471-469 Characteristics of human race

 Why? Are these strongest Immortals that passionate about developing new magic?

 You could say that is the habit of the No Life King.

 To begin with, he hadn't had enough of the straightforward life and gave up being a man to gain immortality.
 The purpose of this is usually to further his magical research.

 There is no more ideal than the No-Life King for a magical researcher who is not limited by lifespan, meaning that he can continue his research forever.

 You have to be a high-ranking wizard to be a No-Life King, too.

 A new subject for such a person would be an exciting subject to study.

 On the other hand, they may also feel compassion for the human race.

 It may be that they have a hidden motive to help the war defeated, abandoned by the gods, and helpless, childlike people.

 I'm sure the teacher has one, no doubt.
 It's no longer necessary to argue that he is a kind person.

 As for the doctor's side........I don't know.
 It looks like a cat and its expression is even more unreadable.
 The only thing I can do is to convince myself that the creature is just like that.

 The new magic development project for the human race is promoted by these two parties.

    * * * *.

"First, let's review the characteristics of the human race.
"N-nya, this is a necessary step in the process of creating suitable magic for humans.

 What are the characteristics of the human race?
 I guess you could say that the absence of any of the traits is more of a human trait?

"The only thing that makes humans superior to other species is the amount of mana they possess.

 You said that before.

Human beings need mana in order to carry out their life activities. Every species has its own life force within its body, but in the case of the human race, its capacity is much higher.

 As we were talking about what was going on, one of the girls came in from somewhere that I hadn't called for.

 It was Lettuce Rate.

 Lettuce Rate exhaled with a huff, straightened her posture, took Yamaseigou's gait, and quickly shot out a fist from there.


 That regular fist thrust, even though it was shot out into the void, was of tremendous power, and the air from the bullet flew up to where we were and struck our chattering faces.

 I'm sure if I hit him with a fresh tree, he would smash it to pieces.

'End of the warm-up before the field work! Come on, we're going to grow some more beans today.
As I said before, the reason why the princess is so powerful is because she uses her body mana, which is twice as big as anyone else's. She must have developed her talent while living on the farm.
"As expected of royalty, they have even more mana than the rest of humanity.

 True lettuce rate, when did the power character become completely on board...!

 But is that unique to humans? It can be said that the human body's mana, which is known as "the", is the reason for its usefulness.
 It's a good idea to use the human body mana to your advantage.

I wish I could make good use of that huge amount of human body mana.
I've been working on a research project that I was working on until I got side-swiped by Hermes' idiot god. I'm going to make some kind of new magic that expands on that.

 These two, who will undoubtedly be listed among the world's strongest candidates, are serious about completing this project.

"We have an idea.

 The teacher says enthusiastically.

'How about some recovery magic? The life mana would go hand in hand with the self-healing power of plants and animals.
"A recovery spell?

 The doctor's reaction was loud.

It's also a good idea to make sure you have a good idea of what you're looking for. The recovery spell is an orthodox goal, but it's the most difficult spell that no one has ever perfected.


''There have been several No-Life Kings who have tried to develop recovery magic in the past, but they have all failed. Do you want to try the impossible?
''The reason the No Life King can't use recovery magic is because he developed it based on his own magical power. How could he activate his life force by relying on the Immortal Mana?''

 The teacher replies stagnantly.

''To begin with, the No Life King itself can absorb the stagnant mana in the dungeon and regenerate as much as it wants, so you yourself don't need any recovery magic. That's probably why they're not serious about developing it.''
"To a point.
But I'm not! I'll show you how to develop a recovery spell that can be easily mastered by the human race to help your students grow even further!

 The teacher's motivation was tremendous.
 What could inspire a teacher to be so determined to serve the young people to this extent?

''Um........may I ask you a question?''

 That being said, there was something that was bothering me too, so I asked.

'I think you used recovery magic before, Sensei, is that bad?

 See, didn't a teacher once heal a student's wounds in the blink of an eye?

Oh, you mean those?

 As the doctor suddenly remembered.....

It's not a recovery spell. It's just a temporal manipulation of the body to undo all the damage.
"And I'm trying to return your body to the way it was before you were hurt.

 Is that so...?

 Wasn't time that easy to manipulate?

    * * *

 However, the development of recovery magic would take time, even for Dr. Ika, so he decided to start with a quick method of using the human body's mana.

 He would use the human race's surplus mana to strengthen their muscle strength.

 This was the one that lettuce rates naturally, and by combining the power of mana and muscle strength, he would be able to exert higher physical abilities.
 Both offensive and defensive power will be blown up.

 It seems that the teacher had already figured out how it works, and he immediately made it into a technique that anyone can use and taught it to his students.

 Most of the foreign students who live in our farm are also very talented, so they learn it in no time at all.

    * * * *


 A mock battle between students.
 The human race students overwhelmed their demon and mermaid classmates, winning consecutive battles.

''Everyone is growing up as we watch........!

 The teacher looked on with satisfaction.

 The human race students who had mastered the mana muscle strengthening method approached their opponents with tremendous vigor, crushing and blowing away their defenses without a care in the world.

 The demon students didn't even give them time to use their signature magic.

It's not a good idea to have a good time.
"The power gap is too great! You can't last ten moves in close combat!

 He was only horrified.

''With the rule of facing each other and then fighting at the beginning, the demon children have no chance against the human children anymore,''
Well, we should at least be far enough away to make room for the spell.

 That's how much of a gap there is between the human race and other races in terms of fighting ability.
 It's not a bad idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.

''It looks like we need to revise the rules for mock battles...''

 The human race was defeated in the war, but what would have been the result if this ability had been spread before that?

 I'm a teacher who has created such a terrifying power-up method with ease.

It's a good idea to develop a recovery spell at this rate. I'm sure you'll be very happy to see the world develop with my help.

 A teacher who is continuously motivated.

 I thought that perhaps this farm could be the starting point from which the teacher would change the whole way of being for all of humanity.

 And I digress.

 The human race students who had doubled their muscle strength after learning from their teacher, but none of them were able to beat the lettuce rate in a power match.

'Beans! Your power comes from the beans!

 Lettuce Rate said of his victory.

'If we all wanted to be strong, we could all just eat our beans! It's the beans that give you the power! The beans are the champions of the world!