455-453 Saint's Gift

 It's a shattered diamond........

''It's amazing, Saint! Each piece of jewelry has the same protective power as before it was shattered!

 That's what the appraisal came up with.

 In our world, gems are not so much ornaments as commodities.
 They support their owners with their inherent power of protection.

 Apparently the size and beauty of the jewels themselves are secondary to their size and beauty.

 That's why Edward was very satisfied with the fact that each of the countless pieces of shattered jewels had the same blessing power as before they were shattered, which meant that the blessing power was doubled.

 It seemed that he could somehow avoid paying for the damage.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

It's a good idea to make a ring with these diamonds. I, Edward, master of the dwarven underground empire, will create the ring of a lifetime!
And the cost will be...?
That won't cost you anything. The cursed jewel that was a defective stock has turned into an effective one at once, so it can be profitable!

 Don't tell me this guy was planning to force me to have a defective product from the start, right?

 Oh well.
 If you're going to make it for free, that's fine.

 A dwarf with the best hardware workmanship skills in the world was going to make our wedding rings for us.

 If it's a small, shattered diamond, it won't bother me to put it in the ring.

    * * * *

 However, the process was extremely difficult.

 Mr. Edward, who tried to decorate something whenever he had a chance, was strictly controlled by the supervisor, Elon.

''So! Why are you trying to add to that? We don't need anything! Simple is best!
'But I think it would be cool to put a feather here and...!
'I don't want to look good like that! The saints want it simple!

 Edward, who has made it a beauty to add to the project, is very confused when he is forbidden to do so.

 Nevertheless, he tries his best to comply with the client's wishes, and with the help of advice from his rival, Aileron, he proceeds with the work.

 Abandoning even his own "ism" in order to meet the client's demands is a kind of craftsmanship.

 Remove the garishness and simplicity of the design and make it refreshingly simple.
 That refreshing simplicity is the hue of my affection for Prati.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the cursed diamond that you've obtained, but it takes a lot of sense and skill to treat it in a casual way that doesn't bother you.

 Edward struggled to design the ring and put all his effort into making it.
 Aileron also did his best to help.

 The end result is complete.........

    * * * *

"...this is a wedding ring...?

 I don't have much of an artistic sense, but I understand.
 This is a masterpiece.

 Just as I ordered, it's a simple design that won't get in the way of your daily use at all.
 However, even with the simplicity of the design, there are some eye-catching touches, and the diamond shine that is casually used is not a bad taste at all.

We did it! It's going to be this Edwardian masterpiece for sure!
It was worth it!
'It's an honor to have such a beautiful ring!

 Even the jewel spirits emerged and expressed their joy.
 That's how well it turned out.

 And it comes in pairs as ordered.
 Now all that's left to do is give them to Prati!

    * * *

 I'm going back to the farm as soon as possible.
 To deliver a token of my love to Prathi.

 I look for her to see where she is and she's just outside, taking care of the farm.
 She was holding Junior and fondling him.

 In this busy time!

 The first thing that comes out of my mouth is anger at me for skipping work, but it's not that serious as work on the farm is going slowly.
 I apologize and then cut to the chase.

"Prati, I've got something for you.
'What? What's new?

 Perhaps sensing my seriousness, Prathi started to get dogged.

'It's a nice vibe!'
"Saint, keep it up! Push it out in one fell swoop!

 Watching (watching?) from a distance Mr. Edward, aileron, the gem spirits.


 Normally I would have kicked them off, but they did a lot of work in making the wedding ring, too.
 I suppose I have the right to be present at the conclusion.

 So, before I hand you your wedding ring........yes.

 Let me properly explain the purpose of the wedding ring.
 I've already learned that the ring is perceived differently over here and over there.


 That's Prati.
 It's rare to explain something to someone and have them understand you, and that's my wife, Prathi.

I didn't know that the world you were in before had its own strange customs. But it looks interesting. The ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand closest to the heart, and the ring vows to 'stay with you until death do us part'. ...It's very magical.

 Well I just broke the curse, but....
 The way Prathi sees it, as expected of a witch!

'You said you were going to have a wedding. I've prepared it as the first step in that process. Will you accept my wedding ring?
I'm sorry, but we can't do that.

 You've come to this point in time and refused?

Because I've already received proof of your husband's love.

 Saying that, Prati held out her left hand, and on her ring finger was a ring.

That is!

 The ring finger of your left hand?
 Prathi was already wearing a wedding ring!
 And that ring looked familiar to me too. I had made it myself.

 It was the ring that I had made at the very beginning of this wedding ring making chapter!

I made it, but I left it on the workbench...?

 And you think that's how Platy found it?

That's a curious ring. I put it on my left ring finger as soon as I got it in my hand. The ring fits perfectly on my left ring finger. I don't know if it was because of your husband's power or because of the mana metal.
No, no, no, no...! That's the one I tried to make. Instead, it's a failure!

 It's too simple and tasteless, isn't it!
If you rely on the "supreme bearer" to make it, it's inevitable.
 I think there are limits to how simple it can be.

 That's why I asked the dwarf to make me a simple yet sophisticated ring.

'I've made a much prettier and more fashionable ring than that! I'd love for you to go that way...!
'But it wasn't your husband who made that, was it?'

 Well, yes.
 Here's the requisition.

"This one's better. I don't care how badly it sucks or how ugly it is. Your husband put his heart and soul into this ring, it's a symbol of our love.

 Yeah, she's right.
 I'd forgotten the most important thing.

 The most important thing about giving a gift is that it's heartfelt.
 It's empty if you are just concerned with the appearance of things without regard to them.

 That's Prati, you're a great reminder of such important things.

 She's the light that lights up the right path when I'm lost!

So, Prati, will you accept this wedding ring again?

 I made it all myself, from one to ten, with my own hands, and it's a nondescript ring.

Yes, I'd be happy to oblige.

 Thus, the ring finger of Prathi's left hand was lit by the glow of the ring, a sign of a married woman.
 Once again it was realized that we were a married couple.

 The onlookers watched from a distance.

''The hardships?!''

 Edward-san, Elon and the gemstone spirit stood side by side, stunned.

 Well, that's right.
 I put all that effort into making the ring.

 But we already had the ring we needed!
 So, I'm sorry?

    * * *

 Incidentally, the ring produced under these circumstances was sold to the public.
It was sold under the brand name "Saint's Ring", and when worn, it doubles one's strength, speed, magic and wisdom, and fivefold increases one's luck.
 It seems to have fetched a ridiculously high price because it nullifies all physical abnormality and also increases resistance to magic.

 The design is fixed, so you can make the same thing more and more often, and there are many pieces of jewelry left over, so it's easy to mass produce.

 It will be very profitable from those factors, so I hope that will make up for the free work this time.