485-483 supreme leaf material

'I knew it was a bad idea to solicit ideas from students! They're only little girls, they're useless!

 Don't count on the students.

 As a mother, Prathi plans to get child support money from the mass sale of green juice.
 But first and foremost, she has to perfect her product, green juice, in order to achieve this plan.

 Green juice is a health food that everyone agrees on.

 I think Prati has a good eye for it.
 There's nothing better to sell than a health food that has the cause of good health and yet people continue to buy it as a consumable product.
 And there's a great affinity with mermaids who manufacture potions.

'But! I tried to think of some wacky ideas for my youth, but to hell with it, you guys! After all, Mermaid Witch Academia is one of the most prestigious schools in the mermaid nation! The elite that go there seem to have their heads hardened from adolescence!

 Prathi's disrespect for the prestigious school is enormous.
 Is it backward because Prati has such a history of dropping out of Mermaid Witch Academia?

 Anyway, I feel very sorry for the students who have been pushed around by Prathi's plan.

I'll have to make a move on my own now. One of these six witches, the proclaimed 'crown witch,' this Prati!
Let's start with that.

 You're the one making the money, right?

So, students! I don't have time for class, so I'll just have to study on my own! It's okay, a really talented kid doesn't need to be taught by someone else to make it big, like me. All right then, stand up! Thank you! Charge!

 Prati ran off with a tirade that denied the entire school system.
 Leaving behind a group of mermaid students who had yet to be taught anything except being forced to make a prototype of green juice.

 -- ''As a teacher, Puffa-san was clearly better than you.......!

 It was as if the cries of these girl mermaids' hearts were echoing.

 Anyway, we'll take care of Prathi's runaway, so you mermaid students can focus on your schoolwork.

    * * * *

'Then I'll show you! It's the real, top-quality green juice that witches create!

 Prati is finally trying to create a green juice by herself.

 He is an amazing potions master, even if he is called a "witch". If Prati were to seriously produce a blend of green juice, what kind of amazing thing would be created?

 I'm just curious.

'As a matter of fact, we do have an allocation in mind! What and how much to mix to create this Master Plati's Original Green Juice!
'What? Really?

 So let's take a look at that curious recipe.

 Medicinal herbs: a little bit.
 Poisoning herb: a little bit.
 ivy leaf: Only a little, but not much.
 Wild ivy: If you have it, add it.


 Sounds surprisingly normal, doesn't it?
 They are all commonplace materials that can be found in a village tool shop.

 It's true that it's impossible to do business with too many high-grade materials at a high cost, as I said during my time with Angel, but...

Are you disappointed that the materials are too ordinary?
No, no, that's not...?
You don't have to make it up as you go along. It is true that the materials currently available are far too ordinary for the witch attaches to handle. You'll feel like I'm shrugging my shoulders. But I don't want you to lick it. We don't have all the materials yet!


These are just extras! It's better to have one kind of awesome thing for these things, and that's what you're going to bite into if you make it the highlight of your day!

 I see!
"Contains 500 million milligrams of taurine. Or something like that!

"There's still that one missing piece of my material. Add that to the mix, and you have my perfect green juice! But it's not in my hands yet...!

 Do you have any medicinal materials that Platy doesn't have?
 I thought this farm was growing and harvesting everything, but I was proud...?

What's that last ingredient, by the way?
'Leaf of the World Tree!

 Another familiar phrase appeared.

 The leaf of the World Tree is an item commonly used in RPGs for reviving people.
 Did they have them in this world too...?

'I mean, do you have a World Tree? This world?
I don't know much about it because I grew up on the sea, but they say it's deep in the forest somewhere. It's a huge tree, thousands of years old, and they say that its roots, trunk, branches and leaves all have spiritual powers...!

 Although the leaves are indeed not effective in reviving the dead, it is said to purify all poisons and give life force.

"If we use the leaves of the World Tree as the main ingredient in our green juice, we can market it as 'World Tree Leaf Healthy Aojiru'! It's going to sell like hotcakes!


 It's definitely good for you.

I'm going to go find the World Tree now! They say it's somewhere on earth, but I'm sure I can find it! And for Junior's sake!

 Nothing is impossible for a mother who cares for her children.

 Speaking of the World Tree, despite its size, it's hidden and difficult for ordinary people to find.
 Even in this world, they are probably located deep in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere, and you have to go through a lot of hardships to get to them, don't you think?

Are you sure you want to incorporate that into your materials? Won't it cost you more and the price will still go up?
It's okay! There will be plenty of ways to cut costs on our farm! I hear you're going to fly on a viel to where the World Tree is!

 That's right, there's no place in the world you can't go if you're on the wings of a dragon.......
 Considering Veerle's fickle nature, it doesn't look like we can expect a very stable supply.

''We don't even know where the World Tree is in the first place...''

 I mean, is there really a World Tree?
 It just goes up in people's rumors, and maybe it's something in a dream world that doesn't exist.

It's okay! This is how even the saint's farm, which is suspected by many to be real, exists! What are you going to do if you can't trust the master of it, sir?

 I can't even make a sound when I hear you say that...?
 I'm not sure I'm as much of a dream world dweller as he is.

 Then I should believe there's a world tree and try to find a place to live.
 To put those leaves in the green juice.........

    * * * *

Yeah, I know where the World Tree is.

 Just as I was about to gather information by asking around first....
 There was a quick hit.

 The witnesses were the elves.

''It is located in the settlement where we elves live. Elves are a race that originally lives in the forest, but they build settlements in the forest where they have lived and lived since ancient times.

 Apparently, the World Tree is located in the largest of the several villages.

I'm sure it's because of the World Tree's protection. It's called the 'City of Elves' because the largest number of elves live in the largest forest.
It's a far cry from the forests of humanity, which are getting smaller and smaller because of legal magic.
"Ha ha ha ha!

 I see, the World Tree is located in the Elven Forest.......?

 If that's the case, it's not going to be easy. The Elves are famous for being an exclusive race that hides in the forest.
 It's going to be extremely difficult to get them to enter the forest, let alone share the leaves of the World Tree.

 I can smell the adventure!

'Good! Let's go! To get a leaf from the World Tree!
'What? Saints, do you want the leaves of the World Tree?

 The elf who had been listening in reacted to my statement of determination.

''Then why don't you just buy a normal one?''

 This is where the story began to change.

 According to the elves, the elves who live in the large settlement with the World Tree are more open-minded than the other elves because of their great prosperity.

 It could be said to be snobbish, though.

 They are interested in the civilizations of demons and humans outside the forest, and sometimes trade with them.
 In such cases, the leaf of the World Tree is the most used as a trade item on the elven side.

 In the Elven City, it grows indefinitely, but outside the city, it is prized as the best of all medicines.
 There is no better product than this.

''It's pricey, but it's in circulation in its own right, so if you ask the Chamber of Commerce to bring it to you, they'll bring it to you. Why don't you talk to Mr. Shaxu about it?''

 The elves advised me to do so, so I did so.
 Later, a large amount of World Tree leaves were delivered to me.

    * * * *

'Tasteless! One more!

 Shakus exclaimed after drinking the prototype of the "World Tree Leaf Green Juice" that Prathi had completed.

''It's good! World Tree leaves are a luxury item, but they've been on sale for so long that I was in a rut, as expected! With a new twist, it's going to sell well again!

 That's how Shax-san and the green juice that came to be handled by this business association became a huge boom around the Demon City, and an avalanche of money came pouring in underneath my wife and I.

 Although it was as originally planned........

''Well........it's kind of unexplainable.

 Prati and I couldn't get rid of this feeling of disappointment in our hearts.
 The world tree in this world is quite mundane........?