469-467 Tweet of Angry Holy Sword

 I am the furious Sacred Sword Ainrot.

 It is one of the seven holy swords!


 There's no point in sighing from the start.
 Even though it's a sword and it doesn't even have a mouth, you can't help but sigh.

 It's because I've been in the greatest decadence ever in the more than one thousand years since I was created as a holy sword.

 The mission of the Seven Holy Swords was to fight and destroy each other.
 By devouring each of them, they would gather their strength, and the last one would become the true holy sword with ultimate power.

 My previous half-century or so was spent fighting to complete that mission.

 Similarly, I had struck down four swords of my own that were aiming for the True Saint Sword, absorbing their power and becoming even stronger.
 There were two swings left.
 Defeating them would allow him to become the True Holy Sword of his dreams, but those guys didn't want to come out.

 After several hundred years of futility, I finally encountered one of them.
 I was ready to take a bite out of it, but the master of the sword was an extraordinary fellow.

 He forged a defeated holy sword that I had destroyed in the past and brought it back to life!

 What's going on here?
 I was confused as to how the resurrection of the defeated would be handled in terms of the rules, but it was even more of a shock to me.

 The resurrected Zexweiss, the Holy Sword of Delusion, had turned into the True Holy Sword.
 Its strength is also strong, and with five swords' worth of power, I was treated as a small fry.

 The same was true for the resurrected Grudge Sacred Sword Humphvirette, and I, who was the leading candidate to win the Holy Sword, was now a mere mortal.

 For hundreds of years since I was born, I've been fighting for my life, so what was the point of my efforts?

 Not only that, the resurrected & perfected Zexweis and Hunhvioret broke through the 'Sacred Barrier' put up by the Heavenly Goddess, paving the way for the demon race to defeat the human race.

 That was the role that the True Holy Sword should play.

 The role of the holy sword was completely over, and I no longer knew what it was for.

 From then on, it was only there to adorn the waist of its owner.
 After the war, the Demon King, who is now focused on domestic politics, can't ask me to do anything other than decorate him.

 Occasionally, though, it's used to kill lesser dragons.

 After the battle, my existence is no longer important.

 In an age of peace, why would I need a sword? If you don't need it, I'd rather have it smashed and erased from the world.
 I'm not going to forget how sharp I am as a sword and as a weapon.

 I don't want to grow fat like my former master, who's completely changed.
 But he's really gotten fat, hasn't he?
 Isn't it about time we overlooked this?

 It's a good thing that you're not the only one.

You can't afford to be so complacent.

 Who speaks to me with a thought that can only be understood by this holy sword?

 Evil Holy Sword Dry Schwartz!
 A swing at my nemesis that I should have defeated.

'No, hey, that's not what it used to be. Let's relax our shoulders and enjoy the peaceful world we live in now. .........though swords don't have shoulders!

 Huh, you're turning into a completely weak-looking sword, aren't you?

 What's wrong with you, you're too sweet!
 There's a terribly sweet smell coming from the blade. What's happening?

...and that's how I'm doing my job for the Lord right now.

 I don't know, but Dry Schwartz's hint of enlightenment was frightening to me.

 That's all I can say, "You're in trouble, too.

 By the way.
 The reason we are talking to each other like this is because my master has visited his master again," he said.

 It seems that he has come to consult with his master about his recent obesity problem.

 Hmm, how pathetic.
 I'm sure he'll return to his normal muscularity after four or five months of fighting and slaying enemies.
 Peace is bad, after all.
 Demons have to spend all their time fighting.

 I wonder if we could have a fierce battle that would awaken the Lord's fighting instincts?

It's called a flag.

 What do you mean, Dry Schwartz?
 Before I could ask, a battle came upon me.

 A dragon!

 I wished that a devastating battle would break out, but isn't this exceeding the limits?
 A dragon attacked!
 A dragon, not a Lesser, but a regular dragon!

 Even if I am a holy sword, this is more than I can handle!

 And what about the winged humans attacking us with dragons?
 I've never seen anything like it. What kind of species is this? It's more powerful than any species I've ever known!

"Holkosfone is an angel, the most powerful life force the gods of heaven have ever created! You're as strong as a dragon, so be careful!''

 What the hell?
 With Dry Schwartz's distracted cheering, my Lord shook me and fought these two vicious bodies.

 To be honest, it wasn't really a fight.
 It looks like you've managed to survive the onslaught of the monsters, but even so, my lord, you've done well.

 You're not going to be able to get away with it, but you're still going to be able to get away with it.

 It's still a dull moment for me, but I'm still recognized as the strongest master of all time by the Angry Sacred Sword Einrort.
 It would be a great blessing to be able to continue to fight this master until he died.

 But the good times would soon pass.

 The fat Lord soon ran out of breath and went to rest.
 How boring.
 After all, you can't get true elation in a mock battle that isn't a real battle.

 While I was discouraged, the Lord ate a meal to regain his strength, but as soon as he took a bite....


 What the hell? A force so strong it burns down my blade!
 Is this the Lord's power?

 I can't believe that some kind of power the Lord has consumed is affecting me!
 What tremendous power!

"The benefits of Dragon Ramen...

 Great! That's great!
 Is this the power of a dragon?

 The dragon power that springs from the body of the Lord spreads through his hands to me, gaining momentum!
 It's more than just a true holy sword, it's an evolution!

 With this power, I can fight dragons and angels even more than before!
 This is the Holy Sword I've been looking for!

"Do you want to fight Sonja?

 Huh? What?
 What did Dryschwartz say?
 It's not him.
 Then whose voice is it?

"Naraba, I will give you more power. And then you can destroy it all and kill it.

 Could this be the power of the dragon that comes from my sword?
 All dragons have that wild, destructive urge to destroy that which tries to control me.

"Ask for more power, and I will give it to you. Then I will swallow it all and destroy it!
No, sir.

 What now?

"Do not ask for destruction. Your master wishes for everlasting peace. Your master wants to see lasting peace and to protect people's small happiness. Isn't that the most noble thing you can do?

 Who are you to say so?

"I was ingested into the body of the demon king along with the dragon extract, the holy spirit of natto.

 The Holy Spirit of Natto?

 Surely my Lord ate some gooey, sticky beans with his ramen noodles?
 Does natto show the right side of things?

 Good and evil.
 Light and dark.
 Dragon extract and natto battle!

 I am, I am........?

    * * * *

Hey, Einrodt! Why did you suddenly stop talking and give me an answer?

 Dry Schwartz.
 You kept calling out to me with concern, thank you.

'What? What's with the sudden change in attitude?

 I was reborn.
 The light and darkness rivaled each other inside me, and in the end, the light won.


 I realized.
 This was a time of conflict. Not as a weapon, but as an instrument to aid the Demon King in his quest for peace.
 Natto told me that.

Natto? What's that?

 The dragon extracts give you more power, and Natto controls that power.
 Now I have both of these things to surpass the true holy sword, and I'm able to make it right.

 The Natto Sacred Sword.

 The Natto Sacred Sword, I'll use it to survive this reign together with the Demon King.

''I don't know, but it's good to eat natto with the Dragon Ramen, isn't it?