466-464 Different World Diet

"Gogohhhhhhhhhh? Nuh-uh-uh-uh-uh?

 The demon king is wailing in sorrow.

 It seems that the refusal from his beloved horse, 'You're too heavy, don't ride', was quite a shock to him.
 ........but I understand how the horse feels.

 When the current demon king cries, that's enough to raise his body temperature and make him sweat, and sweat steam rises.
 Even a horse would want to refuse to ride a fat man like that.

 The black horse from earlier also looked proud........
 It's the Demon King's beloved horse.

 I can't just leave the Demon King-san in despair like this.

 The fat may have been added to his heart, but the Demon King was unimaginably weak from before.
 He's still wailing.

''Stop wailing.''

 I said like a god offering a helping hand to a brave man.
 Even though he's the Demon King.

''I'll help you. I'm sure you'll be able to see the Demon King back in his original massive form.
Oh, is it true, Saints...?
Where I come from, there's a secret formula for losing weight. It's called Diet!
"Great battle!

 The Demon King seems to be imagining some different characters, but it's just an impression, so I won't pursue it.

'Dieting is the ultimate self-discipline done to get close to the ideal weight. You are willing to work hard to become your ideal body shape, your ideal self...!

 In this world, though, we wouldn't even have a similar concept.
 The culture is backward and they don't have enough food to feed themselves, so they just hoard nutrition when they have it.

 In other words, the fatter you are, the more virtuous you are.
 It is said that in the past, being obese was a condition for being beautiful.

 On the other hand, the demon king who has trouble getting fat and wants to lose weight is probably a very rare case in this world.

''Various schools sprang up in search of a more effective diet, and a hundred families competed with each other. I will teach you the profound secrets of this other world, Demon King, I will teach you. All for the sake of peace in this world and your rectus abdominis.

 To dig up six split bellies from the fat millennium earth...!

'Oh, Lord Saint! How dependable!

 Thus began me and the Demon King's otherworldly diet life.

''I didn't know that Saint-dono even knew about such things! I didn't know they had a system for losing weight! So His Holiness is blessed with children and still in shape?
That's because I'm out in the field working the plow every day.

 There is no better way to stay healthy than to exercise.
 After all, if you move, the flab will fall off on its own.

 But if you get old and your metabolism slows down, it may not be like that.

''There are people like Demon King-san whose work inevitably limits their exercise. They are consumed by hard work at their desks every day and don't have time to stand up and stretch their backs a bit. Such people don't have a normal metabolism, and they only accumulate what they eat...!
'Yes, yes! That's right!
The diet is there to help people like that. The purpose of the diet is to achieve the maximum effect with little effort and time. The purpose of dieting is to achieve the maximum effect in less time and with less effort. It's about making your life more efficient. It's not about losing weight for fun or anything like that.

 Since ancient times, many different types of diets have been developed.
 All of them are for fun and to lose weight.

 Which of these diets would you recommend to the demon king?

Let's go on a carbohydrate diet.
"Freezing cold, holy vision, great joy!

 You are imagining a different script, aren't you?
 Oh well, every single one of them is a waste of calories.

'The biggest cause of obesity, is eating. Excesses accumulate because of the imbalance between supply and consumption. That's what makes you obese.

 So why don't we eat?
 Animals need to eat to replenish their energy and if they don't eat, they will die, which is why the stress they instinctively generate by not eating is so great.

 Food restriction is not a dark cloud, but a calculated restriction.

Carbohydrate restriction is the culmination of that calculation. It prevents further weight gain by not consuming the biggest cause of obesity, 'sugar'!

 And exercise reduces it.
 A diet is ultimately, you can't do anything about it without exercise!

'Oh, so the Tosits are poisonous then?
''I can't say that in general, but I will ask you not to eat foods that are high in sugar, Demon King.

 At least when you're on a diet.

What are those ingredients?
Staple foodstuffs. Rice and barley. There are restrictions on bread and noodles made from wheat.

 It was then.
 Veerle was there.

 He looked shocked and pale.
 He was holding a bowl of ramen noodles that was boiling hot in his hand.

Master........is it true what you just said?
'No! No! Oats aren't poisonous! Bread made from kneaded barley, udon noodles, pasta, and ramen noodles! It's a very tasty ultimate food!

 Viel clings to me.
 Apparently, it was something she shouldn't have heard.

'The barley is! It's a wonderful food that makes everyone happy! You can't limit it!

 So why are you so desperate?

 Veerle has become a born gluten jar and her love for wheat food has reached a troublesome level.

 If you talk to her about sugar restriction, it's only natural that she'll get all over you...!

'No, I'm not saying 'don't eat it' without thinking about it. You can't just eat too much...
Is that him?

 You can't get rid of it.
 You'll be able to get a good idea of what to expect.

You can't just sit back and wait for the sun to shine.

 Veerle, all of a sudden, enters the diet.
 This guy doesn't make you lose weight, he makes you lose weight.

'Ningen will get lighter if he moves a lot without eating! Then move around like you're going to die! And don't eat anything! If you do, you can eat all the barley you want!

 There it is, the polar opposite!
 And a contradiction!

 This is a sure-fire dieting trend, nothing extreme lasts forever.
 Continuity is what dieting is all about!

All right! The first thing we need to do is to do some light exercise! Let's go!

 Earlier than I finished, he transformed into the dragon form of the main body of Veerle.
 Is that really...?

I'm going to be the one to go on a diet! Now fight me! You'll die if you don't do it with more than you mean, and it will be a great exercise!'

 I can't go head-to-head with a dragon, it's not whether I lose weight or not, it's whether I live or die.
 Don't put such a harsh requirement on a diet!

I'm fine, master! I heard that Prathi's brother, who got married the other day, was safe after fighting Ardheg and the featherless feather woman!'

 Platy's brother?
 Oh, you mean Mr. Arowana.
 And Ardheg is Mr. Ardheg, and featherwoman without feathers is probably Songgokphong.
 That's confusing.

I'm sure it was a mock battle, though, right?
'It's like training on a diet! Ah, yes, oh yes, the winged woman!

 The winged maiden who appeared from the air as if to respond when Veerle called out.
 Something descended.
 Is that Holkosfone, the angel on my farm?

"You wanted to see me, Veerle? I'm busy making natto now, so I'll be quick.
"It's a good idea! Platy's brother was pinned down by a dragon and an angel, so this guy should be able to do the same thing on the same terms! After all, he's the king of a Ningen race!''

 You think you can compete on the same terms as our king, Arowana?
 Are you out of your mind?
 How could Arowana survive this?

It had to be for the sake of Master's friend, the Demon King. ''Angel Holkosfone, let's launch the massacre mode with all sincerity.
"Ha ha ha ha! If it's just the two of us in a fierce struggle, this will be great exercise! I'm going to wring it out until it's less than half as light as it is now!'

 No, that's definitely a life-supporting weight.


 The obese body of the demon king, the dragon and the angel disappeared in the intense light emitted by the dragon and the angel.
 Now, the dragon and angel fierce battle diet unique to other worlds has begun.

 It's a good thing that the other world's diet is not as severe as ours.