487-485 Fateful two

 Who is this new guy on the scene?

 Unlike Mr. Shaks, I don't recognize him completely. It's definitely the first time we've met.

 You can tell he's a demon race from his dark skin, but he has a really well-defined, sideways, broad physique.
 However, he is not obese, but has a strong body and looks energetic and forceful.

 He was energetic and forceful, with a strong sense of urgency that could be seen in his face, and he had the appearance of a hard-driving president of a small business.

I didn't expect you to visit the guild master himself.
I don't think I can get anywhere with just my guys. What's it like for you to be out in the field like this? Mr. Chamberlain? Aren't you supposed to be lounging around in a luxurious room when you get big?
''It's a poor idea. As the Chairman of Commerce, I must not sit still for a moment in order to enrich the Chamber of Commerce and the entire Demon Kingdom. It is the duty of the Chairman of Commerce to run to wherever there is a lucrative business opportunity and organize negotiations.
You just haven't gotten over the old habits of your time as a slave, have you? No matter how high and mighty you pretend to be, you're a frontline worker who can't get anywhere unless you do it yourself.
'You can't just sit back and make money in any industry. The assumption that the executive level of the Chamber of Commerce is not coming into the field is the prejudice created by your dark folly.
''Who is dark and stupid, Teme!''

 Who is this old man who is violently cutting his tongue with Mr. Shaks?

 Me and Verena were looking on in dismay, and the old man noticed...?

Oh? What's the point of a freak show? If you're done with your dinner, get the hell out of here. And go back to work. When you eat, you work, that's the right way to live.
Keep your mouth shut, Lord Samjula. This is the most disrespectful thing you've ever said to the man, you really are a dullard.

 They reacted to each other's sarcasm one by one.
 If I let these two people speak only, we wouldn't be able to talk for any length of time.

''Mr. Shax, could you introduce me to them?

 I would like to call this 'Mr. President', a well dressed man.

' '........I'm not someone the saint would want to know. Please silence him like a pebble on the side of the road.
I'm going to do something about that...

 Mr. Shax speaks grudgingly as I bite down on him.

'His name is Samijula, and he's the guildmaster who now unites the tavern guild. He's kind of like the master of the bandits.''

 You mean like a big man?

 The Tavern Guild and the Chamber of Commerce stared at each other in a Bacchus storefront.
 It's not unusual that they even came out to the top of each of them.

 What in the world is going on in the tavern of Bacchus?

''It's not that complicated, Saint.

 Reading my confused expression, Mr. Shaks explains.

'It's rather natural. Considering the great selection of food in this restaurant...'
So it's not really a restaurant...?

 An oden shop is an oden shop, right?

''These days, it's gaining a reputation in the Demon City. "These days, the Demon City has been gaining a reputation for being the best in the world, with delicacies that you've never seen before and drinks that you've never had before. There's a famous shop on an unnamed backstreet that deals in all these delicacies and undrinkable alcohol. Moreover, whether it's a lie or not, the proprietor of the shop is none other than Bacchus, the god of wine...

 .........That's right, if God himself was running this place, there would be a rumor.

When I heard the rumor, I immediately began to investigate. And I found out. And I found out that Master Bacchus' restaurant was a real place!
And that's why you were at the restaurant...?
I know Master Bacchus, the god of wine, is here for his saint! That means that this restaurant must have had a lot to do with the saint's cooking! If so, it must be delicious!

 Mr. Shaks is excited.

'And good food brings in profits! We would love to take a bite out of the profits! I beg you to form a business partnership with our company!
Is that what you're talking about, after all?
''There are already many people who want to taste the drinks and delicacies served by Bacchus, the God of Wine! We, the Chamber of Commerce, want to be in the business of getting those big orders and bringing them to Master Bacchus! Wouldn't you like to hear from the saint as well!

 Mr. Shaks is a big merchant.
 You can't get away from it.

 It's just a biological habit of merchants, and it doesn't matter what we do.

We'll provide you with a new store in a prime location, not in a back alley like this one! The best sale deserves the best storefront. The Chamber of Commerce will pay for all expenses! By all means!
Wait a minute.

 A hand is placed on Mr. Shax's shoulder as he heats up.
 Thick, stubby fingers. It was a strong man's hand that reminded me of a workman.


 The master of the tavern guild we were just introduced to.

"It's too much for me, Shokai. It's not just the food and drink and the place to enjoy it, it's under the jurisdiction of the tavern guild. This is not an outsider's place to be.
Our trade association is active wherever there is a profit to be made. I hope you won't impose your old-fashioned sense of turf on us.
That's why people don't like the Merchant's Association. Our guild has been carefully cultivating our shops, projects, and trademarks, and now they're stealing every single thing from us.
'The fact that it has caught the eye of our chamber of commerce means that it is worth it. Isn't it an honor?
"Don't you dare stay on your high horse!

 They started arguing again.

 Mr. Shaks and Mr. Samajula and all that.
 Why do they get along so badly? I'm going to need an explanation from someone here, aren't I?

The Guild and the Chamber of Commerce have been at odds with each other for ages.

 The perfect candidate for the job was also Verena.
 A good commentator.

''The guilds..., besides the tavern guild that is in front of us right now, there are many other kinds..., that is, as many guilds as there are jobs, but all of them hate the Chamber of Commerce. To them, the Chamber of Commerce is the enemy.

 Why don't we just get along?

''To begin with, the Chamber of Commerce is a large commercial organization. With large capital behind it, it secures distribution channels, makes huge profits from trade, and even deals with the Demon King. Its scale of commerce can be said to be on a national level.


''In contrast, each professional guild is a coterie of small, private business owners. The guilds are formed to solve problems that can't be solved on an individual level by working together in the same industry. Guilds are formed with that in mind.

 Large capital and private business owners.
 I'm starting to see what the story is.

'Who are the people in the guild trying to work together to confront...?'
'As you can see, it's a pandemonium business. As soon as they see that there is a profit to be made, they surround themselves with large capital and monopolize it. Talented artisans, new products that are showing signs of great popularity, and much more. There are countless things that the Chamber of Commerce has snatched away from sole proprietors.

 Protecting the interests of private owners from large capital. So that's also the role of the guild.

 Individuals vs. organizations.
 The weak vs. the strong.
 Lower level vs. upper level.
 That's the relationship between the guild and the Chamber of Commerce, I guess.

''And this time, the big capital and the micro-enterprise are in conflict over Bacchus' oden shop...?
''It's a shop directly run by Bacchus-sama, who is the patron god for the Izakaya Guild, so we want to worship him........ And it must not be taken away by the Chamber of Commerce........!

 So this is how they squabble, and each one of them comes out on top in a catastrophe.

Master Bacchus will not be given to you!
Listen to me. It is in the best interest of Mr. Bacchus to associate with us.

 Top executives bickering with each other.
 This is no different than when the subordinates were clashing with each other.

........Hey Bacchus. What do you want to do?

 I decided to leave it up to the parties involved in this kind of situation, so I threw in the towel.

'I heard those guys want to do business with you, who do you want to work with? Are they from the Guild? Or is it Mr. Shaks and the others?
'I want a lot of people to drink good booze and feel good about it. That's all I want.

 That's right.
 And there's no way God would be trapped by money in the first place.

 Since Bacchus himself doesn't want to do it, it seems to me that he should just close his shop and hide in the shadows.
 I don't think he's going to be the owner of the oden shop forever.

Therefore, I will share the road with someone who loves my sake and oden more.
Contend. Show me how much you love sake and oden. To the victor goes the crown.

 That's why God!
 They're going to start fighting each other!

...So what you're saying is that we're going to win the race?

 Whoever wins can do business with the Bacchus Oden Shop?

'That's good! I've been working in pubs for 40 years, so I have an absolute advantage. There's no way I'm going to be able to beat the mercantile atmosphere that has stayed so high!
''You will be reminded of the extent of the common man's business. That you can't compete with the big capital of the Chamber of Commerce no matter how hard you try!

 Mr. Samijra and Mr. Shaks were both willing to do it.

 Now here and now a battle was about to take place without humanity as determined by God (only half of them)!