453-451 Gem Garden

 I am about to give a wedding ring for Prathi.
 However, that plan was slowly coming to a halt.

'Can't I........? Can't we dwarves make a ring for a saint?
'That's what I mean! You're getting your comeuppance here for being so conceited about technology!

 It's kind of self-serving, but I'm not denying the dwarves' technology itself, you know?
 I just think it's too lumpy and inconvenient for everyday use.

This aileron, the maker of beauty that unites us with nature!

 It's a pretty big title to carry around, isn't it, you elf?

But can you work with metal?

 You've seen that.
 That's why I didn't ask the elves to do it in the first place!

 The elves, who pride themselves on being messengers of the forest by nature, restrict many things in order to live with the forest.

 Living away from the forest is also forbidden, and sleeping and waking up under a roof is also forbidden.
 It is also forbidden to sleep and wake up under a roof, and it is also forbidden to use or make tools made of metal that do not exist in the forest by nature.

 The city elves from the forest don't seem to follow the rules very strictly.

So, Elon, take your advice and create a simple ring that looks just right.
"What? Does that mean you want me to collaborate with this elf?

 Don't mind if I do.
 You guys don't always get along with each other, so why don't you guys take this opportunity to work together?

'We'll work together for the sake of the saints. ...So the theme of the work is 'harmony'.
'Solemn Harmony'?
So why are you trying to force it up?

 Despite some misgivings, I'm sure that if Elon is with us, he will design a simple-is-best ring worthy of an engagement ring.


 I'll include a check from me.

''Let's let the eagle and the elf stew on the design, then will you choose the jewels for the saint-sama?
Choosing jewelry?
It's the jewel that goes in the ring.

 Oh, I see.
 A ring is an accessory. Speaking of accessories, it's a jewel.

 Shall I sprinkle some jewels on Prati and I's wedding ring, too, to make it a little more fashionable?

What kind of jewels do you want?

 If it's an engagement ring, it's probably best to keep it as a birthstone, but what month was Platy born?
 No, was there ever a proper calendar in this world to begin with?
 Hadn't you ever even bothered with it before?

'You don't need to think so much about it here, why don't you think about it while you're looking at the real thing?
'What? The real thing? Can you see it?
Of course, for those who want to buy trinkets, we have a whole collection of jewelry for them to browse. Why don't the saint sit there and decide what kind of jewelry he wants to buy?

 This is indeed the world's leading production base for metal tools.
 I didn't know it had such an excellent service.

It sounds interesting. Let's go with me.
'Oh? Why would you, an elf, be interested in jewelry?

 It was Mr. Edward who was suspicious of Elon's words and actions.

 But I can see it.
 The current aileron is probably not the tribal instincts of an elf, nor the sensibilities of a dishbreader, but rather a certain other one-time habit that is making a lot of noise.

 Yes, when they were an elven bandit group.

    * * * *.

This is the dwarven underground empire's pride and joy, the Garden of the Moon!

 I was led to a room filled with display cases and countless shiny, transparent stones lined up inside.

How many of these are there in total?
'Well? There's a lot of buying and selling going in and out. Even so, there must be 500 units at any given time.

 How much will it rise to in terms of assets?

 I feel like I'm in the wrong place and I'm trembling from the bottom of my heart.
 I'm a small-minded commoner at heart!

 On the other hand, his companion, Elon.

........d*mn it, it's posting guards every ten paces. This is just as alarming as it sounds.

 Don't make a scene out of old blood.

We're going to pick out the gems for the wedding ring from here, aren't we?
How true. You should have the finest jewelry for your saint.

 It's not me that decorates them, but my wife.
 I said a pair, but that one is the main one! Don't forget that!

The finest gems are on display in this section.

 Where are you taking me?
 Don't just take me to the most expensive place in the world!

 And don't take me with you, Aeron!
 If you let him get too close to something too expensive, he might not be able to keep his old bad blood down!

Every gem in these cases is special. They all have their own names.

 Such a thief is likely to come after you with a warning!

For example, the largest diamond here is known as the 'Star of Comerica'. For example, the largest sapphire here is called the Star of Comerica, the Star of Sindh. The "Swallow Blood" ruby is named for its blood-red color, and the "Star of Sindh" is one of the largest sapphires in the world. There are also many others, such as 'Tears of the Blood Queen', 'Star of Gigant', 'Diamond Joz', 'Tears of the Mermaid', 'Tears of the Maid', 'Destiny Stone', 'Earthly Star', 'Positively Fight', 'Tears of the Han', 'Star of Love Intelligence', 'Pospopi Pelo Pelo' and many others.

 That's a lot of stars and tears.
 That's the kind of flair you get for naming gems.

 But I can see how all of the gems just introduced are ridiculously expensive.

 No, wait.
 Why, unbeknownst to me, is the wedding ring I'm giving Prathi, the wedding ring I'm about to give her, going to be made into a super expensive item?

 That's what you mean when you say you're going to have this top-notch gemstone on your ring!

 Wait a minute!
 I would prefer to go in a more modest way, sir!

"Among them, I would like to recommend this gem for you, saint!

 He wanted to bring out the best of them!

 Mr. Edward!
 Why are you throwing yourself so hard at my request?

This Broken Diamond! A jewel most worthy of being worn by a saint!

 That's why I'm not going to wear it.

 But what's with this jewelry?
 The jewels Edward showed me were indeed a good job at first glance.
 There was something stiflingly majestic about it.

This Broken Diamond has a very unique history.

 As expected of a super high-class product, it even has a history.

It was originally excavated from a mining site in the human country, but a wealthy man made off with it without permission. It is said that the soldier who caught up with them cut them down and took them back.
Later, it was inlaid into the hilt of a certain treasure sword as an ornament, and a priest put a curse on it so that it could kill more enemies.

 What are you talking about, you dwarf?

The Slaughter Curse was so powerful that the hero, who had the sword in his hand, lost his mind and fought on until he died. When he died deep in the enemy's camp, the sword was handed to him as spoils of war, and since the sword was broken, only the jewels were removed and prized.
Wait a minute!
Henceforth, whoever possessed this jewel became mentally ill and attacked everyone who wished to possess it. It is said to have met a miserable end. Each time, the owner changed hands and came to this place.

 I mean, isn't that the kind of jewelry that's really cursed?
 The kind that brings misfortune to its owner one after another?

 I've heard some rumors about it, but I never thought I'd see it in another world!

 No....before that.
 What kind of a tool do you suggest, a**h*le dwarf?

 You heard me say that!
 I've asked for a wedding ring!

 Why in the world would he choose a cursed gemstone for his wedding ring?

 These guys are going to perform a ceremony so concerned about good luck that they can beat you up just because of the amount of money you can divide by two!
 Why are you trying to throw a lump of bad luck in there!

''Hmm, I don't understand what the saint is saying from before...''

 He tried to steal those fine gems without being noticed, but he couldn't do it.
 It's like he gave up and joined our conversation.

It seems that there is a gap between the saint's perception of jewels and our own. Don't you think it would be better to explain what a gemstone is from the beginning?

 In this world.
 What is a gemstone?