464-462 Sansukumi

 Well, now that the wedding has ended without a hitch....
 I'd like to tell you a little story here.

 Have you ever heard of the three classes of people?

 Suppose there are three something called ABCs.
 A beats B, B beats C, and C beats A.
 In such a roundabout way, no one can be the ultimate winner in the end.

 The most famous example is the frog, the snake and the slug.
 Even rock-paper-scissors is a three-way tie.
 It's a pretty interesting idea in the sense that everyone loses to someone else in the end.......

 In fact, we have one in our farm.
 The trifecta.

 Let's take a closer look at them today.

    * * * *

 First up is Porgy.

 This is a wolf-shaped monster that lives in our farm.
 Their official name is Hupericaon, and I heard that if we released them to the world, there would be a huge army of them.

 Besides Porgy, there are dozens of Hupericaons other than Porgy, and they patrol around the farm to exterminate vermin such as rats and other vermin, or if they find a suspicious person, they will either raise a howl to warn them or deal with them with their own fangs.

 They can also play the role of a guard dog, contributing greatly to the farm.

 They are also the wolf or dog.
 With their fuzzy fur and charming expressions, they are very popular on the farm.

 Dogs are cute.
 They are really cute.

 The Hupericaon Porgy is looking up at me with a sad face today as well.
He sobbed, 'Kuhn.....

''You've been robbed of your bed again...?''

 In the corner of the farm, there are many places where Porgy and his friends sleep.
 They spread hay on the floor in a sunny place, so it must be quite comfortable for them to sleep.

 However, there was an outlaw who occupied Porgy and his friends' bedrooms.

 It was a cat.

'....Doctor, Dr. Kora.
'N-nya? What's with the naps? 'Interrupting a cat's sleep is a mortal sin.

 What's the problem with taking that nap away from the rest of the world's bedrooms?

'Why are you robbing Porgy of his bed? I made you your own bed the other day, didn't I?

 A great cat tower in the house.
 Surprisingly, though, I got a kick out of it and made it five-layered. It's hard to forgive the doctor's outrage, including the fact that he threw that masterpiece away.

"I'd like to sleep outside on a sunny day. That's why it's the most comfortable place to sleep.

 You cat.
 He is just like the cat itself, unruly.

 However, the cat is a troublesome opponent that can't be trifled with.

 The truth is that the No-Life King is feared as one of the world's two greatest disasters.
 Moreover, the doctor is called one of the strongest among the No-Life Kings.

 That's why even Porgy would give up his Muza Muza bed.

''Anyway, since Porgy looks sad, can you give him back his sleeping quarters?
"They refuse to sleep. "Cats sleep wherever they want to.

 So we'll have to use extreme measures.

Let's go! Spirit of the earth!

 In response to my command, small children came out of nowhere at once.
 These are the spirits of the earth.

''Goshujin-sama has given us permission!
I love cats!
I'm going to be a pussy!

 In the blink of an eye, the cat was surrounded, manhandled and stroked.
 There was no mercy in that cuteness, and it was as if it was being overrun.

"Neez! When you stroke it, you need to relax more. You stroke it backwards from the direction its hair grows! Who is pulling your tail?

 Those children are originally spirits, but when they receive the power of the gods and materialize, they somehow take the form of cute girls.

 I'm not sure how much I love my pets, but I don't know how much I love my children, and they don't know how to control their power.
 That's why the child loves cat-love, but sometimes he or she runs away from it.

 In other words.
 A cat's natural enemy is a child.

'd*mn! We've got no choice but to retreat! 'Saints, don't think you've found my weaknesses in this!'

 The doctor couldn't stand it and ran away from the earth spirits.

''Ah! It's a pine tree!
You'll have lots of fun!
"Let them observe the hole in your buttocks!

 Following the fleeing cat, the spirits of the earth are also pushing forward.

 And then Porgy rushes up to the empty bed, curls up happily and takes a nap.

Good thing I'm happy for you, Porgy.
It's all right.

 I patted Porgy's curled up back with the lone remaining doggy spirit of the earth.
 Dogs are good, after all.

    * * *

 I proceeded in a very normal way about the cat talking.
 The seed of it is the Dr. No Life King speaking through the cat, but I want to mention it again here because the mechanics of it are complicated.

 Fundamentally, the cat itself is not the Dr. No Life King, the No Life King.

 The doctor is possessing the cat and talking to it... or something like that.

 The true body of the Doctor is an immortalized human just like him, but the body of the oldest No-Life King is indeed very old, and is sealed deep in his dungeon, unable to be moved.

 Apparently, the Doctor can possess all the cats in the world by sending out something like radio waves from his body.

 In other words, every cat in this world is the Doctor.
 Everything the cat sees and hears is known to the doctor.

 The cat on the farm right now is just one of the doctor's terminals, and even if that cat were to die, it would have no effect on the doctor's body in the extreme.
 All he had to do was replace his senses with another cat.

 And if it's simple magic (but still at a level beyond human knowledge), it can be used through a cat.

 However, the cat's own instincts are also firmly on the surface, so the state of the cat while possessed is probably fifty percent doctor and fifty percent cat.
 That's why the cat's instincts make it vulnerable to children who play catty games with it.

 Now let's get back to today's theme of the three classes.

 As you may already know, the three members of the three classes in our farm are Porgy, the doctor, and the spirit of the earth.

 Porgy is deprived of his bed, and Dr. Potty is overrun by the spirits of the earth.

 This is the final combination of the three groups to complete the alliance.
 In order to complete the triad, the final combination of the three sets of power relations must be confirmed.

 For example, here's what happened.

 The Earth Spirits work as cleaners on the farm.
 They were originally given entities by the Earth God to help them.
 They are working hard every day to help the farm.

 Basically, I tell them to only clean the inside of the house, but sometimes they get so motivated that they even go outside.
 Even though there is a lot of danger outside.

Oh, I'm going to clean up that...

 The Spirit of the Earth noticed a number of farm tools that were temporarily placed on the ground.
 Many of the farm tools were sharp or sharp or dangerous, depending on what they were.

 The farm tools that the child had just spotted were also very dangerous, such as the scythe of a draught.
 It would be very dangerous if he touched them carelessly and cut them.

I will be praised for cleaning up!

 But the spirit of the earth cannot predict the danger.
 I was just about to run up to a pile of farm tools....


 He stopped when he was sucked by the neck root.

 A potty appeared out of nowhere and pulled the earth spirit away from the dangerous farm tools by pulling the cheating spirit away from the earth spirit.

'What are you doing? Let go?
No, Porgy is right.

 I'm one step behind in protection.

'Didn't I tell you not to touch farm tools or weapons because they're dangerous?'
I'm sorry.

 The spirit of the earth is obedient, so if you tell him properly, he will obey you.
 But the credit goes to Porgy.

 When the little ones were in danger, they were quick to come to their aid.
 They were really reliable dogs.

Thank you!

 He stroked her head and Porgy licked the child's cheek in return.

    * * *

 That's how we have a three-way tie-up on our farm.

 Dr. Potty steals from Porgy and....
 The spirit of the earth loves him like a cat.
 Porgy protects the spirit of the earth.

 This roundabout way of going around the farm is a bustling place, and it will probably bring the farm's workers a sense of vitality.

 But now the hustle and bustle has ceased.
 The reason is that all three are taking a nap.

 Coincidentally, Porgy, the doctor and the spirit of the earth were all sleeping in a mass.
 The spirit of the earth used Porgy's large body as a pillow, and the cat, who loves gaps, inserted herself between them.

 They're quiet now, though.
 When they wake up, the hustle and bustle will start again, I guess.
 A three-way hustle and bustle that will never end.