461-459 wedding cake

 I'm in a very good mood.
 That's because it's your wedding day. There's no way I'm in a bad mood on such a festive day.
 My heart is as wide as Lake Biwa.
 I'll laugh and forgive a few mistakes.

 To the God who did it this time, I say.

'The idea is that there are so many gods in this world that we should honor them without separating them. I also honor all gods with that idea, so I don't have any special favoritism for anyone.

 Therefore, I don't have to try so hard to be the object of my faith.
 Everyone is my god.

That's why I'm going to offer my offerings to everyone.
You sure? 'Yes!'

 I hope this persuasion will put an end to this kind of commotion of the gods from now on.


 The reception!

 We were all drinking and singing at a wedding celebration.
 It was more like this was the main event, and everyone was tucking into the farm's food.

 Viel set up a noodle stall without being told to, Bacchus served oden, and Holkosfone scattered natto (fermented soybeans) to the rest of us.

 Even if I didn't act on it, something always came out of the farm.

'Okay, I can't lose, either,'

 Of course, I don't have the option of not moving.
 It's just me and Prathi in the lead role. I'm the one who's going to do all the work to make it happen.

That's why I have something for you.

 Think again here once again.
 When I think of weddings, this is it! The accompaniments that will be included.

 I've already prepared some of the essentials for my wedding.
 Wedding rings, wedding dress, color changes.....

 Of course, it doesn't end there.

 The next thing I prepared was........the wedding cake!

 An oversized cake that is displayed at the wedding reception. It is said that putting a knife in it together is the first time the couple works together.

 I got that one for you, too!
 As the main event of this reception!

Sir, are you going to do something?

 Prathi in her wedding dress glances at me, sensing my intentions.

'As expected of Prathi, you haven't spent much time with me.

 The wedding cake is still a secret even to Prathi.

 It was a surprise.
 The day before the ceremony, I spent the entire day in the kitchen baking a cake for this purpose.

 It was tough to make a cake that was twelve tiers high and longer than I was able to grow.
 The sweet smell of the cake leaked out of my mouth, and I'm pretty sure everyone already knew.

 But the time for all that hard work has now come to pay off!

 The wedding party is in full swing, so it's the perfect time to serve the wedding cake.

I want you all to hear this...!

 The people gathered in the hall are focused on my revised tone of voice.
 Everyone seems to understand. They all understand that something is about to start.

I've arranged a special event to celebrate the day. Where I come from, we'd say it's an essential part of the wedding ceremony.

 Let's have a look.

Wedding cake!

 A giant cake being carried on a stand.
 This piece of work is getting more and more magnificent as it is carried outdoors.
 After all, it's as tall as a 12-tiered whole cake.

 I think it's the biggest dish I've ever made.

This is a good thing.

 Strange noises arose from everywhere, mostly from women, emitting strange noises.

Cake! It's a cake?
I never imagined a cake that big existed in this world!
We have never imagined it! I'm so proud of you, Saint, for being able to create something so awesome!

 I'm so excited about this.

 ...Well, speaking of women, I love sweet treats.

 The first time I baked a cake, a lot of girls flocked to it, and it was a big mess.
 If a non-standard large cake like this one showed up, that would be a lot of excitement.

 I wanted a reaction to the curiosity of a wedding cake as an event, but the ladies' interest in the one that was completely 'a giant towering, sweet and delicious cake' was all over the place.

'Awesome, Master! Is it all cake? You want to eat all of it?

 As expected of Veerle, he couldn't stand the ramen and ran over to me.
 When this guy says it, it sounds as if he's going to eat the whole thing by himself.

You made this for the wedding? Can you make a cake this big for a wedding? Great job, master! Let's have a wedding every day from now on!

 A wedding is not that kind of event.

Where I'm from, there's a tradition at weddings of the bride and groom cutting a huge cake into pieces. It's the first joint effort of the bride and groom. So, platy! Let's get together for a cake cutting!
JURU...! .........eh?

 Prathi's appetite for cake had reached a critical point and she couldn't do that either.

''Saint-sama! Let's have our cake and eat it soon!
Cake! Cake!
Carve it up!
'I can't take it anymore! I'm going to take a direct bite out of it!

 The sweet smell of the giant cake is stealing all of the women's sanity, so any further delay could lead to a riot.

 Let's get this done quickly.

That's right sir! You'll have to carve it up or we won't all eat it! ...but if you bite into a whole cake this big...! If they eat you like a hug...?

 I don't know, Prathi's consciousness is completely taken up by the cake.

 I have to cut it up quickly.
 If we cut it up into little pieces, the women will come to their senses.

''So I'm going to insert the blade.

 I'll be using the Evil Sacred Sword Dry Schwartz for the sword.

 I've been working with this one for most of my life, so it's perfect to use it for this memorable task.

 I grabbed the hilt with Platy and inserted it into the cake.

 As expected of a holy sword, the blade goes into the cream and sponge without any resistance.


 For some reason, just by cutting it, the women cheered.

 The sharpness of the holy sword didn't stop there.
 It went in and out of the giant cake with unnoticeable speed.
 Each time it was divided into smaller pieces with a line of cuts, it turned into a short cake that was just right for one person.

 Since the original was so huge, there was a tremendous amount of it when cut into pieces.
 It seems to be enough for the number of people attending a wedding.

 Of course, as a saint, this was my best work of art.
 There are no imitations in wedding cakes, as is sometimes the case with wedding cakes, and the cake is 100% edible.

"Here you go! Bon appétit!

 Maidens of all ages, who have forgotten the language of people, rush to the cake.

There are plenty of refills, so just eat one plate at a time, okay?

 It's a much different reaction than I had originally planned, but it's good to know that they were happy.

 Not only the girls, but also the men and the gods were tucking into the cake, and the entire wedding party was filled with a sweet aroma.

''........The sweet scent is also transferring to the Holy Sword......''

 I guess I can't take this scent for a few days.
 A holy sword that gave off the sweet scent of sugar, that was what it was.
 There isn't any.

 The important thing is that Prathi is also stuck with the cake for herself.
 He ate another plate and reached for the next one.

Prati, you shouldn't eat too much...?
It's okay! ...see, Junior can't have his cake and eat it yet. I'm going to eat a lot of food and sweeten my mother's milk so Junior can have a taste of cake!

 The most unimaginable infant food education method.
 If you take in enough sweetness to change the taste of mother's milk, you're sure to cause problems elsewhere, so don't do it.

 Anyway, thanks to the wedding cake, the wedding party became more and more exciting.