465-463 Demon King

 The Demon King came to visit.

 I feel like I've seen him from attending the weddings of Arowana and myself, but it's been a long time since he's visited just to meet with me and have a chat.

 Is it because of that?
 It's been a long time since we've been across from each other, but.......

''Well, you've changed, haven't you?

 The Demon King only answered in a few words.

 Now we were lazily sipping tea across the table........

 Somehow, there was a mysterious tension in the air.

 What should I say?
 Do we need to go further?

How can I say that I've gained some dignity, or...?
I'm glad to see it. As Master of State, I have more integrity than any other.

 Not like that!
 Oh God, do I have to be more direct?

 No, but the nature of the problem is delicate.

 You can't ruin the atmosphere by saying it too clearly...!
 This is something that can't be undone.

Don't let it get to you.
I guess it's all right to say so. I, Demon King Zedan.

 That I've become a chubby fatty.

'No, you've gained weight, Demon King.
I can't believe it...

 Speaking of the Demon King, that is the head of the demon race.
 His greatness is boundless, as he is in a position to control the race and rule the country.

 Hence, his appearance is also a mass of dignity, and when I first met him, he was so tall and muscular that I could look up at him.
 When he was standing up close, it was as if a wall was closing in on him, and he was full of intimidation.
 In contrast, now........

"You said you could say it clearly, and then you said it really clearly...?

 His entire body is rounded.

 The contours of the face are the same, and the fingers and arms are thick.
 Since he was originally muscular, if you pile on the flab on top of that, you will have an even bigger man.

 Although he was intimidating, the quality was more of a looming wall of flesh than a looming wall.
 Hot and bitter.

''........I've gained weight.''
Yes, sir.

 You've been really fattened up.

 But I've never been aware of the Demon King's condition until now.
 We met at my wedding the other day.

 It's not going to happen overnight, is it?

 Well, but I had other main issues to deal with at that time.
 I was so focused on that that I overlooked the Demon King's modulation, I guess.

 ...You were trying not to see it?

The war with mankind is over. The world is at peace. I, too, was once occupied with warfare, but now that we have no enemies to contend with, I have become bogged down in domestic affairs, doing nothing but paperwork.

 So you're saying that's why you don't move around as much?

I thought I was practicing every time I found time to practice. It seems that the amount of exercise has decreased more than I thought. And now I've found myself in this mess.
I'm sure you can understand how hard the Demon King has to work.

 After all, he's the king.

 Everything about the management of the Demon Kingdom depends on this person's decisions.
 He may overeat under stress.

 And that's what we've got here.

I've been blessed with two wives and a child, and I look forward to coming home every day. When we all sit around the table as a family, we tend to eat and drink too much...!
Happy fattening...?
I was hoping it wouldn't be a problem. It's a natural part of getting older. I know a lot of people who were intrepid when they were young, but as they reached middle age, they suddenly got fat!

 That's the fat man's excuse?

"So I thought I'd be okay with it, but the other day I was finally told to 'lose some weight'.
Who told you that?

 That demon army commander...
 What do you have in mind when you told your master that?

"He said, 'My Demon King, you've gotten so fat lately, haven't you?'
A fastball.

 With a fast ball and no finesse?
 How dare you talk to me like that, Demon Lord?

''And then he added: 'Even though peace has come, the Demon Kingdom is still a martial arts country. "Although peace has come, the demon kingdom is still a warrior kingdom. We will maintain peace by always threatening our enemies with overwhelming force and making them back down.

 Oh, yes...!

If the demon king, the leader of the demon kingdom, becomes obese and obese, and his appearance is far from that of a warrior, the country will be belittled and it will lead to the disaster of war. Above all, it's unseemly.
''He's coming to hit you with everything he's got!

 That's great, Demon Commander. You can't talk to the Demon King that freely.
 Isn't there any disrespect in the Demon Kingdom?

"That's why I can't help but admit it...! Yes, I was not about to see it! From your own flab! From the tender meat in my belly! The demon race that defeated the humans to become the supreme power on earth. I have to be the strongest demon race in the world to fulfill that responsibility!

 A grief-stricken demon king.
 Maybe it's because of his obesity, but that's enough to raise his body temperature and bring sweat to his forehead.

''So, Saint Lord! Why don't you help me lose some weight?
"I won't tell you the hard way! It gives us a place, and that's all we need! I can't let my people see this demon king running around shaking his belly if he doesn't lose weight!

 It's true that if it's a farm, the demon tribe wouldn't be able to reach us.
 But there are students of the demon race studying abroad, right? They're the future leaders of our society, and I think they'd be especially insecure if they saw us.

'I've been trying to lose weight so that I can take some time off from official work. I'm going to stay here for a few days and work out. Could I use some space?
No, uh...?

 You think you can take a fat body and make it muscular again in just a few days?

 If that's what you think, I have to say that you are naive in your perception, Demon King.
 The fat that's already attached to your girth has been cultivated over a period of months or even years.

 It doesn't compute to lose it in just a few days.
 You can't lose weight unless you spend the same amount of time on it as you gain it.

 Demon King's diet plan.
 I feel a great deal of anxiety...?

    * * * *.

 However, if it's a request from the Demon King, there's no reason to refuse.
 Anyway, I offered him a flat plot of land in a corner of the farm.
 There's a lot of untouched land in our house.

Good! Well, it's been a while since I've gotten some exercise!

 Demon King," he said, shaking his belly, "by the way, what kind of exercise are you going to do?

'By the way, what kind of exercise are you planning to do?

 I asked him to try it.
 I was kind of worried and couldn't take my eyes off him.

'Mm, I haven't been riding for a while!
'Don't worry, we've got the horses with us! Black Flame, over here!

 In response to the Demon King's call, a giant horse with pitch black fur approaches.

''I haven't been able to ride you for a long time due to the continuation of political duties. Today, let's ride a thousand miles together as the wind!

 No, wait, Demon King.
 Riding a horse is a horse that runs, right?
 Does riding that horse help you lose weight just by riding it?

 I'm sure there's a lot of things that an expert would say, but I'm still worried.

"Then let's go together, my horse! Heavens no! .... good heavens!

 The thick body seems to be tough to handle, and I finally managed to straddle it on the second try.

 I thought they were going to gallop off as one man and horse....


 The horse immediately turned into a pole and dropped the demon king from his back.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what's going on. Why do you shake me off?

 The horse only looks down at the confused Demon King with cold eyes.
 That eye.....

It's not a good idea. You're not going to be able to ride it.

 He told the story.

'I won't give you a ride until you lose weight. You better squeeze that unsightly body before next time.

 I ran off and went off on a long run alone.

 I still felt like I was on the wrong track.