458-456 Ryuzen Oath

"First of all, I'm not swearing an oath to either of you two gods.

 No matter which one you choose, you'll always have a lump in your throat.
 It's like a fight to the bitter end.

What? Then to whom do you owe your vows?
Don't tell me it's the gods of heaven? Not them! Think well!

 Both the God of Hades and the God of Poseidos are in a panic.

 Ignoring the bewilderment of these two gods, my gaze turns to.......


 I say to the dragon, who was about to drive the noodle stall into the ceremony site early, "We swear to you.

"We will make a vow to you. We will walk together as husband and wife.

 The gods all scream out in unison, but what's the problem?

 The dragon is the most powerful creature in the world, and its existence is already like a god.
 I'm sure you'll find that it's a good idea to treat such a dragon as a substitute for a god.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work.

 And sir.

'It's only meaningful when we give our vows to such a Veerle. I'm sure she'll continue to watch over us and make sure our vows are fulfilled.

 When I finished saying that, the expression on my own Veerle's face gradually began to shine.

 At first it was, 'What the hell is this guy talking about?' He had a dumbfounded look on his face like that, but slowly his understanding caught up with him, and he had the shimmering look of a dog who knew he was going to be taken for a walk....

'That's a good idea, Master! I am! Let's see if Viel, the Grinzel Dragon, can make it! That's the duty of an absolute strong dragon, wahahahahahahahahaha!

 The person in question has enough motivation.

 On the other hand, the two gods who have been taken advantage of by the fishermen are.....

''Wait a minute! It's true that dragons may be comparable to our own, but it's only when we swear by the gods that we are able to do so...?

 He tries to bite down on it ungrudgingly.

''I know both of you are great gods, but I cannot welcome a rough god who brings strife to my farm. I beg your pardon.
''Oh no!''

 A bewildered voice came from around them.

"Saint, you're preaching to God...!
After all, our saint is the strongest in the world.
''We must not be hostile to that person alone...?

 A voice that is difficult to distinguish between awe and shudder came out.

 No, no, no, no, what are you taking too seriously?
 I'm just a cowardly, weak farmer from everywhere.

'Alright! You can swear to me whatever you want! I give my blessing in the name of the most powerful race of dragons! Swear it! You must swear immediately!

 Veerle, who was pulled up to the max at once, is untouchable.
 I'm not sure what's going on, but I've been watching it with a smile.

 The real star of this case is finally arriving.

It's a good thing that you're so excited about this.

 Bride's entrance.
 Prathi in her wedding dress appeared here.


 A shell-shocked voice came out of her mouth.

 Prati's bridal gown is Bati's new 'light' wedding dress.
 I'm not sure what "light" is, but it's true that Prathi is shining brightly in it!

'I've put all the skills I've developed so far into this one,' he said, and I thought I could see the satisfaction in Batty's chest.

'Ki! You're beautiful! No, seriously!
Thank you for that. ...Well, I became a mother myself, and I didn't think it was a little late to have a wedding. It's a good idea to do it after all. It will be a memento of a lifetime.

 Prathi is embarrassed but happy.
 After all, a bridal gown is a joy for any woman.

 As she says, even if it's after she becomes a mother.

''........hmm? Speaking of which, where's Junior?
My mom is going to be watching me during the ceremony.

 Indeed, there were older men and women standing in line behind Prati, following her.

 King Nagas and Queen Sheila!

 No, they are no longer Mr. and Mrs. King and Mrs. King since we gave them to Mr. Arowana.
 But since they are still Prathi's parents, they are also our lovely Junior's grandparents.

'This is both of you! How dare you take time out of your busy schedule...!
It's okay, because we were very busy with our time away from the throne.

 Sheila, holding her grandson Junior in her arms, looked so young it was hard to believe she was his grandmother.

 But who better to take care of Junior during our ceremony than the Lady Sheila, who will take care of us both?

'But your groom has come up with a very good idea for the event. We had given up hope of ever seeing Prathi in her wedding dress again.

 It's Mr. Nagus!
 His Majesty, the former Mermaid King Nagas is sobbing!

 So it's those things, eh? Because you saw Platy's wedding dress?

 She didn't seem particularly upset at her legitimate son Arowana's wedding, but she's changed so much when she becomes his daughter?

 As I've said before, a daughter for male parents and a son for female parents is probably more special than any other combination.
 If I were to have a girl after Junior eventually........

 I feel like crying just thinking about it from my current perspective.

Oraa, you guys are not messing around! I can't wait to get the ceremony started!

 Veerle was jumping and rolling around.
 His motivation seemed to have increased dramatically as he occupied an important position in the event himself.

''It can't be helped, you stupid dragon...! So mom, take care of Junior during the ceremony.
Come on, man.

 I entrusted Junior to the most trusted person in the world....
 Me and Prathi were belatedly going to the big day of our lives.

    * * * *

 The attendees were lined up in a hastily prepared outdoor chapel in a corner of the farm.

 Most of them were residents of the farm, but there were some people who came to celebrate despite their busy schedules, such as Mr. Demon King and Mr. Arowana, who were close friends of mine.

 It was originally planned to be a family affair.
 It was going to be a complementary wedding ceremony for the couple when they were already old enough to be married, and it would be embarrassing to have such a big one.

 So we had to walk down the aisle directly on the ground to the bride and groom...or is it the old guard? We walked side by side in a line at the altar to the altar to take our vows.

'Good day to you, sir.'
"Yes, sir.

 The priest is a familiar teacher.
 He's a reliable and dignified figure of the No-Life King.

But how many times do you think this is the first time you've performed the marriage ceremony? Truly, I am giddy ever since I met the saint.'
Thank you for your time.
"There is no such thing. "I can't imagine a time when we were stuck in a cave and had nothing to do.

 Then, while exchanging chit-chat with the teacher, more from behind him........

'Kooky! Stop wasting time and get on with it!

 Veerle was hastily selected for the role he was sworn in to play.
 He climbed further up to the top of the altar and puffed up.

"Don't get cocky. The master and the platys swear an oath to me! You are only a bridge between the two!
"Okay, okay, then you better be stern.

 Me and Prati. We both stand side by side before God ... or the dragon.

'Then you guys ..., I swear!
You shouldn't have made me swear.
I'll take care of the rest, you just keep your head down and stay quiet.

 Summarize, and shut up.

 Then me, Prati and the doctor faced each other.

"So, you two are now, or rather have been for quite some time now married.

 Sorry for the anomaly.

'Do you both pledge to care for each other and to respect each other in health and in sickness...........................as we already practice it?'
Yes, sir.
I swear.

 Husband and wife stand side by side and make a vow.

I am going to be the one!

 Viel, be quiet for a minute.

All right, let's end with a kiss.

 A kiss?
 In front of all these people?
 I know it's necessary, but this is so embarrassing!
 But both Demon King and Arowana did it, didn't they? Let's do it here, so that Prathi won't make me a tease for the rest of my life, shall we?


 The entire venue cheered.

 Our wedding was complete here.