454-452 The role of gems

 What role does the ring have in this world?
 Elf, Aileron's answer.

'That's obviously an armament, isn't it?'
'What? Armor?

 Is that what you're wearing on your finger to hit me?

Or rather, the ring, the jewel that goes in the ring. It's usually a blessing in disguise.

 In this world, gems are said to be formed when the spirits' breath gathers and hardens in the ground.
 It's a sacred thing.

That's why gems don't come from dungeons. Even saints don't find gems in the dungeons of their teachers and villes, do they?
Yes, I know.

 It would be nice if gems were unearthed, since manna metals are found.
 However, I've never once seen them.
 I didn't notice it because I'm not interested in it.

It's because they are blessed by spirits that they have a powerful spiritual power and influence their owners. The effects are varied, but...''

 For example.....
 Increasing the owner's physical abilities, shutting out certain bad influences (poisons and curses), augmenting the power of magic, and conversely, preventing magic from the enemy....

 Apparently, such effects can be obtained by equipping a gemstone.

 It's just like a normal RPG equipment!

You can't get away from the fact that it's not a good idea to buy a ring, it's usually a warrior in the Demon King's army. I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this. The rest is just for rich people to buy for speculation.
You know your stuff, don't you? How could an elf who only cares about the forest know so much about jewelry?
'Of course. What kind of thief doesn't know about stolen goods?

 I'll take the initiative to listen to Elon's unintentional comments........

 I see.
 The most functional form for wearing jewelry = the ring.
 That's why the ring has become a practical tool in battle?

I'm not going to wear a ring for decorative purposes?
'What? Decoration? Why?

 It didn't seem to be there.
 We've discovered another cultural divide....

 When the discrepancy between our perceptions became clear, Edward-san spoke up again.

''Therefore, my recommendation for you, Saint, is this 'Broken Diamond'! Let's put this in a ring and make a big fat ring!
"So why not?

 That's a cursed gemstone, isn't it?

 No matter how much a gemstone benefits its owner with its magical powers, if it's a cursed gemstone, it's counterproductive!
 That's not just offensive or negative to the owner!

 Why do you want me to carry that thing?

Because you're a saint!
A personal grudge?

 Have I ever done anything to cause Mr. Edward to hate me so much?

No, no, no. This is what I think. The reason why this diamond has been called the 'cursed gem' is because no one has ever been able to properly control its power!
So you're telling me that they're destroying themselves?
'But if you are a saint, you are the best in the world! I believe I can even master the curse of Broken Diamond! That's why this 'cursed gem' is only qualified to be worn by a saint!
Well, you have a point.

 And aileron.

 Don't make me and my spellstone look like the Chosen One and his equipment.

 I'm a much more normal person than you guys think.
 So, I could die from being cursed to death in an indefinite amount of time, and at the height of my happiness with my wife and kids, I don't want that.

'I'm sure your saint can make this jewel do something right that I've never seen it do before!

 Even if I could handle the curse, if you can handle it, I can't imagine the benefits it would give me to help me work the fields.

 Do you have any idea what my life cycle is like?

 You just don't want to get something that you know you'll never be able to have.

'Well, just to try it out...'
Stop! Don't try to force me to hold it!
The effect of the gemstone itself doesn't need to be embedded in the ring, it just needs to be touched directly...!

 Look closely, you dwarves! You wear gloves in advance to handle a cursed jewel!

 Now what is that thing? I guess it's a glove that blocks the curse with a fantasy effect or something.

 I, on the other hand, am barefoot!

 No! I don't know about anyone else, but I have the gift from God in my hands, the Supreme Bearer!

 This hand that brings out the performance of what you have in your hand to more than the limit.
 What happens if the cursed jewel touches my hand?

 It would be great if you could successfully counteract the curse, but if you raise the curse's potency beyond its limits, the worst that could happen is that I would die instantly?

 I didn't think that I was going to be in danger of dying horizontally while preparing for the wedding?
 In a way, it's like a flag, and it's right!
 I'm going to have a wedding when I get back........?

 And the moment the cursed jewel touched my hand........


 The gems.

..... ............

 Me, Mr. Edward, and Elon all screamed together.

 The shattered gems!
 And it became a thousand pieces and flew wildly around us!

 This isn't the time to comment on how beautiful they are, glittering like stardust, or anything like that!

 I didn't expect this to happen!
Does this mean that the Bearer destroyed the source of the curse in an attempt to protect me from it?

 It's amazing that you can do that, Supreme Bearer! I thought, but then I immediately realized a new problem.


 I've smashed such a large jewel that seems to have a market value of hundreds of millions of dollars into pieces of wood!

 It's so big! That's why there are so many pieces of it!

 We can no longer rely on memory for the original size, but it had to have been big enough to be a drainage stone!


Not necessary.

 I heard a voice from somewhere.

 Is this...........................from the top of my palm?

 There was barely a single piece of jewelry left in my hand, and in the light emitted from one of the jewels, a vision of a beautiful woman emerged.

''I am the spirit that resides in this gemstone, thanks to you, I have been freed from the curse.''
"I was once a divine being. I was supposed to be a being who brought blessings to people with my immense spiritual power. But a monk with an evil heart has placed a curse on me...! Because of that fat, balding, constantly stinking breath old man who cursed me, I couldn't properly exert my power...!''

 I could see how dedicated the spirit was to the bone of resentment.

However, thanks to you touching me today, the curse has been successfully dispelled. Hundreds of years after I was born, I can finally use my strength to be useful. To repay your kindness, I will do everything in my power to protect you.

 Having finished saying what he wanted to say, the vision of the spirit disappeared.

 All that was left was the countless pieces of jewelry that were scattered about.


 The elves and dwarves frolic around me.

'Great, saint! I didn't know they could break the curse so clearly! That's a saint indeed!
This is a fair price for a gemstone that is easily haggled over at the behest of its owner.

 I don't know what these guys are saying, but is this understanding correct?

 I could get a gemstone to adorn my wedding ring, he said.