463-461 Closed

 Thus, the whole program ended without a hitch, and Prati and I's wedding was a success.

 In the end, the ladies booed at the unexpected situation of successfully escaping from the bouquet, but we managed to make it up to them later.
 The guests returned to their homes by transference magic.

''Ladies and gentlemen, please take this one home.''

 And then handing it to each guest....
 It was the last and final project of the wedding.

 It was a gift.

 Speaking of weddings, a gift is given to each guest as a token of gratitude.
 That's the gift you give to your guests.

 Naturally, we have a gift for our wedding as well.

 What is the standard gift?
 After thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that it was a plate.

 A big plate that could serve any kind of large amount of food.
 Of course, I'll have Elon and the others bake it. Nowadays, the Elf dinnerware plates are very popular in the Demon City, and the people who receive them are sure to be smiling.

 But that's still not enough to make them happy.
 This time, we want to give them something original that they can only receive as a wedding gift.
 We wanted to decorate it in a way that it could be considered a standard wedding gift.

 That's right, we're going to paint our portraits in the den!

 We had ailerons bake the plates at a rapid pace, and we had elves and foreign students who had a passion for painting paintbrushes in their hands.

 Me and Prathi, the two of us smiling while facing each other.
 The painting material is glazed, so it can be used enough as a dish. We put a lot of food on the plate, and when it's finished, we'll meet my wife and I at the bottom of the plate.

This is a typical gift that you can't afford to receive and is guaranteed to make you say, "That's not very good..." or "I can't use it, I can't throw it away.

It's a good thing that you know that much," he said. You might say, "I don't want to get a gift from you," but the anguish that arises from being presented with that kind of gift is one of the best parts of a wedding.

 I just want everyone to make their weddings as sad and joyous as their hearts desire!

 So I give it to you! I'm still the number one on this list of gifts you can't afford to receive!
 A giant plate with the couple's portraits on it!

    * * *

 I didn't know this at the time, but....
 For example, in the world I lived in before, in medieval Europe, plates were not used as normal tableware, but were sometimes displayed in the room as decorations.

 It seems that such a custom exists in this world as well, and the plate I presented to the guests as a joke, "A large plate with a portrait of a married couple", was understood to be for decoration and enjoyment.

 It is said that the guests who received the platter happily displayed it in the parlor and other places, showing it off to visitors.

 This is the face of the saint, isn't it? She was so moved that she asked her husband's permission to make a reproduction of the painting.
 He displayed it in his mansion and other public places.


 It is said that the existence of saints who live in hiding somewhere in the world is widely known and revered as 'the all-powerful equivalent of God'.

 The image of such a saint is often described as a sacred painting, and it has spread throughout the world as an object of idolatry.

 In this way, the image of the saint and his wife became a popular subject for painting.

 Of course, I had no way of knowing that such a serious problem would happen to me when I was making gifts for people with a light desire to play around with them.


 And so the wedding is over and the special time between me and Prathi has passed.
 The guests were seen off, the cleanup of the ceremony was over, and we returned to our peaceful, uneventful lives.

 I took off my wedding dress and pure white tuxedo and went into very normal, everyday clothes.
 It's nice to get dressed up once in a while, but I'm more comfortable in something I'm used to wearing on a daily basis.

'Junior~, sorry we've been apart for so long? It must have smelled like matcha in grandma's arms~

 Prathi is happy to get Junior back from his mother-in-law Sheila's custody during the ceremony.

 Although it's exciting to feel like a bride, she seems to be more concerned about being Junior's mother now.

 Junior, who had been enjoying himself in his mother's arms for a while, now reaches out to me.

 You're going to bother me too," she says. That's so sweet of you, Junior.
 I took Junior from Prathi and held him up.

 Although I did this and performed the rituals, which seemed to be a milestone, I didn't particularly feel like anything had changed since it was over.

 It did.
 I'm not sure if it's a normal couple, but we've been married for a long time.

'....But the memories remain.
Well, we had a nice cake and I got to toy with a bunch of little girls with my bouquet.

 Is that the right way to remember a wedding?
 Well, okay, if Prathi said it was fun.

 If there is one thing that has changed, it is the ring that shines on the ring finger of Prathi's left hand.
 It's an extremely simple ring with no decoration whatsoever, but that's the proof that Prathi is now a married woman.

 A little change at the end of the fuss.
 People change from day to day through the accumulation of such things.

 The fuss of a wedding is over.
 Our farm is going through another day of gradual transition.

 As a postscript, for a few days after the wedding.
 Needless to say, in the first few days after the wedding, Platy was in the best mood ever.

    * * * *

 Now, I digress from this.

 Bouquet is back.

We're back!

 You've flown off into the sky.
 I didn't expect you to come back.

''I'll need Prati-sama to refill my flight propulsion potion before I can continue flying.
Do we need to keep flying?

 The audience booed because you won and walked away from the game without anyone's help.
 And now that the wedding is over, why do you want to keep flying?

 Are you the type of person who feels the need to fly?

'Oh, wait a minute - I'll inject you now.

 I don't know what it is, but it's a potion to keep you flying even more!

 I don't understand what Platy's doing.
 Come on, just let him run out of steam and crash into the ground!

'That's not how it works, by the way! It would be more beneficial in some way if this girl kept flying.

 What's it gonna do for me?

 When I'm completely baffled by the understanding.........

"........ah! There's the bouquet!
'Really! Chance to catch it!

 A girl passing by instantly jumped on the bouquet.
 What's this instantaneous force?

"That's not going to happen! Now that Master Prati has replenished my propellant, I'm all set! That means there is no element of getting caught!'

 Then the bouquet bastard flew again at a speed his eyes couldn't follow, and he swept the girls off their feet with ease.

'Ah! I let him get away again!
You'll see! I'm going to catch you next time!

 Why are you saying that line like the police...?

'None of the girls were able to catch the bouquet on the day of the ceremony, were they? So the promise of 'If we catch him, we can marry him' is still alive.
What's that?

 You're not supposed to catch the bouquet in the first place, are you?
 I guess we'll have to reconcile our values from there?

'The dreaming bachelor maidens still compete with each other to catch the bouquet that sometimes appears on the farm. But the bouquet got away so fast and fiercely quick that no one has been able to catch it yet.

 The bouquet was somehow treated like a 00 meh.

 It is said that if you can beat it, you will get huge experience (marriage experience).

 However, it's not as conscientious of a difficulty adjustment as the Hare Mehru, it's more of a booty made by Platy, which is famous for setting up a broken difficulty level, so it's a d*mn fast game with a 100% evasion rate.

 Moreover, the devil's specification was that even if you did catch it, the reward was only superstition level.

 But the maidens still scrambled to catch the bouquet.
 They dream of the day they will wear a wedding dress.