462-460 Wedding last event

 Me and Prathi's wedding also passes with constant excitement by adding various tricks.

'It's fun!
"The cake is delicious!

 The Earth Spirits were also very happy....


 Porgy and the doctor are also very excited.

 The wedding reception was also well attended, with Prati wearing a variety of dresses with different patterns to attract the attention of the attendees.

That's Batty! What about the wedding dresses that I've been thinking about, such as the 'Darkness', 'Nothingness' and 'Arya'?
When I thought about it again, I didn't think any of them would work, so I discarded them.

 However, every celebration always comes to an end.

 It's a shame, but the wedding ceremony, which has been going through many changes of hands and techniques, is coming to the final stage.

    * * * *

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being here today.

 I, the groom, give my own speech to close the show.
 Everyone looks at me.

'Since ancient times, it has been said that a marriage requires three bags. The first is, well........Ikebukuro?
Sir, is this a good time to talk about it?

 Prathi's tweak interrupted what could have been a long speech.

'To put it bluntly, it is with regret that the wedding will soon be over. So we would like to conclude with one more entertainment.

'Oh,' the cheers that go up.

'What importance will the saint surprise us with this time?'
It was a giant cake. Now it's a giant cake! I'm giving you a giant oshiriko.

 In the minds of the girls, our weddings have become the image of a sweetheart convention.
 But alas, it's not.

What we're about to do is ... a bouquet toss!

 This is the last time we see Prathi in her wedding dress.
 In her hand, she holds a bouquet of bright, voluminous flowers.

"Buke to?
Slaughter a warrior?

 Everyone seems to be confused about the meaning of the bouquet toss.
 That's what happens when you bring in customs from the previous world, after all. This time it's a series of such things.

They don't seem to understand the meaning of the bouquet toss. Then let me explain it to you!

 Prati, who has already been briefed by me, holds up the bouquet with a sly look on her face.

'This bouquet! I'm a bride all day long, and I'm carrying it with me, and I'm full of the happiness of marriage!
! Oh, wow...?

 An overwhelmed crowd.

The bouquet toss is meant to share that happiness! I'm going to throw these flowers out! The first one to take it is the new holder of the bouquet!
" " " " " "?
So whoever takes the bouquet will be the next to get married!

 No, Mr. Platy?
 You don't need to talk so definitively about it?

 It's just that there is such a superstition, but it's not confirmed.
I don't want people to complain, "I took the bouquet, but I couldn't get married! I don't want them to claim, "I took the bouquet, but I couldn't get married!

No, no, no...?
That's like a good luck charm, isn't it? We have such a tradition in my country too...!

 Yes, these women are quite aware that this is only a game.

But if it's for your saint's plan, then...?
Or is the spell also a curse?

 And they're getting serious, aren't they?

It's finally time to get serious.

 Among them, the one who is in super-serious mode with thick magical power spewing out of her body is the foreign student Erin Gia.
 She already has a boyfriend, and the sound of 'marriage' seemed to be even more familiar to her.

 You're still a student.

 Of course, those who are already married are taking it easy.....

If it was just a couple of months ago, I would have gone to get the bouquet even if I had to kill everyone who stood in my way.

 muttered Puffa, a newlywed hottie.
 The voltage boils over, mainly among unmarried women.

'I am the one with that bouquet...!
"I'm sure your saint will be rich in blessings.
'I'm the one who's going to follow in the footsteps of Lady Plati!
'I want to marry you! I want to marry you! I want to marry you! I want to marry you!

 The quality of the signs emitted was beastly.
 It doesn't seem like the climax of a wedding ceremony, but more like a shura alley.

I'm going to throw it then! They're all bloody and fighting over it!

 Prathi shows his beautiful pitching form.

 By the way, the bouquet toss is supposed to be held right after the vows are finished, but this time we brought it to the end of the wedding reception to add to the excitement of the event.
 I didn't expect it to be this exciting.


 The bouquet thrown from Prathi's strong shoulder flies higher and farther than expected.


 The unmarried women rush towards the bouquet, emitting a beastly roar.
 I'm already scared.
 It was more like a herd of piranhas rushing into raw meat.

 The bouquet is still in the air, but since it is also a substance, if it falls to the ground under gravity, the young maidens are likely to eat out its intestines.
 Bouquets don't have intestines.


 That didn't happen.
 The bouquet gained altitude and flew.


 How did it happen?

 Somewhere along the way, the bouquet flew through the air at a speed that was clearly gaining new momentum!
 It was like a multi-stage rocket igniting?
 But why!

 Of course, the bouquet didn't fall to the ground, but rose to taunt the unmarried maidens below.

''Looks like the propulsion potion worked just fine.

 And muttering next to me is the bride, Prati.
 I knew it was you!

"Because it's our wedding and we want to end it on an exciting note.
That's why you did this?
It's not going to be so easy to clear an event that starts with me. I've made some adjustments to the difficulty level to make it that much more difficult.

 That's not my business!

 The bouquet is already flying through the air, turning right and left, and then suddenly dropping right back, flying on an extremely complicated trajectory!
 Is this also the effect of the magic potion that Platy put in the bouquet?

I'm not going to back down like this! Ooohhhh!

 But the one who isn't frightened is Eringya!
 As a demonic girl, she flies by stepping on the head of a rival maiden, who is looking for a bouquet together!

Wow, can you use me as a stepping stone?
"As it flies, 'Flying Black Lei'!

 She uses magic to fly like a demon race.
 She's also a talented candidate for being chosen as a farm exchange student. Since she's also learned well on the farm, she's able to perfectly read the complicated trajectory of the bouquet and steadily approach it.

''Got it!''

 I, watching from the side, thought so too.
 Just when Eringier's hand was about to grab the bouquet...!

I won't let you!

 What? Bouquet himself rejected Eringier!
 He reached out with his ivy-like tentacles and popped her hand!

What do you mean?
"You did a great job of getting me to play my last card, Eringire!

 Prati shouts next to me.
 Did you do this again?

I put my intentions into the last defense mechanism, the bouquet itself, for this to happen!
How is that even possible?
I just transferred the spirit from the mountain of the Veil. It's the same plant, so it wasn't too difficult.

 But that doesn't mean you can try and do it!
 Can you do it?
 My wife was a great witch of the crown.

"Hahahahaha! So, by the order of Lord Prati, this willing bouquet is definitely not going to be caught by anyone! I'm free! Nothing holds you back! ''I'm going to run around in all directions in this sky, ah!''

 The willful bouquet that had some kind of strange piquancy maintained full speed, and finally swept past Eringya, who was still desperately clinging to it, and disappeared into the sky beyond the sky.

 Leaving a single point of light in the sky.

'.........the bouquet got away!

 How is that even possible?
 The whole point of the bouquet toss has been turned on its head!

 If no one else can accept it, no one else can get married!
 What do you think you're doing, the person who made these crazy modifications to the car?

I'm sorry. I got carried away. I'm sorry!

 Prathi in her bride's outfit stuck out her tongue and laughed teh pelotonically.
 Did she think that would cover it up? It's deceptive, though.

 I've been thinking about this for a while now...

 If you leave an event to Plati, there's a high probability that he'll fail to adjust the difficulty level.