476-474 Different World Cafe Circumstances

 It's me....

I think I'm going to have a review meeting.
Of what?
It's our wedding.
Hasn't it been a long time ago?

 I know.
 It was such a fun and wonderful wedding, but looking back on it, it was a long time ago.

 How time flies.
 I've been a hundred years old.

Does it even count as remorse? That wedding was awesome, and I'll remember it for the rest of my life, and in a good way!

 More than anything else, I couldn't be happier to hear that from Prathi.

 After all, it was a completely Prathi main event.
 It would be best if Prathi had a good time and left some memories behind.


We want to make sure that the other attendees are as happy as possible, not just the most important one, Prathi.
'Sir, you're so cool!

 Oh, come on.

But I'm sure the invitees were mostly happy to be there. Everyone looked satisfied when we left, didn't they?

 The attendees at the wedding were largely divided into two groups: farm residents and off-farm guests, but neither of them were divided, and both of them broke up with expressions of contentment.

 Some of them were so surprised that they looked like their souls had been pulled out of their mouths.

The only part that got booed was the bouquet toss I crafted, at best.
Does Platy feel bad about that?

 I'm starting to reflect on this after all.

 Incidentally, the super-fast mobile autonomous operating bouquet that Prati remodeled and developed is flying around the farm in high spirits today, toying with the young maidens who are obsessed with the desire to get married.

 ...............No, it's not.
 That's not what I want to reflect on.

''The feast I served at the wedding reception.........''
Food? That was perfect! They're all so good, my cheeks are falling off!

 She used to gobble up a lot of food in her bride's outfit, too.
 Prati thinks back to those days and is happy.

"It was a celebration day, so I went all out and prepared the food. I've gone all out to prepare the food, both in quantity and quality.
So why not feel sorry for yourself?
But when it was over, I realized something was missing that I didn't see from my perspective.
What? What's missing?

 That's what we've been discussing today.

What's missing...? You're going to make up for it by making new dishes again? It's been a long time since the master has made a new dish.........

 Make sure he doesn't drool all over the Junior in his arms.

So? What are you cooking, sir! If you decide to make it, goodness hurry up, Justice go!
'I didn't even say I was going to make anything...?'

 I think Prathi's tension is higher than at the wedding.
 ...let's not dwell on it.

'Let's keep reflecting on it. What I'm concerned about is the drinks.

 A meal is accompanied by a drink.
 It is written as eating and drinking and eating and drinking.

 If you just eat without a drink all the time, you won't be able to swallow it because the water will be gone from your mouth.

''Well then, there's no problem, is there? I mean, we had all the best drinks at our wedding that Bacchus had prepared for us.

 Prati was trying to imitate Bacchus' tone and failed to do so.

'Yes, there was booze, too.

 Bacchus, the founder of the world's alcoholic beverages, handcrafted this drink from farm materials.
 It is undoubtedly one of the finest.
 Heaven will punish you if you complain about it. He's a demigod from the heavens.

 Sake is an essential part of the celebration, or rather, I can't afford not to have it, so that was good.
 It was perfectly tailored.

 But on the contrary........

'There were no drinks other than liquor.'
It's alcohol, after all. Not everyone can drink.

 The average age of our farm has also been lowered by taking care of students from different countries.
 Naturally, they are not old enough to drink. And yet, during the reception, there was nothing else to drink.

We thought it would be a shame to miss the party.
Well, we were drinking like normal people, so it was hard to notice.

 Isn't it?

 I didn't think of it because I'm a long time ago and I'm an adult now.
 I didn't notice it until I looked around.

Junior is going to grow up from now on. Junior is going to grow up, and he has to eat a lot of food and grow up like a child. That's when the only drink that comes with the feast is water, isn't it?
Do you drink?
Mr. Prathi?

 I think we need to start talking from the point of view of NO underage drinking?

"Hmm, so we're going to make a drink that tastes like alcohol, but doesn't get you drunk like alcohol?
You are very perceptive.

 Well, that's just it.

 We'll have a drink.
"But I don't drink! The list of "soft drinks" is usually placed in the back of the menu for those who are not familiar with the menu.

 Oolong tea, cola, orange juice, coffee, tea, turmeric extract and chilled candy.

 Things like that make drinking fun, even for the lowly!
 I should have made something like that too!

 That way the underage kids would have enjoyed the wedding party more!

It's not too late. I'm gonna make a non-alcoholic crispy drink. I'm gonna make a non-alcoholic palipic drink.
'Wow! That's what I'm talking about, Master!

 Prathi applauds with her own child on her chest.
 She probably cares about anything as long as it tastes good.

 Now, let's review the drink situation on our farm.

 We've been living on a farm for quite some time now, and the only thing we've had to drink all that time has been water?
 Have you been pouring alcohol into your body all this time?

 It's indeed different.

 I've been having tea while chatting with visitors like Arowana-san and Demon King-san, and as expected, serving white water to guests.......

 So, if you ask me if we already have a tea ceremony culture on our farm, it's a little complicated.

 You need tea leaves to brew tea, and to get tea leaves, you have to cultivate and grow a tea plantation.
 So you already have a good tea plantation in your own backyard? If you ask me if I'm in fact, I'm not.

 I'm still very new to tea production.
 I haven't even made coffee beans yet.

 Then, more and more, what is that tea you've been drinking with Demon King and Arowana? That's the story.

 Let's reveal now what that otherworldly tea is.....

 It's a leaf that was torn off in the area and boiled as it was!

 No, listen to me.
 That was in the early days of farm development. There was a lot of work to do at the time, such as expanding the fields, making miso and soy sauce, and building a house, and we didn't have the resources to make tea, a delicacy.

 But I felt it was too lonesome to drink just hot water, so I tore four or five leaves from a tree that grew around the place, put them in a pot, and boiled it.

 When I tried it, it was reasonably good.

 Fortunately, we're on a farm and there are leaves and weeds all over the place, so ease prevailed and we kept to this method for a long time.
 I had a lot of other things to do!

 But maybe it's time to make a proper tea.
 It's going to take a lot of time and effort to build a tea plantation for that.
 And a coffee plantation.

 So, let's try to make the other kind of drink.


 Let's make a real drink.
 So that junior will grow up and be able to rehydrate nicely.

 We are going to try to make otherworldly juice.

    * * *

 Come to think of it, you could make barley tea among teas, couldn't you?

 I was shocked that the miko at Bacchus' place made them before and I just forgot about them.
 I think I'll make a lot of them this year.