488-486 Oden eating game

 This is how Shaks and Samijra ended up fighting over the right to jointly run the guild with Bacchus.

 Both sides being representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and the Guild.
 I have a feeling that this is going to be a storm.

''But what exactly do you mean by 'contend'? Don't tell me you're going to get into a fist fight?

 I have a feeling that's another big deal that needs to be stopped....

''Don't worry, Saint. We are merchants. Merchants don't fight for blood!
'Exactly! To us, money is blood! The expense is bleeding! Gahahahahaha!

 They don't get along, but they're on the same page at the right time, aren't they, these two?

The format of the game is already decided.
Since this is a battle over oden, it's only right that we use oden to win!


How about some oden?
That's right! It's a quick-eating contest of oden!

 The lowly members of the merchants' association and guilds swarming around them made a noise.

''The game is about how fast you eat your oden! Whoever eats the most oden in time wins!
The heat is the deciding factor in this game! If you eat hot oden in a hurry, your mouth will burn!
'To prevent that from happening, you have to eat it cold. But waiting for it to cool naturally takes time!
'It's how efficiently you cool it down that determines the outcome! Then I'll get you some water! Any hot oden can be thrown into water and it's instantly room temperature!
'I'm going to cut this one into smaller pieces to increase the surface area and speed up the cooling time. Then I need a knife!
""Oh, my God!"

 and the two underlings of the Chamber of Commerce and the Guild, who deviated to prepare for a quick-eating contest, were blown away by the flash of the Evil Saint Sword Dry Schwartz.

''Don't waste your food!''
""I'm sorry...?"

 Don't play with the ingredients that the farmers and fishermen and hunters have carefully prepared and the food that the cooks have worked so hard to prepare.
 When you eat, do your best, savor and enjoy that food.

''This is the first time I've ever seen a saint wield a sword...?
The only thing that upsets Saints in everyday life is wasting food.

 Thank you for the explanation, Verena.

"Mr. Shaks, Mr. Samjula.
'You're not, are you? You will respect the food, won't you?

 Each of you are the head of an organization.

Yes, of course! Such worldly rhetoric coming from the mouths of fledglings who don't yet know how to reason! I'll give you a stern talking-to later, so please don't listen to me!
''I'm the Master of the Tavern Guild, man! I value food and drink as much as anyone! There's no way I'm going to play the quick-eating game, no way I'm going to!

 So, what kind of game are you playing?

'As the saint says, a dish is only as good as its taste and its appearance. How would you like to play a game that goes deeper into that?
You mean... you're a drinker...?

 A drinking game?
 There's a new word in there that I can't understand! It's like a hobby comic in a shonen magazine!

You are the master of the guild in a tavern, so this is the drinker's game. Do you think you've brought the game into the ring where you are the best at what you do?
"Of course you're on board, right, Chairman of the Board? I'm proud of my handful of roots on a regular basis. Even the winning method covers everything, right?
''Naturally. As Chairman of the Pandemonium Chamber of Commerce, I can't afford to lose to a private owner in the city. No matter what kind of game system you use!

 And the two of them sparked off with a bee.
 It's a lot of fun.

 But what kind of game is this "drinking game"?

Hmm.....? A drinking game...?
Do you know that, Verena?

 Looks like a commentary position is taking hold, don't you?

'I've heard that. I've heard it said that a drinker's grade is how well he can get through. He who knows his food, knows his drink, and can eat and drink it most beautifully is respected in a drinking establishment.

 Those who do so are called in awe: .........

 ........and a drunkard!

'You two, Shax and Samijula, are competing for the prestige of their respective drinkers! The Master of the Tavern Guild, Samijula, is naturally a heavy drinker! In contrast, Mr. Shakus, as the chairman of the chamber of commerce, must have a wide range of insights from attending various dinner parties!

 The two of them are going to show each other the experience and knowledge they have gained so far?
 They are competing with each other with the dignity of adults, the complete opposite of gluttonous and fast-eating!

    * * * *


Well, I must admit, I was afraid of that swordplay earlier! Even though our youngsters did something stupid, it was a boon to see your husband's bravado!
Haha, I wasn't very mature either...!

 And the guild master, Samajra-san, is getting involved with me in some way.

He must have naturally sensed the importance of the saint since Shax-san has been lifting up so much. Business people have an amazing sense of smell like that.

 Your commentary skills are just as impressive. You've had a hard time believing that you have no personality.

"Once I've beaten that cheeky Shax, I'd like to get on with my deal with you. Keep it under positive consideration while you win!
What the...?

 Does he really have a lot on his plate, huh?
 That's like a one-man president...?

"The current master of the Tavern Guild is a hard worker who has had to work hard to get his way...!

 Hey, Bacchus!
 He's the one at the center of things, and now you've disappeared?

The guild in the Demon City is a mutual aid society of like-minded people. The guild master, who is the representative of the guild, is also the owner of the guild and runs his own shop...?
''Then, that Samijra-san is also?
I've heard that he's a master at running the largest public tavern in the Demon City, the Shy Bacchus Tei, as well as two other stores at the same time. That's probably why he was chosen to be the guild master.

 Did they use your name in the name of the restaurant?
 That's the God of Drinking?

Such a big shot started out as an apprentice in a tavern and worked his way up to the top. There are many businessmen in the Demon City, but he is the only one who has risen from empty-handedness to that level. ...except for one person.
I didn't realize the god of sake knew that much about me. It's a blessing to me, as a liquor businessman, to know that the gods of sake know that much!

 Mr. Samjula, laughing caracara, grabbed Bacchus by the shoulders.

'Even I still have ambitions as a businessman! I want to put your booze on display at my store! If we win, will you ever consider it?
It's all about the outcome of the game!

 Then the game began.

 Mr. Shaks and Mr. Samajula, both sitting side by side at the counter of the Bacchus Oden Shop.
 They sit side by side in the same direction, but there is a beehive of sparks between them.

'But really........what kind of game are we going to play on this one?

 As I was reaching the peak of my bewilderment, there was a quick move.
 The one who made the first move was Shax-san, the chairman of the merchant association.

''My lord........''

 What's with the gleaming eyes...?


 What's the point of a normal order?
 What's the point of this? Just eating oden like a normal person!

"Daikon..........? As expected of the chairman of the board, you're off to a solid start...!

 What's Verena saying?
 You're off to a solid start as a commentator, aren't you?

Daikon is the most basic ingredient in oden! It's as simple as just slicing the ingredients into rounds and boiling them! That's why it reflects the restaurant's unique flavors! The broth in which the oden is cooked soaks up the most, exposing its flavors in a way that cannot be hidden! Soup is the life of an oden! To make sure of that, radish is the best first move!

 Is that what a drunkard's duel is all about?

 There are people who go to bars and fail to order their drinks in the right order.
 The winner is the one who does those things and is more consistent in his or her order of eating?

 It's great, but it's too much trouble!

''Shax-san, I'd say your first move is a success. .... and Samajula, how will he fare when he's allowed to make the first move...?

 And it's Verena's actual situation.
 The master of the tavern guild, who had been keeping silence while everyone around him was bothered, finally moves.

''.........Shochu, with hot water....
""This is..."

 Everyone around them, including Verena, starts to make noise.

''Sheesh, sheesh........?

 Not only that, even Shax-san?

That's not cool, Shax. You missed your first move, that's for sure.
Yeah, that's right. It was a big mistake to call it a solid first move.

 Are you wannabe and shivering to Verena?
 What the hell are you guys up to?

The first daikon is a solid plan for an oden eater. But it's only for eating oden! But this is a tavern! It's also where we drink! So what would you do without asking for a drink first!
'Verena, calm down!
'Mr. Shax was so focused on the splendor of Oden that he despised alcohol in the tavern! And in front of the God of Drinking, Master Bacchus! This is a huge disappointment!

 In contrast, Samijura-san ordered the first drink of the day.
 As expected of an izakaya, he knows how to eat and drink in an izakaya.

 But what is this?

Oden is only better when eaten with alcohol. At least in an izakaya. Forgetting that and narrowing your horizons, Chairman of the Board of Trade, you've lost your rank, haven't you?

 What the hell?