457-455 God's duel

 And finally.....
 My wedding day has come!

 I'm overwhelmed by the fact that I had my big day!
 We've come a long way, come to think of it.

 The day I met Prathi for the first time comes back to me as if it were only yesterday.

 The path they have taken together since then is the history of the farm's development.

 He got married to Prathi.
 We've been getting married for a long time now.

 I feel like this is another milestone in our relationship.
 I'm sure we'll be able to move forward after all the vague steps we've been taking.
 I had already prepared for the ceremony and was wrapped up in a pure white tuxedo.

 The very appearance of a groom.

 How could he recreate the tuxedo with just my verbal designation?
 Batty is still amazing.

 This tuxedo is made of vajra silk and seems to have more protection than bad armor.

 It's a fitting choice for the big day.

 I'm going to wear this today and declare another vow to Prati.

''Master-, are you ready?

 Veerle came into my waiting room.
 He's all dressed up today.

I'm all set up for the event! "I'm ready for the event!" "You've got some nerve sending me out to meet you!
Don't say that. After the ceremony, we'll have another feast. Then we'll have a lot of good food.
'That's the fun part! Okay, let's get my new ramen on the side as well!

 I've always been on the side of the food, but before I knew it, Veerle has become the one who makes you eat.......?
 While confirming that everyone is changing little by little, I head to the ceremony site with Veerle.

 We decided to hold the ceremony in the grounds of the farm under a blue sky.

 Normally, weddings are held in churches or shrines, but we don't have such a fancy facility on our farm.
 But it's not right to go out and rent out a cathedral just to hold a ceremony.
 After all, we wanted to have our ceremony inside the farm.

 So we had an open-air wedding.

 Fortunately, we were blessed with good weather and the sky was a nice blue sky.

"It really is a beautiful day for a wedding...!
Oh, what a perfect day for a fight!


 What Veerle had just said caught me and stopped me in my tracks.
 Had I heard him wrong?

"Veerle, hahaha, you misspoke, didn't you?

 We're not dueling, we're marrying.
 It's true that "duel" and "marriage" sound so much like each other that they could be mistaken for each other.

 But the meaning is very different.

"Marriage is a joyous occasion, but a duel would be a disaster. No, you can't do that!
No, you're right. You're going to duel.

 ........I don't know what Veer is saying.

'So I suppose a duel will take place before the master and Prathi get married. That's great master! What a great way to get a big bang for your buck by putting in a bloody event before the show!

 Nobody has any plans to do that.
 What do you mean?

 This is all very new to me.

 Who is going to come in and ruin our good day with blood?
 Isn't that what this duel is all about?

"The gods, sir?

 Veerle replied.

    * * * *

 When I arrived at the wedding venue, the place was not in a harmonious mood, but rather was enveloped in a tense atmosphere.

 The source of the tension was those guys.

 Hades, the dark god, and Poseidon, the sea god.

 For some reason, the two main gods who rule over the earth and the ocean descended to this world, and they couldn't get enough of it, creating a confrontation mood.


 I can't help but be confused.

 What is the reason for the conflict between the gods to break out on this day when we should be celebrating our new beginning?
 And, of all places, in this place where we are going to conduct our wedding ceremony?

 Can't we go somewhere else, at least?

Oh, my dear saint, you've finally arrived!
"The game doesn't begin until you, the Witness, arrive!

 Don't start!
 What are you harassing us for, gods?

 We want to spend the whole day in harmony, so why are you trying to ruin it?

What are the two gods trying to do to us?
"You'll know it when you see it. Duel.

 I just hoped it wasn't.
 I knew it was just as I saw it.

''Why are we dueling!''

 In addition to the gods, there were many other farm officials gathered around.
 Everyone was dressed up in their own way.

 Everyone is in a festive mood for this day, but the gods are trying to crush your mood.

May I ask why?

 I won't quit knocking out the gods, though, depending on the reason.
 So, what kind of response will the gods Hades and Poseidon give us?

"....of course it is.
"to get your rights.


''The right to receive the marriage vows of a saint!''

 These gods who did not get along with each other were saying in unison.

 So this is what it means?

 As was the case at Mr. Arowana's Puffa's wedding the other day, marriage is usually a commitment to God to love.

'Do you pledge to love your wife in sickness and in health?'
"I swear!

 is a vow made to God.

 That's why weddings are also called Shinto ceremonies, and marriage is almost without exception a religious ceremony in many cultures!

My brothers in the sea.
"What is it, brother of the earth...?
"As we have often said in the past, saints dwell on earth, and if that's the case, then it's only natural that the husband of Mother Earth, the patron of the earth, should take an oath! As I've said many times before, the saints dwell on earth, and if that's the case, it's only natural that the husband of the earth's guardian, the Mother God, should be the one to take the vow!
But the bride is definitely one of the members of the sea. But the bride is one of the family members of the sea. I have the right to take the vow too! You might as well step aside!
What did you say?

 And so, both sides are refusing to budge, and finally, they've come to a point where they're using their powers.

Whoever wins this duel will receive their oath!
"And we're going to make an offering from the saints!

 That's it, after all.

 We've had similar skirmishes before with Junior's baby shower and such, and the motive for that one ended up being that he wanted an offering from me.

 Apparently, the gods were desperate for the delicious rice and alcohol from our farm.

 But this must not become a source of conflict.

It's the first time in thousands of years that we've gotten serious with each other, brothers of the sea.
It was so long ago that I've forgotten it. But I do remember the face of the Earth's brother who was crying his eyes out because he was defeated by me.
It seems to be a long time ago. It's so easy to fabricate facts based on such vague memories!

 The dark god Hades and the sea god Poseidos face each other with the scythe and the trident (original).
 The people of the lower world surrounding them were in a mood to watch the game, irresponsibly.

 This was not good.
 The battle of the century between God and God.

 It's too big of an event to blur our wedding!


 I stopped.
 And I said.

'I've decided who I'm going to take my wedding vows to!