475-473 Growth of students

 We were both hit in the fist by Mr. Okura.


 It hurt like a scream.
 It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

I told you to run away if you're in danger! What do you have the guts to stand up to!

 This was the reason why Okra was so angry.

'What would I say to the saints, your teachers, and your parents if something were to happen to you! I almost had to cut myself open and apologize! Use better judgment! Know when it's time to get out!
"I'm sorry!

 Around them, the square boas were dismantled by their classmates who had heard the commotion.
 There were a mess of them, so this would be enough to replenish the meat.

'So, but we couldn't escape either...!
The square bore is faster than a man's feet, and there's no way for it to survive other than to stand up to it...!

 Desperately trying to make excuses alongside Rathil, Orkla said frankly.

'You should have just climbed the tree.
Wild boars can't climb trees. Didn't I tell you before that the best thing to do is to take shelter and get by?

 ........it seems to have slipped my mind completely.

 Well, it seems that in an emergency situation, you can't remember the important things, can you?

Well you will take points off for Valkina and Lathyr respectively.

 So we're out of danger.

    * * *

 We got a point deduction, but we survived and it was a big win for us.
 A lot of experience.

 With me in front and Lertil in the back.
 This position will allow us to build on each other's strengths and compensate for our weaknesses and make the fight more solid.

"Thank you, Valkina, you saved me from dying.

 When I got back to the farm, he thanked me again.
 'Oh, come on,' he said.

It's the same for me. I think that thing went down pretty well, don't you?
I'll protect it, buy us some time, and you make the big move.

 If the thing works well, I don't feel like I'm losing to anyone.

 Even if you obtain power through physical enhancement, the damage that can be done by a single person's body is not much after all.
 This was well understood after being attacked by a herd of beasts.

 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's not the only thing that is missing from our human race's fighting style.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to use your own spellcasting skills. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it work. I've never been able to string together a series of special spells with such ease during a battle.
I didn't pause to call it a streak, though!
'So I mean I could chant from one activation to the next without interruption!

 The supremacy has returned to Rathil, who had been worrying about it.

 He won't be suggesting that he should return to the demon kingdom anymore.

You know, I broke my sword in the mountains, didn't I?
It's a very pathetic way to go about things.
"Forget that. So, I've got a new weapon for you...
'What? That?

 It was a cane.
 As a human being, it didn't make sense to me.

"Can a staff be a weapon?

 If it's a weapon, it has to have a blade on it first, and even if it's a blunt instrument, if it's a blunt instrument, it should be made of heavier metal.

 And yet, a staff........

''A staff?!''
I'm sure you don't understand, though, as a human race. It's a magic wand, which is a supplement to the use of magic.


'You inset jewels and spell gear for spiritual effects, or you inscribe spirit hymns to deepen your communion with certain spirits. So that enhances your magical powers.

 I don't know, different cultures.

Does that make you a better magician?
'Yes, we can enhance the effectiveness of the spell and skip the chant!
But isn't it an unreliable piece of armor?

 If I hit you with a cane this thin, it's going to break on me.

'So you'll be relying entirely on magic in battle. You could say that's a biased way of fighting. But I think that's the way the demon race will be fighting from now on.

 There was no hesitation in Rathil's expression.

''From now on, the demon race will never be able to compete with the human race in terms of muscle strength and close combat. If that's the case, rather than compensate for the areas in which they can't, it's better to polish up their strengths even more and develop them even more.
So from sword to staff...?
'Of course, if that happens, they'll fall apart in a heartbeat if they're brought into a close meatball fight. But you'll be able to help me then, won't you?

 Of course.
 Demons and humans are no longer enemies of each other.
 They will work together to face the same enemy.

 Different races, different characteristics, different strengths and weaknesses.
 If we make up for these differences, I'm sure we won't have any enemies on earth.

The demon race and the human race will change greatly from now on. The person who is able to read these changes will be able to rise to the top of the next generation. In that sense, we're at the forefront of this change, so this may be an advantageous time for us.
So you're not gonna leave the farm?
Of course, I'm going to find out how far I'm willing to take my talents in this environment.

 It is not the strongest that survive.
 It is those who resist the changes of the times and follow the environment faithfully that survive.

 That, in the end, is probably a lot closer to the truth than the weak and the strong.

 After a long time of worrying, Raatil realized what strength was.

Of course I don't think the answer I've come up with is the right one. The other demon students at the farm are still concerned with close combat alone.
I heard that I asked the teacher to devise a system to use magic magic for close combat, so that it can be activated immediately without chanting. Also, I heard there are people experimenting with ways to strengthen the body using biological mana.
By demons?

 The Body Enhancement Method uses biological mana, which exists in all living things, as its source.
 Since all living things have it, it's logical that anyone who is alive and intelligent enough to utilize the mana can use the Body Enhancement Method.

'Just because the human race happens to have the highest basic amount of biological mana, there's no rule that other races can't use it, right?

 Even so, since they would still lose on the basic amount, it was obvious that they would lose even if they challenged the human race in the same way.
 In order to go even higher, we will need to be more creative.

''Everyone will be looking for all sorts of new forms. There is no way we can be shaken down while in the same place...! I'll definitely run through to the end........!

 Seeing the fighting spirit of Rathil, I think I understand why the human race lost the war.

 We were given a physical strengthening method and were just intoxicated by its awesomeness.

 But that's not good enough.
 It's not enough to just be satisfied with what we've been given.

 If you want to be strong, if you want to move up, you have to evolve.
 You have to think about what you're going to do, and you have to walk on your own two feet.

 If you can't do that, even if you are blessed with a little tailwind and can move on while sitting, there is no wind for how long.
 There is no wind, and those who walk on their own feet will overtake them when they are just standing there.

''Like these guys...?

 Right now I'm gaining an advantage with the new technique my teacher taught me, but if I don't, I'm sure I'll lose again soon.
 I'm proud of my victory, but I feel like I've been beaten.

 That's why the demon race is so terrifying.

I'll look for it myself. I'm going to look for a new future for the human race. It's not Garra.
The humans and the demons, we'll just have to stick together.

 We hold each other's hands.
 There is so much to gain from this place.

    * * * *

 By the way.........
 The demon race guy and the human race girl who were arguing at the beginning of this story.

 Wasn't there?

 I heard they're going out.

 I heard that they fight each other as much as they can in the front and flirting behind the scenes burns a lot.