468-466 devil rebound

'I think I know why the Demon King got fat! It's mayonnaise! There's no doubt about it!

 The demon king was chugging the mayonnaise in one gulp as if he was having a drink after work.

 There was no doubt about it, since it was done right in front of me.
 My God!

'No wonder you're getting fat if you do that! Why? Why mayonnaise? Mayo is a drink!

 Not drink!

 The demon king guzzled it down, that's how fat he got!

 The Demon King is the most important body that supports the Demon Kingdom.
 He must be a court cook who is in charge of meals? You must be very careful.
 He wants to make sure that the Demon King stays healthy.

 And the Demon King himself is a person of moderation. It's strange to think why this would make you obese, but....

"I didn't know such an unknown soldier was lurking around here...?

 It is made by mixing eggs, vinegar and oil.

 It's especially high in oil, and it's almost an oil.
 So it's high in calories!

"Of course you're going to get fat if you drink this stuff! Why did you do this! Why did you do this?
That being said, mayonnaise is a great way to relieve the stress of government service.
It's not a drink!

 It's a kind of condiment.
"When I put mayonnaise in my body, it feels like a power from the bottom of my body is coming up...! No matter how tired and depressed he may be, he always drinks mayonnaise and is instantly motivated. That's why I can't stop drinking mayonnaise.

 You depend on it...?

 It's horrible. I had no idea that otherworldly mayola was this serious.

'Did they even have mayonnaise in this world in the first place?

 I developed mayonnaise on a farm a long time ago....
 If it was already there, it wasn't a development.

'No, I learned about mayonnaise in the Hall of Saints.

 I'm baffled by the demon lord's confession.

I had a dinner with him during one of my visits. I was struck by the richness of its flavor. I was shocked by the richness of the flavor, but I was even more surprised when I heard about the recipe. It was made with raw eggs!

 Yes, it is, but.
 Is there any inconvenience, sir?

"Eggs must be eaten hot or they'll get sick and be deadly! Otherwise you'll get sick and tired of it, and it'll kill you in a heartbeat! And yet mayonnaise made from raw eggs isn't the least bit dangerous! You'd be shocked!
Yeah, well...!

 Are we talking about salmonella?
 Eggs have a high probability of carrying such dangerous bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

 We often hear that you can't eat eggs on rice except in Japan, but the reason is that there is a difference in the control system of each country where salmonella bacteria are removed or not.

 Eggs are treated as a normal foodstuff in this world as well, and there may be damage caused by salmonella bacteria.

We also mix vinegar with mayonnaise, you know.

 Vinegar is the number one disinfectant ingredient.
 Even if a raw egg has salmonella on it, the vinegar mixed with it will kill it all.
 That's why mayonnaise is safe even if you use a raw egg and don't heat it at all.

I was struck by the magical properties of mayonnaise. I was impressed. That's when I decided to introduce mayonnaise to the land of evil.
'What? Seriously?
If you ask me, the ingredients for mayonnaise are eggs, vinegar and oil. You can easily find all of them in the Devil's Land. Moreover, they're very nutritious and can help starving villages. In fact, when we sent mayonnaise as a relief supply to a famine-stricken village, no one died of starvation.

 Isn't that just a normal support thing that works?

 You sent a lot more than just mayonnaise, didn't you? Mayonnaise-only relief supplies are now considered to be harassment!

"Mayonnaise quickly spread throughout the land of evil.

 The mayonnaise that is sweeping the Devil's Land....
 It started on a farm!

Even so, it wasn't well received at first. People were afraid to use raw eggs. So, as the devil king, I swallowed the mayonnaise in one gulp to show the world that it was safe to eat.
You think it's become a habit?

 So mayonnaise has become a drink?
 Captivated by the deliciousness of mayo?

But that's the result of the fat one! If you show that you don't have food poisoning, if you show that you're potentially obese, you're going to end up being dangerous!
Nuh-uh, the reason I gained weight was because of the mayonnaise...?

 It seems he hadn't thought of it at all, and he was shocked.

 What the hell.
 The fact that I developed the mayonnaise in this world was the reason why the demon king was fattened up.


 Veerle and Holkosfone stare at me with a look of blame, as if it were someone else's fault.

''It's my fault after all!
The master's food is hard to find. You have to be careful with it, okay?

 I don't want Veerle to tell me.

Anyway, Demon King, from now on, please don't binge on mayonnaise. It's definitely the reason why you've become a fat person.

 The demon king, his face paled with a horrendous expression.
 Are you that shocked?

Wait a minute. Mayonnaise, mayonnaise is now an absolute necessity in my governmental affairs. I must take it in between times to keep my mind steady!
You're addicted!

 You may think you can lose weight again if you're fat, but you can't lose weight in a reckless manner like this one, not in a golden age.

 The only thing that supported the recklessness that is the Dragon & Angel Diet today was the supreme deleterious drug, Vire's Dragon Extract-infused ramen noodles.

 However, dragon extract has a lifetime allowance, and the Demon King doesn't know what will happen if he takes any more of it.

That's why I can't let you eat even one more bowl of Dragon Ramen! And you can't have a reckless diet like today's without Dragon Ramen!
Gong kotsu noodle soup, master.

 Viel is a stickler for detail!

Can't you get by without ramen noodles and natto?

 And Holkosfon continues to push for natto.
 But that's not the root of the problem.

'Stop from getting fat in the first place. Just say no to mayonnaise and that's what you'll get.
''I'm telling you, if you can do that, there will be no hardship!

 I don't think I've ever seen the Demon King in such a tight spot.
 This is the work of mayonnaise.

Please, Saints! Mayonnaise is essential to the efficiency of our governmental affairs! I mean, how can you overlook the fact that our country needs mayonnaise?
That's right, master!

 Why is Veal in the race?

He's the highest-ranking guy in the country, which means he's got the hardest job in the world! I'm sure the burden is enormous! I don't think we can do this without something to ease the burden!
I agree with Veal.

 Even Holkosfon!

''The reason this world is stable right now is because the ruler, Mr. Demon King, has the ability to make normal decisions. As a person who wishes to see stability, I appreciate that supporting him is the right thing to do.

 These two people suddenly took the side of the Demon King.
 What's the matter with you two?

 No, I understand that too.
 The reason why this world is at peace is because of the efforts and cooperation of the people who live in this world, but it's also because of the great ruler of the world, the Demon King.
 Because of the Demon King's peaceful policy of ruling the world, I'm able to relax and live on the farm, tinkering with the soil.

 I know that.

 That's why I have to support the Demon King as much as I can...

Okay, okay.
Try making half-calorie mayonnaise to make it as fattening as possible.
'Thank you, saint! You are my benefactor!

 I know, I know.

 Mayonnaise is mayonnaise when you make it half-calorie, and mayonnaise is mayonnaise.
 That it's not a fundamental solution.

 I'm a demon king who could go back to being a muscular macho in one day.

 Will he eventually go fat again?