed like a joke.

 Is this what the noodle soup is supposed to do?

The soup I made with Seadr is now tolerable to humans after I diluted it five hundred times. Still, it's very effective. Once it's inside your body, it heals all injuries and raises your physical capabilities many times over.

 I feel light! It's so powerful.
 Now I'm as good as a B-level adventurer!

This is my master Veal's special gonkotsu ramen with farm-style soy sauce. Free handouts during Dragon Fortification Month! It's a power up and a balancing act!

 Ooh! Thank you, sweetheart!
 With my current power, I'll be able to get to the top while escaping the dragon!

 I knew there was a reasonable return hidden beyond the risk!
 Only those who take on the super-risk of the roaming dragons will be able to eat these ramen noodles.
 And you can power up!

 It's a wonderful world we live in!
 This is the life of an adventurer, through the dangers and rewards!