474-472 Unity of students

 It's kind of easy to defeat, so people tend to think of Square Boa as such a weak monster....

 That's not true.

 Their fierce rush is the greatest. It is said that there are few monsters that can surpass its speed.
 A wild boar charging into a straight line from a low position is difficult to deal with, and there is no hope of getting rid of a heavyweight boar that is pouring its full weight on you if you come across it.

 The square bore was equipped with the two tusks and two horns that give it its name, a total of four sharp edges.

 It is said that many adventurers have had their bodies torn to shreds by those things.

 --''Square boas are famous for their delicious meat, but they're even more famous for their danger.

 The person who taught me was Silver Wolf, an S-class adventurer who was invited to be a special lecturer sometime ago.

 What's the deal with that guy being the only one to teach me about the dangers of monsters?

 I mean, to the people on the farm, it might be like foodstuffs growing legs and coming over from the other side, but to us regular people, it's still dangerous.

But for the rest of us, it's just as dangerous. Warkina, what do we do...?

 Rathil is feigning calmness at first glance, but his voice is trembling.

 The square-bore crowd is still gazing at us with a price-taking gaze.

 As soon as they realize that they are easy to kill, they will attack us without hesitation. I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to get out of it. I'm not sure how many of them are out there, but we can't reach that many by ourselves.
I guess so...!

 Right now, it's more a matter of numbers than anything else.
 No matter how much power I've gained through physical enhancements, I'm not confident that I've been enhanced enough to survive the rush of a square bore and be safe.

 As I said before, the average amount of biological mana possessed by the human race was about 1.5 to 7 times that of other races. Five to seven times as much as other races.
 The range of power-ups was also only within that range.

 The square bore that he killed first was also close, but he had no choice but to leave it behind and run away.
 My own life is more important!

Take your time. If it becomes a normal chase, you'll never get away with it...!

 First of all, people can never beat a square bore on pure driving speed.
 Even more so when it comes to mountain roads.

 And that's what Silverwolf said!

We'll have to find a way out of there. The magic will wear off.
"Oh, oh...?

 His reply was brave, but his voice is still trembling.
 Fear permeates your body.

 Did he see through it?
 Before Rathil could complete the spell, the boar attacked him!

"Whaaaaat? Hiiiiiiiiiiiiight?!

 The spell chanting is interrupted by the horror.
 I'm going to have to swing my sword around randomly.

"Idiot, if you swing it so blindly...?

 I'm not going to be able to get my hands on any of them.
 Meanwhile, the boar continues to close in on Rathil.

''d*mn it!

 The hatchet I threw as quickly as I could hit the square bore, which was running to attack Lartil, hitting him in the head.

I was hit by a lie!

 I didn't expect it to really hit.
 But if I hadn't hit him, Láthil would be badly injured by now.

Lartil! I'll take care of this one, so run!
'But! But...!
No protests, no strikes!

 He rushes over and pulls out his hatchet in a great hurry.

 I was able to kill one of them, but there are still dozens of them left.
 They are frightened by the loss of their companions, but they will attack again soon, regardless of that. It's a d*mn shame.

I'm going to have to call for help while I'm still holding out! It's the only way to survive!
What's so great about having someone so conveniently close...?
It's the end of our lives, isn't it?

 No, it's not.
 At worst, if you can get away with calling for your friends, Rathil will be saved.

 Whoa, whoa, whoa.
 The rest of the square-bores attacked us immediately.
 En masse, en masse, no mercy for the beast.

"You're targeting me for killing my own people, so that's good...!

 Don't go to Rathil's side.

 The physical enhancements your teacher taught you aren't infinite or universal either.
 There's no way you can become as strong as a dragon or angel grade just because you can turn a little more biological mana into power compared to other races.

 You can't even kick out dozens of square boas in an instant.
 Nor can you stay safe after being slashed by fangs and horns.

 He wouldn't be able to stay out of it for that long.

 I'm sorry.
 Miss Sera........!

Valkina get down!

 I obeyed the call before I could think.
 As I crawled down, a tremendous amount of wind pressure rushed over my head.

 The wild boars were blown away by the wind pressure.
 After flying through the air, they were damaged by hitting tree trunks and being knocked to the ground.

''Is this magic!

 Wind-attribute magic?
 That means the person who shot this is...?

Lathyr? I thought you were running away!
I'm not leaving you alone! I have one last thing to be proud of, too!

 There would be no pride in dying stupid!

'Now that you're a wallflower, I can afford to chant a spell! Let's get out of here while we can!
Oh, oh...

 Oddly enough, it's just as we first planned.
 I'll run away as soon as I disrupt the scene with an attack spell!

"I'm not going to make it in time!

 The wild boars are quickly regrouping and attacking us!

It's time to do it again! Valkina! Protect me until the spell is ready!

 Rathil is not a brave man, to be honest.
 That's why he's so scared of danger, and he screws up in many ways out of fear.

 But if I'm a wall on all sides, blocking all danger, he can cast spells without worry.
 That's exactly what I'm supposed to do, the muscle-bound fool.

 I can't hold out for too long.

"You better be ducking under the gun! "Vacuum whirlwind cannon!
''Don't say that at the same time as you shoot, phew!

 Even so, he gets down at the perfect time and confirms that the wild boars are flying in the fierce wind that fires out.

 However, the wild boars are tough.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find the best way to get the best out of it.

"Hey Rathir! Do you have any stronger magic? You can't get rid of them all, no matter how hard you shoot at them!
''Even so, if it was fire magic or something, it would be a wildfire! The most widespread attacking magic that doesn't damage its surroundings is this!

 So that's it, d*mn it!

 But it's steadily effective.
 Skip and smash them over and over again, and eventually the damage will accumulate and they'll be stuck.
 Even with my attacks, I've been able to take out some of them.

"I'm going as far as I can go! Rathil, cover me!
I'll take care of it, Valkina, but don't let any of them past us!

 I'm the vanguard and Lathil is the rear guard.
 They are in a formation that cannot be broken by the mutual protection of each other.
 If a boar can break it, break it!

 Just when I thought it was a good idea.

 The square bore was wiped out.
 In an instant.

'What are you guys doing?'

 With a blow from the battle-axe fired by the orc Okra-san, the wild boar, which still had more than twenty heads, were blown away all at once.

 We risked our lives to confront a group of monsters that we were about to confront.

 After all, only farm dwellers are monsters...!