484-482 Development of different world green juice

 How do you do?

 I'm watching the mermaids in class today.

"The most intelligent act in the world is! Invention!

 Standing at the podium of the blue sky classroom, Prathi is making some enthusiastic speech.

 Mermaid Witch Academia, a prestigious school in the Mermaid Country.
 When did some of its enrolled students start to live on the farm?

 These days, though, they tend to be lumped together with the mermaid tribe's foreign students.
 Nevertheless, the classes on potions used only by the mermaid tribe are thus open only to mermaids.
 Young female mermaids.

'Creating something new requires ideas! On top of that, you need to have the uprightness to keep trying and failing, but not to be frustrated by it! That means talent and hard work! You can't carry out your invention without the two together!

 Prathi speaks passionately.

 Today she's playing the role of a teacher.
 She's already a well-known potions user herself, and she's well qualified to teach people.

 The first reason why she didn't take the initiative in teaching the mermaid students is because she had a lot of work to do with her newborn son, which was not an option.
 The second reason is that Puffa, a potions user of the same rank, was more energetic in her role as a teacher, so she didn't get much of a chance to teach the mermaids.

 However, Junior had grown up and was becoming less and less of a handful, and Puffa had gotten her wish and married Miss Arowana and left the farm.

 So Prathi has been teaching more and more lately.

 The Mermaid Witch Academy's female mermaid students seem to be thrilled to have Prathi teach them directly.
 It's because Prati is the princess of the mermaid kingdom and one of the best magicians of the mermaid race, the 'Six Witches'.

 Even just seeing her face is sure to stimulate your heart, and if she even taught you, you'll be proud of her in the countryside.

 Such as Prathi.
 If you're wondering what we're going to do in class...?

So today, I'm going to ask you all to invent something!

 It's a crazy thing to say.

"We'll make you our own original Aojiru.

 I was confused by the phrase that suddenly fell on me.

 I was watching the class with Junior in my arms to let him see his mother's courage, but as expected, I couldn't help but ask questions.

''Hey, hey, Prathi-san?''
"What's the matter with you, sir? I'm a teacher now! Call me Professor here!

 Prathi is a woman whose personality is influenced by her title quite a bit.
 That's what I call royalty.

So, Pratisser.
Stop mixing up titles and names!
Why are you trying to get your students to invent a green juice?

 Green juice is a new trend that has emerged on the farm in recent years.

 We had an event where we made various juices using a newly developed blender, and we made a green juice along with fruit juice and vegetable juice.

 All you have to do is squirt the raw material grass and leaves in a blender and squeeze it.

 I used it as the last punchline, and it was very good in that area too.

My heart fluttered the moment I saw the green juice your husband made!
'As for my husband, I hope he gets a flutter on another part of his life.
'Green juice! That's what makes us witches the best match for the liquid. It's a mixture of many herbs that can be taken easily to regulate your health, isn't it?

 If you think about it, that's true........?

 So the green juice is something that is so compatible with the pratys who make potions?

 Even if we say "green juice", it must have been made by mixing various grasses and leaves.
 It's the same as mixing a magic potion, isn't it?

Hundreds of herbs! And when the commercials claim it's going to work, it seems like it's going to work!

So today, I'm going to ask you to invent your own original blend of green juice with a variety of herbs. It's a practical lesson!

The students' confusion, "Why is this happening? The confusion of the students is tremendous.
 It's as if they can smell it from the atmosphere, even if they don't say so in words.

"You can use all the medicinal herbs we grow on our farm as ingredients! From the most common to the source of the world's two most precious elixirs! The farm's herb garden has an assortment of everything!

 The herb garden is that...?

There's even a spirit plant...?
''I'm not surprised that the conviction that 'this farm must have them' came first...?

 Anyway, the mermaid students were reckless.

I'm sure that in time, they'll say that "Mr. Puffa was more competent as a teacher," but in any case, in order to pass the class, they had to mix some medicinal herbs to complete the green juice.

 Will the girl mermaids use their young sensibilities to blend a green juice that they've never seen before?

''Yes sir! It's done, sister!

 The first female student to raise her hand was Angel, the second princess of the mermaid kingdom, who was also Prathi's sister, Angel.

 It's not, because the mermaid king has now been replaced and Arowana has been enthroned... What on earth is the king's sister called?
 I don't know much about it, so I'll continue to call her Princess.

 Anyway, that's what Angel is.

Well, that's my sister for taking first place.
'Of course! You may savor the Mermaid Royal Green Juice that the princess attaches to!

 Royal Green Juice, which seems to be mixed up with some different trademarks.

It's a green juice made from the most expensive medicinal herbs found in your sister's herb garden! With the amount of raw materials used, that's worth a hundred gold pieces per cup! It's also clear that the green juice that reaches the highest amount alone is the best of all!

 Angel is blown away by the shockwave released by Prati.

'Mix all the high end products together to make a high end green juice! There's no way you can raise your pass with such an easy idea!

 That's right.

Compounding is a very creative exercise in creativity! Even the most ordinary of herbs can elicit unexpected effects when mixed together! That's not what a compounder is supposed to do!
The price per unit is too high if you only use high quality products! It's easier to make money by lowering the price of each item and selling them bigger and wider!

 What are you talking about?
 Unit price? Profits?
 Are you platy...?

Trying to make money selling green juice?

 I guess I was right.
 Why are you so obsessed with money now? As a princess, Prati is not in a position to care about money, right?
"If there's no bread, eat the fish.

Because I can't help it! We have Junior now!
'Whatever you're going to do to raise Junior from now on, it's obviously better to have the money! What if he wants to go to a good school in the future? You should save up as much money as you can now to support Junior's dreams!

 The claim was too correct and shattered, my heart.
 Indeed, Prathi was right. Childcare is a costly affair. So far I've tried to be self-sufficient and have as little money as possible.

 But is it self-serving to force a child to live the way a parent does?

 Junior is just an innocent baby now, but he'll grow up and have a dream, and maybe in the end he'll be a doctor or a minister! You could be a brave man in a vertical society!
 It's my baby!

 You're too disappointing as a parent to not be able to support a single penny at that point!

All right! It's true, we do need the money!
You understand, sir!

 I didn't know the necessity of money until I came to a different world.
 Is this what it's like to be a parent?

I'm sure the green juice is a great way to make money. It's a health food, after all, and they don't have to be injured or sick to buy it!
Just leave the sales to the Pandemonium Chamber of Commerce, and you'll be blown away!

 ...it's Prati.
 So you're just going to pitch in with your bounty and solicit ideas from your mermaid students?

 Is that not a problem?

'In that case, Master Platy! I have a nice idea!

 A mermaid student who comes forward.
 You don't look familiar, is this the first girl you've seen?

'Minimal cost! But the money is maximized! If you tear off the weeds around here and make a powder and call it "the farm's original green juice," you're sure to sell like hotcakes! Amateurs can't tell the difference anyway! It's okay to be a Texan, Texan!
"Fraudulent business practices will be severely punished!

 All the mermaid students at the farm are supposed to be nice young ladies...
 How did you come up with such a crazy idea?

 Anyway, the female student who tried to disguise her food was blown away by a shockwave from the prathi with a brand of failure.

 By the way, Prathi, how on earth do you send out shock waves?
 I don't see her using any potions.

 Has she acquired new skills as a mother?