477-475 smoothie

 I'm going to make me some juice.

 Well, I don't know if it's easy or not.
 The most important ingredient for juice is fruit. There are plenty of fruits in the dungeon orchards of the mountain dungeon, so we have no trouble finding them.

 It's probably easier than building a tea plantation from scratch.

 However, I'm not sure if we've ever made any fruit juice at all on our farm.

 It's pretty easy to make juice just by squeezing fruit.

 I've served orange juice, the simplest kind, at least for my wedding.
 There were other fruit juices, but I refrained from drinking grape juice because it might be mishandled with wine.
 The apple juice was also rejected because of its similarity to white wine.

 In the end, only orange juice was served at the banquet.

 It's very easy to make such an otherworldly orange juice.

 Prepare a whole orange.
 Let the power-hungry orcs hold it and crush it.

 That's it.

 Orcs are so proud of their power. Even with the skin on, the oranges are crushed in an instant.
 They crush even the summer oranges in their hands so easily.
 That's exactly what Oak is, the most powerful juice maker in the world.

 ........However, it's a shame that there's an abundance of beer, wine, whiskey, and sake at a banquet, and yet the only soft drink of choice is orange juice.

 After all, making orange juice is an urgent task!
 Let's proceed with what I told myself I was going to do.

 What kind of fruit juice should I pursue other than squeezing it normally, I guess it would be a blender.

 It's the kind of blender you often see on TV, where you throw fruit into the machine, turn it on, and it crushes it with a horrible sound like 'SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! and crush them into mush with a horrendous sound.

 It's a blender.

Homemade juice for health everyday! I often saw commercials that said something like that. I was attracted to it every time I saw it, but I didn't want to buy an appliance just to make juice.

 It seemed like a lot of work to maintain.

 But now I live in a different world where I can do most of the things I want to do.
 I'll even use a blender to make juice!

 No. Can you make a mixer in an alternate universe of swords and magic? But I've got no time to spare.
 I've got a strong ally in the equipment business.

 Once again, I've asked the dwarves to make me a blender.

 An otherworldly mixer.

 I'm amazed that they were able to make it with just my poor explanations.
 It's made from mana metal.

 With the help of Poel and the rest of the Elf Squad, we were able to add some glass parts, so we can check the contents and turn it into powdered juice.

 It's a wonderful world we live in!

 So, I received the finished apparatus today.

 I decided to try it out right away to see how it turned out.

    * * * *

 That's why I went up the mountain dungeon and came to the dungeon orchard.
 I thought it would be better to do it in a place where the raw fruit was growing directly.

'Huh? Master, isn't it odd to see you here?

 I walked into the dungeon orchard and ran into Veerle.

''Well why are you here?''
What are you talking about? This is my dungeon. What's wrong with me?

 Well, yes.

 The master of the mountain dungeon where the dungeon orchard is located is Veerle, here.
 I'd almost forgotten about him since he's been staying at my place for so long.

"You've been home more often than I thought?
I'm thinking of modifying the dungeon. It may not be as good as Brother Alexander's, but I want to make it more multi-leveled than Sister Marie's dungeon!

 What do you mean?

'More than that, master! What's that weird thing you're holding in your hand!

 Veerle notices the blender I was carrying under my arm.
 You're a perceptive fellow, as usual.

I know what it is! Master's trying to cook up something new and tasty again, isn't he? My keenest instincts tell me that! I'm so sure of this!
All right, all right...!

 Well, it's almost impossible to cook a new dish without Veerle and Prathi finding out, so it's an inevitable path.

'Well, shall we try it together? Making fruit juice?
'Oh! You mean fruit? You make it out of all this fruit?
Of course I do.

 I put the mixer on the table in the orchard.

 This is a different world, so there is no electric power.
 If we wanted to move it, it would be by hand.

 The dwarves had come up with an ingenious way to attach a manual handle to the machine.
 When you turn it, the gears work together to turn the blade inside the machine.

 Of course, the blades are used to chop up the stuff inside and break it into pieces, and then reduce it to a liquid-like consistency.
 It's scary.

 It is a contradiction that a fresh and healthy fruit juice can be made from an instrument that looks like the poster child of destruction.
 That's the fun of cooking, isn't it?

 Anyway, let's actually do it.

So what exactly should we try to put in there?

 Well, let's start with a simple orange.
 After all, orange is the best fruit juice.

 I put in all of them without peeling them.
 I wanted to test the limits of this blender to see if I could do it.

 I cut it into four pieces and put them into the blender.
 And then I closed the lid...

 Turn the handle!


 It's also hard work.
 However, the action is well transmitted. I can feel the cutter inside of it rotating furiously.

"Yes! Isn't this going to rip the fruit inside to shreds...?

 The spinning blade was spinning too fast to grip the pulp.

Couldn't you just pour water on it?
I see.

 Veal poured water into the blender.
 Then it was a good mix and the orange inside spun furiously.

"Oh, it works!
I am the best judge of character!

 Is it because Veerle has recently started to cook himself?
 That he didn't even know what he was going to make, but took the appropriate action on a gut feeling?

 Fearful Viel.........

 And as I tried my best to turn the handle, the orange lost its original form and became more and more liquid.

"As expected of the mana metal, even the peel of the orange is chopped up tightly.......?

 I was worried that it would be difficult as expected with the turning power of human power, but the material was the winner.

"That's how it's done. Mixer Juice No. 1.

 Pour the liquid into the glass.
 As expected, the skin is crushed.

Come on, Veerle, drink up.
Oh, you're sure that's it? It's easier than you think........?

 Veal is orange juice with the peel that I should have never seen before, but there was originally oak hand-squeezed juice too, so it's not that fresh.

 So I didn't hesitate to chug it down without hesitation.

''It's ... bitter.''

 It will be so if you put the skin in after all.
 The skin of a fruit is bitter, you know.
 That's why you have to take the skins off when you eat them.

"Wait a minute, Veerle, this is not the time to learn to use a blender!

 The power of the mixer was proven when I found out that I could pour the whole skin over it.

 Let's operate the mixer with enough confidence.

The true value of a blender is that it can chew up and mix up whatever you put in it, even if it's not the same thing at all. Even if they're not the same thing at all...

 In other words, it's a mix of different ingredients that can be made into a blender and not hand-squeezed by the orcs.

Now let's try making otherworldly mixed juices!