473-471 Student conflicts

 It continues to be Warkina.
 The days go by with my worries unresolved.

 Today was an extracurricular class for the purpose of actual battle training.
 We entered Master Veerle's mountain dungeon and actually fought and hunted against monsters.

Of course it's a serious battle against monsters. There is no way this is going to be a mock battle. Everyone, brace yourselves.

 Led by Mr. Okura, an orc.

She said, "If you sense danger, you must run away immediately. The purpose of today's training is to improve your judgment. Just don't shout for help. You may attract monsters instead of friends.

 They give you a quick warning.

 But it's not the first time we've entered a dungeon like this, and frankly, it's quite common.
 For the farm, it's a matter of supplying meat and other materials, so it's something we've become accustomed to.

We want a lot of meat, so we need to be efficient. We want a lot of meat, so we need to be efficient.

 See, here's the thing.
 It's called extracurricular, and it's a meat supply with students!

The custom-made target is a square bore, and as always, the one who hunts the most will be awarded the daring prize. Still, the important thing is to stay safe. Safety first.

 That's why we're entering a mountain dungeon.

 However, it's a bit tricky because we're tied up as a couple.
 If you've got a boyfriend or girlfriend, you're going to be paired up as a couple.

Lycheeus! Come and join me!
''Uh, yeah fine, Mr. Erringia...?''

 Just like that.

 There are cases where it's always a party of three or four instead of a two-person team, but the fact that it's two people today is probably for real efficiency.
 The number of teams itself increases due to the small number of constituent elements, and that's why it's spread out.
 This means that the rate of encounters with prey will also increase.

"Rathir, why don't you come with us?
Oh, yeah...!

 I've decided to team up with Lartil.
 The only reason we're in this situation is because neither of us has a girlfriend.

'Valkina is a strange one, isn't she? You're so popular and you don't have a girlfriend...
Well, I don't really care about that kind of stuff.
In human country, does it really matter if he has a girlfriend?
Ouch! Dude! That's not how you are, young lady!

 Regardless of that, I wanted to team up with Lathil today.
 It was because his words the other day bothered me a lot.

 We were crawling through the mountain dungeon.
 The personnel had already dispersed and there was no sign of anyone else in the area.

........you know, you shouldn't worry too much about the differences between races.

 I'm going to lay out some encouraging words of encouragement I've been thinking about a lot over the last night.

'Do you know if I told you that the biological mana of the human race is held in greater quantities than the others? The average human race is about fifteen to seven with the other races being ten. That's just the difference between them.

 Princess Letaslate is indeed royalty, or should I say royalty, though it seems to have two or three hundred mana holdings.
 Litesseus has a thousand or two thousand.

 I heard that a no-life king like Sensei is infinite because he absorbs and uses not only his own mana but also the natural mana around him.

''For that kind of difference, you guys can make up for it enough with your good magic, we just haven't found a way to do it now...!

 He was interrupted by a sharp voice.

"I know you're trying to cheer me up, but it's just making me feel miserable. Just leave me alone...!

 I didn't know Lartil had thought so hard about it.

It's not about the demons, it's about my own lack of talent. I don't have enough talent to stay here. I'm going to ask them to send me back to where I came from.
'No, wait!?'

 I tried to do something to dissuade him, but I was interrupted.
 I noticed a pair of red eyes peering at me from a narrow gap in the folded trees.

"At a time like this...?

 It's a monster.
 We had originally entered the mountain dungeon as part of field training to fight monsters.

 You can't go through with your prey.

We can talk about it later. We'll take her down later.
That's it.

 Both I and Lathyr are armed with a variety of weapons.

 My favorite is the thick-walled hatchet.
 Some people say it's not very cool, but the blade is thick and strong, and it can split even a small amount of fur and shell in one fell swoop.
 The shortness of the blade makes it easy to handle, and it's a pretty good weapon to bring into a dungeon!

 In contrast, what Rathil was holding was a sword.
 Although it is said to be an officially issued item of the Demon King's army, it is inexplicably slender and unreliable.

It's not a good idea to have a special order target. It's a custom-made target, my lucky day!
The meat is so good, they consume so much.

 A horned boar emerges from the shade of a tree.
 Two tusks sprouting from its mouth and two horns from its head. They seem to have been named the square boar from the fact that the tips of the tusks are connected to form a square shape.

 Suppose we hunt that square bore and get praised by everyone?

Let's go!
Oh, hey...?

 Overcoming my partner's restraint, I make the first move.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this in the future.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot of trees around, so I'll be able to kick the trunks and jump to the right and left to get behind my prey in the blink of an eye.

 You see, it's just like watching Gobukichi-san's super-fast movement.

 Naturally, it's as fast as a dying worm compared to its original home, but it's still able to successfully disrupt a monster!

 He swung the axe across his brow, exceeding even the reaction time of a wild animal.

 With an uncontested fatal wound, the rabid boar lost the strength from his legs and crumpled to the ground with a crunch.

 It's gone.

 After killing it, we pray for the beast's good health and well-being. The saint's teaching that the rule is to receive the corpse and use it as flesh and blood for life.

Okay, then, let's start draining the blood right away. It won't taste so good if it still has a bad smell.
'Oh, oh...?'

 Rathil was scowling.

 .........No good, I took care of everything by myself.
 Should I have let him have a few flowers to restore his confidence?

No, it's fine, it's not necessary...

 Rathil doesn't seem to have been discouraged because he was originally discouraged.
 If you've already fallen to the bottom of the barrel, there's no way to go lower than that.

''Since you were able to strengthen your body, your movements have changed completely. You were like a gobbler.''
No, no, no, no, no!
What's the point of being on a farm if you can't do that...

 More and more, Lartil is depressed.
 Is there a double bottom?

 I didn't know how to encourage him anymore, and he was cracking up.

"....Oh? There's the square bore again?

 That's a hell of a lot to take in.
 I'm too busy taking care of my friends to do anything about it!

Yeah, we'll kill you quickly and efficiently again.

 Ah, but then Rathil would be depressed again!

 He said he would head for the prey in question while struggling with the dilemma of what in the world to do. I quickly realized that my worries were trivial.

 The monster in front of me was indeed a square bore.

 Like before, it would be almost danger-free to hunt it.
 If it was just a single one.

 The square bore 'tachi' in front of me right now is.....

 No matter how you estimate it, there were at least twenty of them.

"There's a group of them!

 On such a scale as this flock, there were two of us.
 This is not a good idea.