456-454 Fifth Element

 I'm Batty.
 I'm Batty, our farm clothes maker.

 I have received another order from the saint.

He asked me to tailor a wedding dress for Prathi.

 Saint Prathi's couple got married on the spur of the moment, and since they hadn't even held a wedding ceremony yet because they were working hard to develop the farm, they're having a belated wedding ceremony.

 So they wanted a wedding dress.

 When he told me, I thought, 'Well, it's finally here!

 It's been years since I realized my dream of becoming a dressmaker on the farm.

 I've made a lot of clothes.
 I've made many, many different kinds of clothes.

 I have made many different kinds of clothes, even wedding dresses.

 The first one I made was the wedding dress for my former boss, Mr. Astares.

 You can't afford not to have a wedding ceremony for your boss, so we held the ceremony in the Demon Kingdom.
 I tailored it at that time.

 I also made one for Grashara, who became the second demon queen.

 It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what you want to do, but it's a very good idea to have a good idea of what you want to do.

 Well, since I was going to make it, I did my best.
 I don't cut corners and deliver mediocre work just because I don't like them. I put my pride in my craftsmanship by making a wedding dress with an elaborate design that would make even a muscular woman look pretty.

 And just recently, Lady Puffa's wedding dress was fresh in my mind.
 It was fresh in my mind.

 And I also made Mr. Lamprey's wedding dress at about the same time.

 Recently, I've been making a lot of wedding dresses in succession.
 But that's why my know-how and skills have increased.

 ...To tell the truth, I've added a secret theme to the four wedding dresses I've made here.

 It's a theme that I, as the maker, decided on myself, and I didn't tell the people who would be wearing the dresses about it.

 The wedding dress worn by Lady Astares was 'Wind'.
 The wedding dress that Grashara wore was "Earth".
 The wedding dress that Puffa-sama wore was 'Water'.
 Lampey's wedding dress is "Fire".

 That's the theme I tentatively chose for the wedding dress to match the individuality of each of them.

 Before I knew it, I had all four of these elements in place!

 No, I didn't intend for it to be like this from the beginning.
 Astareth-sama's light and dry impression was based on the image of "wind," and the great woman Grashara, who had been a power type since the days of the Four Heavenly Kings, would be suited to "earth".

 The Mermaid Queen Puffa would be the perfect match for the image of "water", and Lamprey, the so-called "Fiery Witch", would have no other theme than "fire".

 I noticed that there were wedding dresses that were made of earth, water, fire and wind.

 While I wondered what it was, on the other hand, I was also excited.
 Conquering all the attributes?!

 Then he asked me to make a wedding dress for Prati to wear!
You thought it was "full of life"!

Wedding dresses in "wind".
Wedding dresses in "Earth".
A "Water" wedding dress.
A "fire" wedding dress.

 I've created a wedding dress with these four attributes, and now I'm going to use my skills to create the fifth wedding dress!

 There is no one more suitable to wear it than Lady Prathi.

 Now is the time to create a wedding dress for Lady Prati that goes beyond the four attributes of earth, water, fire, and wind to create a wedding dress with the fifth attribute.

 I took it as such a revelation!

 So it would be my pleasure to use it.

 I need a fifth wedding dress!

    * * *

 .........Oh, by the way.

 I made the dress for my former colleague Varina when she got married, too.

 I didn't have any particular inspiration for it, so I made it unconsciously.

    * * * *

 Well then.........

 Shall we proceed with making a wedding dress for Prati-sama?
 The ban on the use of Vajra silk is lifted unconditionally when making a wedding dress, which makes this job even more exciting.
 That's what I call "beating arms.

 First of all, I'll think of a plan.
 The theme is "The Fifth Power".

 I want to make a wedding dress with a new power that surpasses all the attributes of earth, water, fire and wind.

 At this point, I'm already thinking, 'What is this guy talking about? That's what I'm talking about.
 No, this is a necessary process to create the greatest wedding dress on earth!


 What exactly should the fifth wedding dress be, what attributes should it be?

 Speaking of attributes that surpass the four attributes of earth, water, fire, and wind, yes........


The "light" wedding dress?
 Yeah, it looks strong.

 Her whole body is glowing with brilliance in her wedding dress!
 The mere exposure to that light will annihilate every last evil spirit and vampire!

 Not good!

 And when it's Prathi-sama who wears it, she looks even stronger.

 She's the wife of the supreme and most powerful saint, the one and only, and the mistress of the farm.

 That Hare's outfit is exactly what is appropriate for a brilliant, shining 'light'!

 Yeah! We've already decided!

 The fifth wedding dress to be worn by Lady Prathi is.....
In a wedding dress of "light"!

How about that...?
"Oh no!

 You startled me when you spoke to me from behind.

 You're Verena?
 My former colleague, not Verena!

 You don't come into my dressing room without asking me!

'Looks like you've been planning a wedding dress for Lady Plati...? "Light" that's not bad. But don't they realize that there is a fifth element candidate that is comparable to 'light'?
What? The element against the light?
That's the element to light...

 Yes, that's right. Where there's light, there's darkness. Darkness is the ultimate power on par with light!

 A wedding dress that embodies the power of that 'darkness'!
 That is, the 'dark' wedding dress!

No, no.

 For all intents and purposes, 'darkness' isn't appropriate for a celebration.
 Therefore, it's not even appropriate for a wedding dress theme.

'Don't do things based on the coolness of the letters, former colleague.

 Verena can't be trusted to pursue a weird vibe from time to time.

''Well, then what else do you want?''
Think about it now.  Don't tell me you're going to do the same thing?
Of course I am! I'm indebted to both Saints and Prati on a regular basis, and I'd love to help you whenever I get the chance!

 I'd rather have this guy around to make me feel more lost....

It's the fifth power! How about "sky" when it comes to "light" and "darkness"?

 It's just like that...

'In the same way, like 'nothing'! But that would mean that Master Prathi would have to get married bare-chested!

 He shows up in a mappa and says, "This is the ultimate wedding dress! !
 This is the ultimate wedding dress!

"Also, I was thinking, why don't we go to the next level here?
'Don't say the fifth power, try the sixth and seventh. I was taught a new word by a saint the other day! ....it's an allegory.

Arayaashiki's wedding dress?

 I don't know what it is, but it looks awesome and strong!

How do you not want to make an 'Arya' wedding dress? It's worthy of Batty's whole heart!

 It's true that my artisan spirit makes a lot of noise but.......?
 But there is only one wedding dress that Prati-sama can wear.

 I can only choose one of the ideas that have just come up!

 At first I thought I'd have to choose a "light" wedding dress, but the "Aryaji" wedding dress looks awesome and I'd like to try it, and the "nothingness" wedding dress looks like it would surprise me...?

 Now I think the "Darkness" wedding dress would be hard to get rid of!

 Oh, what to do.
 What kind of wedding dress am I going to wear?

"Batty, what are you doing?

 Then the saint came to me.
 It would be good to ask that gentleman, a dress-making client, for his opinion.

There's something I forgot to tell you. It's me and Prathi's wedding, and I think I'll follow the traditions of the world I was from and have a color change.

 Is it redoing?

 What's that? I've never heard of it before.

To be very frank, I want the bride to change several times during the ceremony, and I want her to have several different dresses to match. To put it bluntly, the bride will be changing several times during the ceremony, and we need you to prepare a few different dresses for her. I'm sure it's a lot of work, but we need you to do it for us.

 After saying that much, the saint-sama left.

 Dressing up.........?
 How many different kinds of dresses do we have...?

 That means.........

'Yes! I can make a lot of wedding dresses ugh!

 You can try that theme or this theme.

 Hahahaha! It's getting serious!
 I've got to be on my deathbed!