460-458 With a flock of tigers

 This I, Lord Dalkish, am fully aware that I am only the level of a cat.

 It means that I have the wit of a cat.

 What would happen if I were to cross paths with a group of tigers?
 That was the day I realized that.

    * * * *

 The day of the saint's wedding.

 Dressed to the best of our ability, my wife Varina and I came to the venue.

 Then I realized that we had made the biggest preparations imaginable.
 We had made the greatest preparations imaginable, but even that wasn't enough.

'Oh it's been so long! It would be the Dalkish of the Human Nation Lords!

 In terms of timing, we were still in the attendees' pleasantries stage of the meeting, which hadn't yet opened in earnest.

 The one who spoke to me there........
 .........it was the Demon King.

 The Demon King.......................You remember my name?

''It's been a while! How could you possibly remember me?
Well, of course, you're the master of the estate where Castle Okubo is located. I've been beaten by that castle many times. Next time I'll make it to the final gate!

 You don't remember this as a negative connotation, do you?

 It's been a long time since the Human Kingdom was occupied by the demons.
 I'm well aware that the Demon King, the head of the demon tribe, is my master in place of the Human King.

 Why is this sovereign so friendly to you?
 The answer was obvious. It's because this place is so special!

I take it you were invited to the wedding. Well, that's not surprising. You and the Holy Father are very close friends.
Did I make it look like that, sir?

 If it looked that way to everyone around me, should I be happy or afraid?

 After all, Saints are terrifying.
 To attend a wedding and the first person you'll be chatting with is the earthly champion, the Demon King!

 Even if I am a weak lord, I can't talk to him in person!
 The only reason I can do that is because this is the saint's house!

 Even with that thought, in the end, it's still 'Horrible, Saint, horrible! I can only conclude that!

Oh, yeah. Well, since you're here, let me introduce you.
'What? Who is it with?
"I am now officially crowned Mermaid King, Lord Arowana.

 After the earthly champion, here comes the king of the great sea!

"Mister Arowana, Mister Arowana, come over here for a moment!
What is it, Lord Demon?

 You want me to come? He's here!

 A young man as majestic and eagle-eyed as this demon king, the newly enthroned mermaid king!

"Allow me to introduce you to the mermaid king, Lord Arowana. I'd like to introduce you to the Mermaid King, Lord Arowana, and this is Dalkish, the lord of the human kingdom. of the realm that owns the former Okubo Castle.
'Oh! Come to think of it, I've seen your face before! You've made it to the podium of the entire barrier together!

 So you are a participant in this year's Wind Cloud Oakbo Castle?

 Oh no, I don't remember any of them.
 There were quite a few champions this year, so I can't remember all of their faces.

 But this person remembered them all?
 What a wide range of vision and memory!

"As a lord, Master Dalkish governs his domain with integrity, and his work is always professional and thorough. He is a very good administrator.

 And somehow the demon king started to appreciate me?

"That's what I saw when I visited the site to work on Okubo Castle. Come to think of it, the three of us here, a demon, a mermaid, and a man, are the three leading races of the world.
"Really? Then shall I make a vow of reconciliation between the three races?

 Stop it!
 You can't put me in the same category as you and your big shots, they'll be crushed under the weight of their vows!

 Help me, wife! I looked for Varina, but unfortunately, she too was occupied with giggling between the queens of various countries.

 What a really high level here.

    * * * *

 Saint-sama's farm is truly amazing.
 The double punch of the Demon King & Mermaid King at the beginning was already going to sink it, but the other attendees were also terrific.

 First of all, Silver Wolf was here.
 One of the human nation's proud S-class adventurers. I also saw him at Okubo Castle, but to have such a celebrity come and go is amazing for a saint to be here!

 There are even dragons, no-life kings, and other beings whose level of 'awesome' is on a different dimension.

 ........Also, there was Lady Lettuce Rate.
 Lettuce Rate, the former princess of the human kingdom.
 Wasn't the one you saw in the previous rebellion uproar a phantom.......!

 Furthermore, Bacchus, the head of the Bacchus cult.
 Huh? Is that the King of the Dwarves over there?

 I knew this from the beginning.
 It sinks in that I've come to a place where I'm out of place.

I want to go home now...!

 That's the clincher.
 It's a one-on-one death match between the Lord God of the Earth and the Lord God of the Sea.

 The gods are fighting over who will receive the saint's marriage vows.

 But the saint who is preaching to the Lord God and the two gods on this occasion is also amazing.
 The fact that there is someone who can preach to God is amazing.

 Who else, aside from the saints, could do that?

 And then an even bigger exception appeared.
 Alexander, the Glaugrinz Dragon, passed the baton to Saint-sama and took over the sermon to the Lord God and the others.

''.............Are you not ashamed to be gods?''

 The gods sitting a bit farther away from the saint's wedding, even after the saint's wedding has begun in earnest.

 Alexander, the super dragon, holds them down.
 I've heard the legend that he is the most powerful dragon in the world, but I never thought I would see him in person.
 Just looking at the Lord God, my eyeballs said, "I can't do it anymore! And you're screaming!

"As masters and rulers of the world, you must have more dignity than anyone else, right? And yet you are so caught up in your own immediate greed, how unseemly it is. Did you want an offering from the saints? I'm overstepping my bounds in fighting for it.
"Stop, Poseidon! Don't talk back to me! ''We'll beat you to a pulp with the two gods together!

 What kind of power relationship is there between the Lord God and the most powerful dragons in the world?

 Oh my God, I'm so scared! The fact that such a powerful dragon is attending a wedding with an innocent face is scary in itself!

 I knew you'd come.
 This place was too out of place for a very ordinary little lord!

''Ah, Mr. Dalkish, it's been a long time.
"What the hell?

 What the hell?
 When I woke up, the saint was right behind me.

 While I was being buffeted by these shocks, the ceremony was over. And now we are moving on to the feast without a moment's hesitation!
 Once again I've blundered so badly that I just zoned out during the ceremony!

No, it can't be helped. It's a shock to see them all of a sudden. If I was surrounded by such amazing people, I'd get nervous and stop thinking too.

 Aren't you supposed to be awesome?
 Is this some kind of Saint Nick's number one joke?

"Ahhhhh! That saint! You're looking good today, my dear.
'Please calm down. I'm really glad that Mr. Darquish and his wife are here today. They are good friends of mine.

 What a waste of words!
 I'd like to apologize for not being able to invite you to our wedding and explain the situation.

''Please don't worry about Darquish-san and the others' wedding. I know that you are a lord, so there will be some minor ties and I know that it can't be helped. It's rather hard for me to be bothered by Dalkish-san.

 Followed ahead of time!
 What a sense of attentiveness.

Thank you for the gift. You know, when you have a child of the same age, you think in the same way. It was really helpful.

 And even the poor wedding gift we gave you, which I'm sure was a poor wedding gift!

Now, if you'll excuse me. You're excused, Mr. Alexander, but that's enough. I'm sure the gods will be sorry for what they've done.
"Mm, if the saints say so.
Alexander-san was kind enough to attend, but I'm sorry for making him preach to you. I'm sorry to be a preacher, but I hope you will enjoy your dinner.

 Furthermore, the saint also has some kind words for the gods.

''Both the god Hades and Poseidon, please go ahead and eat the wedding feast. We have prepared plenty for you.
"Oh, yeah! !

 Generous to the gods that did it!
 Is it possible that you are the ultimate God, Saints?