467-465 Can I lose weight or die

'Gyahhhhhh! AAAAAAAGH! 

 The demon king who is running away while screaming.
 I'm sure that even that person would have no choice but to become like that after receiving a double attack from a dragon and an angel.

'Oraa, running away all the time is shameful! Why don't you try to fight back!
If the goal is to reduce body weight through the expenditure of physical strength, wouldn't that still meet the requirements?

 They don't slacken off in their attacks despite the lighthearted banter.
 Although Viel fires a dragon breath and Holkosfone fires a series of manacanon without mercy.

''Oh-oh-oh! Kyaaaaaaaahhhh?!

 As usual, the demon king is running away while letting out a shameful scream.

 In the past, he wouldn't be the kind of person who would scream like that even if he was facing the danger of death.
 I'm sure the heart has also lost its hardness due to obesity?

"Yes! We're taking a break around here!''

 Veerle said after about an hour or so.

 I'm sure you're not the only one.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more than just a few of them.

''It's not good that you're going to wear out your life like this. I need to nourish myself!''

 Veerle returned to his human form.
 There was a table and chairs prepared from where, and I made the Demon King sit there.

This is my special noodle. This is my special noodle.
"Wait a minute.

 I don't mind giving them something to eat.
 Why is that choice, of all things, ramen noodles?

 Isn't that the Diet Warrior's Grudge Match?
 There's no way you can sweat a lot of spicy ramen and have zero plateaus!

I'll be fine! I put my heart and soul into this ramen and it will help you lose weight! Trust me, master!

 He said to me.
 The reason is that the demon king is at his limit of physical strength and he's out of breath and about to run out of steam.
 He didn't have the time to talk to you.

Now, eat. I'm going to make a special "ahh" for you.

 Then he took a mouthful of ramen, a lump of oil and sugar.
 I'm not going to be able to say that I'm not going to be able to do anything about it.


 What the hell?
 The demon king is suddenly furious!
 His whole body is radiating a brilliant aura!

"Hey Veerle, what did you do?
I fed him the soy sauce gonkotsu noodle soup that I serve to all the adventurers. It's made by distilling the essence of the seedling's milk and diluting it 500 times.

 Is that thing that could make you immortal if you were to ingest it?

 Don't let the Demon King eat something so dangerous!
 But if you dilute it to five hundred times its original size, it will indeed be neutralized?

It's already been proven that there will be no serious harm to humans! It was worth it to pull a stall in brother Alexander's dungeon!
Didn't they do some kind of human experiment?

 Anyway, even though I made it extremely thin, I was able to inject the ingredients of a superior species of dragon that far surpasses the human race, but I'm fine, Demon King.
 The fact that he was dying a moment ago was a lie, as he was full of energy and fought vigorously.

''Whoa, whoa! My body is filled with energy. I'm even more elated than I was when we invaded the human country!

 The Demon Lord is full of energy.

That's the spirit. Now, let's eat natto (fermented soybeans) together, shall we?

 Holkosfone makes you eat natto (fermented soybeans) in the midst of the confusion.

''Gooooooooooooooooooo! More power to the world!

 And it has a definite effect.
 What is this amazing thing about natto?

I guess we could go on a natto diet.

 Natto, which is unfathomable because it seems to be really possible.

'Yes! Now that I've got my energy back, I'm back on the diet! This time you're going to have to cut back a little slack! Get ready to go!
'Oh! This demon king, Zedan, battles dragons and angels! Oijaaah!

 The heroic spirit of the call returned and progress could be seen.
 The Demon King no longer raised his pitiful screams like he did earlier.

 Just like this, the Demon King's diet picked up its pace.

    * * * *

 The pattern of the Demon King's diet is....

Viel and Holkosfon deplete him to the limit of his strength.
A bowl of ramen noodles with dragon extract will bring him back to life.
And he makes him eat natto.
And then he fights again.

 This process is repeated.
 The flabby flesh is shaved off as he exercises beyond his limits, and before long, the Demon King's original muscular muscles are revealed.

 The special training of dragon and angel battles in hell also trained the muscles themselves, and I had the impression that they became more muscular than when I first saw them.

 Is there an effect of the dragon extract in the ramen?

 When it was over, it wasn't just a few days.
 Before the sun went down, the Demon King recovered to his original muscular body.

''I........the Demon King.......am the strongest......!

 His supremacy is not in an unusual concentration, and his glaring eyes are as if he could stare down a small animal.

''There is no enemy in front of me........no one to rival me......! All life is under my control, all the world is my land...!

 Isn't that scary, isn't it, Demon Lord?

 The diet was too harsh and warped my personality!

'Maybe I ate too much gonkotsu ramen...'

 Veerle says comfortably, as if it's someone else's problem.

'Dragon extracts are not expelled from the body and keep accumulating all the time. That's why once the adventurers have eaten it, they don't want to eat it again for the rest of their lives. After the second bowl, they will have to eat human tonkotsu ramen.
Hey, hey, hey!

 You fed the Demon Lord more than two cups of this stuff?

 In its original form, it would have turned into a berserker, even though I diluted the dragon extract 500 times to give it a 500-fold boost!

 You eat two cups of it, 250 times as much?
 If you eat three times as much, 13 times as much?

 It's getting closer and closer to a dangerous concentration.

"Is this the reason why the Demon King suddenly said some scary things? Answer me, Veerle, why did you do that!
I was tempted to believe that a king could withstand a concentration greater than normal!

 Don't take trusting people lightly!

"Conflict demands it of me...! The people who live in the slumber of peace don't deserve to live...! Start a war. Killing each other is the history of humanity...!

 If it goes on like this, the Berserker-turned-Demon King will start another world war!

"Get a grip, Demon Lord! You weren't supposed to be that character!

 You are a true champion of generosity and kindness, aren't you!

''Think of Mr. Gotia and little Marinette! Those kids will cry if they see the Demon King like that!
Yeah, yeah! I am the father of Gotia and Marinette, and the father of the nation, and fatherly charity is forgiving. I must make sure that my successor, Gotia, sees that...!

 I managed to come to my senses by shaking my shoulders.
 'Aw, man.

'No more of this diet! It's too dangerous! Physical adjustments are a risk-averse exercise!
'But you don't have to diet anymore, do you?'

 As Veerle pointed out, at the end of the mock battle in hell, the demon king had melted away the wasteful flab and thrown it away.

 He was as muscular as he was, and there was no need for further dieting on top of this.

''Oh! I never thought I'd get back in shape so quickly! That's what I call the Saint's Temple Diet, it's so powerful!

 I didn't know about this awesome diet either.
 If I could lose weight that instantly, I'm sure everyone would want to do it. I'm sure not even one in a thousand people could achieve it.

"Now I can show that Bellefegamilia guy off, too! Also, the old man who pulled out 'You're fat!'!
It was good.
'I feel some kind of accomplishment! Okay, let's sip our usual drinks instead of celebrating!

 Saying that, the Demon King took it out from somewhere........
 A tube.

 It seems that there is something liquid inside it.
 The demon king looked up at it and gulped it down in one gulp.

''I'm filled with energy! After all, this is the source of my power!
Well, what is it?

 I was curious and asked him to show me the rest of what the Demon King had drunk.
 It was something familiar.

 It was mayonnaise.

''Cause discovered!''