478-476 nice mixing

Orange, for example?
Then I'll put a banana in.
Add some more apples, and let's put it in the blender!


 The mixer makes a loud noise and breaks the contents into pieces.
 Then the mixture is poured back into the glass.

Now drink!
'This time it looks good! I love oranges, apples and bananas!

Don't say 'this time'.
 Well, this time I took all the peels off, so I don't think there's any bitterness or miscellaneous flavors...

I'm ready to go!

 This is how Viel heard the first prototype of the otherworldly mixed juice.
 I tipped the glass upside down and drank it in one gulp.

Buhaha! Yum!

 Thank goodness I had a 'delicious' meal.
 I'm sorry if it doesn't succeed since the dwarves and elves worked so hard together to make it.

''I see! So this is the kind of advantage of mixing things up! The tangerine juice is good, the apple juice is good! No wonder it tastes so much better when you mix them both together!
You're excited. That's good.

 Also, it's an orange, not a mandarin orange.
 It's the little things that count.

And you can't even juice a banana. That's a new discovery. I thought that squeezing a banana wouldn't help, but the idea of shattering it to make it drinkable is a triumph of ideas!
'Master! I wonder if this is something else you can mix? Grapes, pears, and melons can all be turned into juice in a blender! It's exciting just to imagine it!

 Veerle has become completely enamored of the mixer.
 But Viel, if you think a mixer can only mix fruit, you're still limited in your thinking, right?

Why don't we get off the mountain to prove it?
'Oh! You're going to have to show off your blender to the rest of the guys! Wait a minute! Then we'll have plenty of fruit for the ingredients!

 Veal collects every bit of fruit that's around the dungeon orchard.
 Now the unveiling of the real mixer will begin.

    * * * *

 We returned to the farm from the dungeon orchard.
 I rode the viel in dragon form, so the trip was easier than it was going to be.

'Scrape away! And fear not! This is the master's new power, the mixer!

 Veerle was always proud of his accomplishments as if they were his own.

 But it helps to be generous with the fruit I brought from the dungeon orchard, making and serving juice.
 This allows me to focus on my new endeavor.

 Those with free hands are drawn to the blender one by one with curiosity....


 It was a very popular mix.

It's so much clearer than the juice you just squeezed out of it. Maybe it's because I ground the whole thing up!
You mix a lot of fruit together, it's so good for your health!
'Saints! This is made of glass that we made, right? Isn't this the part up here?

 I'm glad to hear it was accepted.

It's very smooth and delicious. It would be a good meal for Junior when he's weaned.

 The mixers received high praise from the platitudes, and the mixers were steadily gaining citizenship.

'Guhahahahahaha you see that! With this mixer, fruit has been taken to a new level of possibility! It's the dawn of a new world!

 Veerle has been on a roll for a long time, but you know from experience that there are pitfalls in such situations, right?

Let me show you that fruit isn't the only thing you can put into a blender!
What? Master, that's...?

 That's what I came down to harvest.


 Remove the lintels from the bright red ripe fruit and cut them back into reasonable pieces and put them in the blender.

''But first, we have to wash them once........!

 I need to make sure the rest of what I used before is poured out so that there is no flavor left........

 Once again, I throw the tomatoes into the blender and give them a sprinkle of salt.........
 .....................and then turn!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

 Tomato juice!
 A bright red liquid fills the cup.

'When I say health juice, this is what I mean.
"Are you sure about this, master? Throw in the vegetables? You want me to mix them?
Of course I can mix them.

 The blender is a big vessel.
 It has the magnanimity to accept anything, whether it's vegetables or fruit.

Even leafy things like cabbage and spinach!
It's root vegetables!
"Oh, wow!
What's more, the blender turns it into delicious juice!

 And the result is vegetable juice.
 Add some fruit to sweeten it up, and drink it all up.

"Oh, wow! How refreshing this is!
It's like the tiredness in your body is gone!

 The vegetable juice was a hit with the orc goblins.
 They also work out every day in the fields.

 They need a quick source of vitamin supplementation that's separate from their daily diet.

''How great is this...! The mixer is, is the mixer all-powerful! Everything in the world will be swallowed up by the mixer!

 No, indeed, not that much.
 It's more difficult for the mixer to be treated like that with the great demon Abaddon.

''If that's the case........then.......what if...?

 Veerle, wannabe shivers.

'Couldn't even ramen noodles be put into a blender?
I can't call.

 It's definitely better to eat ramen as it is.


 Those willing to join the conversation further.
 It was a lettuce rate.

'The beans! I think they'd be easier to crush in a blender after they've been boiled down and softened!'
Well, I suppose there are ways to cook it...?

 Is that a paste?
 If you just want to make a drink out of beans, just be straightforward and use soy milk.

'So how about natto?'
I knew it!

 I knew you were here, Horcosphone!

 Natto won't turn into mixed juice!

 The horror of natto (fermented soybeans) is that you can't say 'no' 100%.

I think it's worth studying.
'What about adding milk with the fruit? And I think it's going to be richer in flavor.

 The other farm dwellers would naturally argue with each other about making better mix juice.
 Sooner or later, a new otherworldly mix juice may be born out of my hands.

    * * * *

 And one last thing.........

'Veal, take another taste.
Oh, what? Come on, if it's good, come on.

 The liquid offered to Veerle, who replied pleasantly, was........

''Oh! This feels like something I haven't seen before again! It's so green!
Mm-hmm, try it.

 Without a doubt, Veerle gulped down this lush juice in one go without hesitation.
 And then..........


 I got the reaction I expected.

"What is this? Tasteless! I mean, it's bitter! You're green! What the hell is this! I've never seen anything made by the master that tastes this bad in my life!

 It would be, because that's how I made it.
 While I was grinding things up in the mixer, I thought, 'You could make it.' I thought.

 Green juice.

 Famous for its bad taste and good for your health.
 If I could make it, I tried to make it. However, I didn't know the ingredients, so I mixed in all kinds of greens, and it was a 'so-so green juice'.

Ugh, Master tricked me. Tasteless, tasteless........!

 Veerle chivvied the homemade green juice while mumbling and grumbling........

''I finally drank it all. It tasted bad.
You're following the protocol very carefully.

 Apparently, reactions to green juice are common in other worlds as well.