472-470 Students clash

 My name is Valkina.

 I'm an exchange student on a farm.
 When I first came here, I was afraid that I'd be sacrificed.

 I'm having more fun than I thought.

    * * * *

Over and out! Valkina the Winner!

 I won again.
 New trick from your teacher? A technique? I've been on a roll ever since they taught me how to do it.

 I can move twice as fast as before.
 The power and speed are both tremendous.

 With these physical abilities, it's easy to jump in and take them out before they can use their magic.

The human race has won again!
We did it, Walckiner!

 Lavish praise from the schoolmates of his tribe.

 These days, the mock battle classes were dominated by the human race if one looked at the species.

 Or did they win it all?
 With the physical strengthening methods his teacher had taught him, the human race was now in full swing at the farm school.

'Nope, it feels great to win!
'I like the idea of winning it all! Just perfect!
It's all thanks to some secret tricks my teacher taught me.

 His fellow human beings couldn't help but be excited.

 Victory was such a good feeling!

Hmph! Don't let it go to your head!

 And then there's someone who tries to throw a damper on the aftermath of our victory.
 It's the students of the demon tribe.

 All of the three main tribes are studying at the farm school.

"In the War of the Humans and Demons, you humans have been defeated, and we are now under the control of the demon tribe! Forget that and get carried away with this little victory, you fluent people! Get your head out of your ass!

 Even though people are in a good mood.
 You're sour grapes, but that's a nasty thing to say.

"I know that," he said, "but that's not what this is about. I know that, but that's not the same thing. What's wrong with being happy about something that's right in front of you?
'Ugh! But that........the big picture........?

 It is very frustrating to lose, and the demon students try to mount up by citing the results of the former war.
 But there's a saying that goes, "It's a matter of buying and selling.

''That war would have been won if we had this technique back then, wouldn't it?

 The girl who speaks frankly on the human side says frankly, "Winning the war is just a matter of time.

You're the one who doesn't have to worry about winning the war. If you want to try it again, let's have another war? If this technique strengthens the entire human race, we'll kick the demon race to the curb next time, okay?
"You said it!

 The atmosphere is becoming more dangerous and explosive.


''No fighting!''

 It was that Lycheeus guy who broke in before anyone else.
 I knew it was this guy.

''I don't care who wins! I think it's all about peace or not! Neither the demon race nor the human race can easily destroy the peace they have grasped after overcoming a hard and painful battle!

 If Lytesseus, the outstanding honor student in the farm school, breaks in, no one will be able to compete with him.

"What's the matter with you, being a good girl...?

 That's the most you can say in anguished disgust.

We don't train on a farm to be strong, we don't train on a farm to beat anyone up or look down on anyone! We're all going to be strong enough to keep the peace!
'Yes, Lycheeus is right!
Mr. Erringia?

 I got (or was gotten?) as soon as I came to the farm. Even she agreed with you.........?

''You can't help but win or lose in a mock battle. But that's not the point, the point is that they compete with each other and progress........ .........hmm?

 What's the matter, Theseus?

 When I thought that his body suddenly started to tremble........


 It flew!
 Lycheeus flew away!

 What's going on?
 What kind of phenomena are we being shown here?

Whoa!  Whoa!  Whoa!

 Lycheeus is flying almost directly upwards with the momentum of a bow and arrow being shot.

 So why?
 You didn't even show the slightest bit of pretense like that!

The biological mana! I can't control the bio-mana.

 Eh? !

 Since all the students of the human race have already mastered the body strengthening method using biological mana taught by their teacher, of course Lycheeus has mastered it as well.
 Or rather, he was the first to master it.

 However, she is a genius to begin with, she still can't completely control the surplus of biological mana and sometimes goes out of control like that.

''But that doesn't mean it will fly...?

 I didn't know about the human race having a higher amount of biological mana than other races until my teacher told me about it....

 It seems that among them, Lycheeus is the one with the highest basic biological mana reserves.
 As expected of a genius.........
 That's why he ended up in that situation when he used his biological mana so poorly.

''Litisseusu! Come back to me, Litheceusu!

 On the ground, Eringya was in a panic.

 Even though they haven't been able to control it yet, if a power of a different dimension was shown off like that, everyone would be taken aback.
 And it doesn't matter what it is.

''Let's go back to independent practice........!
I'm going to help you with the garden...

 Everyone goes back to doing what they are supposed to do.

 The peace was preserved by the noble sacrifice of Lycheeus.

    * * * *

I'm sorry about earlier.

 is a guy named Rathil.
 He is from the demon tribe, and we happened to be working on the same project.

There are still some people on the demon side," he said, "who are still trapped in a strange sense of pride. The demons have won the war. The demon race is the greatest of all.
You've been there, haven't you?
In the old days, but all that cheesy vanity blew up in your face the minute you stepped foot on this farm.

 A lot of common sense is shattered in this place.

 When I first arrived here, I didn't understand it at all.

"Demons aren't the strongest in the world, they're just a tiny, lowly race from everywhere. The saint, the teacher, Mr. Veerle, Holkosfon...
'Don't do it, you'll end up spending all day listing the names of the Transcendents.
Yeah, well...

 But I know what you're going to say.
 Anyone who walks into a place like this feels like they're just a pittance, right?

I've been getting beaten up by your race in mock battles lately. I'm thinking that maybe it was just a fluke that we won the war, and that demons aren't really such a great race.
No, that's not...?
It's true that demons can use magic. But if the humans use mana to enhance their bodies, they will be crushed before they can cast a spell. Their initial speed is completely different.
It's not something each species is good at.

 You heard the doctor and the saint, right?

''If that's the case, then maybe the demon race isn't a race suitable for fighting after all. Maybe it's wrong for such a race to be the champion of the earth...''

 Rathil seemed to be quite thoughtful.

 I say this because I'm on the losing side of the war, I don't think there is any such thing as a superior or inferior creature in the first place.
 Each of us has our own way of survival, and as long as we survive, we win.

 But even if you say that, it's unlikely to get through to Rathil, who has lost his confidence now.

 Behind our newfound power and empowerment....
 I can't believe someone would have this kind of trouble.