470-468 Magic development again

 In the meantime, Demon King's diet was successful (tentatively), and the usual peace returned to me.

 I guess this is what they call putting off the problem.

 Oh well.
 I'll just change my mind.

 While I was walking around the farm, I found yet another group of people who caught my attention.

 It's the doctor and the doctor.

"What are you doing in the farm...?

 The doctor doesn't need a reason to come to the farm to visit, but the fact that it's the doctor he's hanging out with invites caution.

 After all, both sides are no-life kings who live for thousands of years.
 They are some of the best of them.

 If those two people are talking secretly with their foreheads together, it would be strange not to be alarmed.
 The cat's forehead is small, though.

''But I don't know how to talk to them...''

 It's kind of like those two.......or one and one.
 They are discussing in a super serious atmosphere, so it's hard to interrupt. Since it's the teacher, it's unlikely in all likelihood that it would put him or her in a bad mood, but after all, they do pay attention to the elders.

In that case, it's time for the youngsters to take a turn.

 That's why I put in the spirits of the earth.

It's Neko-chan!
There's a cat in here!
I'm going to be a pretty cat.

 As a child, the earth spirit in the form of a cat is very popular with the spirit of the earth.
 And because he is basically a child, he can boldly attack adults without reading the atmosphere.

"Geez! I'm back again. Help me!

 The doctor was caught on the spot and was writhing in agony, but the doctor was already holding him by the torso, making it impossible for him to escape.

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that you can't escape.
Hey, Sensae, how do you do?

 And the spirits of the earth are unafraid to say hello to even the no-life king's teacher.
 Children don't know what to be afraid of.

A child does not know what to be afraid of. I'm proud of you for being able to say hello.
We were great!

 The doctor is also a basic child lover, so he spoils her endlessly.
 Even though the conversation with the doctor was interrupted by him, instead of being angry, he smiles with a big smile on his face.

It's a good thing that you're able to do that.

 In the meantime, these are the spirits who ask the doctor for help........

''Of course it's fine.''
"You dare to question me?

"I've been betrayed! I've been betrayed!

I got permission from Sense!
It's time to go to work!
First time in a row!

 The spirits of the earth can do whatever they want.
 When they force the cat, the doctor, to lie down on his back, they ruffle his belly.

 At this point, the cat already had a resigned expression on his face.

'Excuse me, I'm sorry, my children are shushing me.

 I talk to the teacher in a natural manner.
 Perfectly natural, if I do say so myself.

"It's all right," he says, "but I've never been very good with children. I can't help but do whatever you ask of me.

 While being stroked, the doctor throws out a tweak that also serves as a protest.


2. such a doctor is teased day and night by the Holy Spirit of the Earth.
3.He can't help but ask the adorable Holy Spirit of the Earth for a favor.

 The trifecta is not established. In this lineup, the teacher is just an absolute weakling.

 Oh well.
 I was finally able to talk to him with the tense atmosphere broken as I'd planned.

So what were you and the doctor discussing?

 It looks rather serious.
 I can't help but be curious after seeing that atmosphere.......

'New magic development nyah.'

 The doctor said as he was still being stroked all over his body.

'New magic...'

 I'm pretty sure I've heard that one before.

Are you suggesting that we make an original spell for humans?

 But that story was dropped, wasn't it?

 The great races that line the earth.

 The human race and the demon race.

 It's a good idea to be able to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

 It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

 There was a time when the doctor and the doctor were struggling to develop a better magic for the human race to replace such a faulty legal magic.

 The efforts of those two great no-life kings were ruthlessly crushed by the gods, though.

''The gods tinkered with the setting so that magic magic could be used by the human race as well, right? Wouldn't that solve everything?
"That's not a very good idea, my saint!

 The teacher is excited.

"Every race has its own advantages and disadvantages. ''Magic magic is a magic that is invoked with the help of the spirits that exist in this world.
'And all the spirits of the earth were created by the gods Hades and Demeter Sephone! So are these guys!

 The doctor points to the earth spirits flocking to him and says.
 The two of them seem to be getting more heated.

The demon race is a human race that was created by the gods of the earth, so they have a good match with the spirits of the earth. They share the same ancestors.
'In contrast, the human race produced by the gods is a distinctly different species! I'd rather be the enemy! ''A definite handicap to the magic magic magic that requires you to communicate with spirits and minds!

 I see.
It's not as simple as just saying "I enabled you to use it," is it?

 It's not a good idea to use magic magic magic that borrows the power of spirits, because it is necessary to communicate with nature, so it's incompatible with the human race that is outside the nature of the earth.

 Then, just in the right place, a couple walked by.

 Litesseus and Eringian.

 An international couple of the human race demon race who were farm students and still different in this day and age.

''Timely, come here for a minute.''
'What? What is it?

 I just lined up two different people of the human tribe and demon tribe, and let the earth spirit face each of them.

''Oi-chan! Please hold her in your arms, Onii-chan!

 As for the demon maiden Eringya, the earth spirit is also well nostalgic for the demon race maiden.
 It's a level that is not reserved.

''What? What are you guys, stop it, don't get attached. I don't like children!

 A line that sounds like something a child would say.
 But in the end, Eringya was defeated by her roots and picked up the earth spirits.

Someday I'll be like this with the children of Lycheeus......... Gufufufufu.........!

 While the maiden is immersed in her fantasy, the other combination is........


 There was a mysterious tension in the air.
 The human race's Lycheeus and the earth spirit. They kept a certain distance from each other and refused to move.
 They are jittery as if they are wary of each other.

''Um, what is this? Why are the children so obviously wary of you? I thought I was good at babysitting and stuff back home...?

 Lycheeus-kun is confused.

 Is that because he is human?
 They are a race of people who were sent by the gods to invade the earth and have long withered the earth with their legal magic.
 But that's in the past, and there's no crime to be attributed to Lycheeus-kun personally.

 You have to be understanding of the spirit of the earth.....

I don't have any choice.
Hey, man.

 In the end, Lycheeus was also able to embrace the earth spirit, but the air of 'reluctance' is blatantly conveyed.

''Thus, the human race is hated by all the spirits.
"Depending on the type of spirits, they may dislike humans even more fiercely. It's no wonder they can't use magic magic to enlist the help of spirits.

 I see...
 Gods, another lazy job.

That's where you need to be! There's a new magic for humans for humans!'
Education that stretches the character of the student! We are going to develop a new kind of human magic for the benefit of the human students!

 The Immortal Kings and others were burning.
 Therefore, the development of new legal magic, it's a restart.