489-487 serious game

The first phase of the match, Samijura-san got the lead in his true nature as a tavern guild master. Her choice of drink was Shochu with hot water. The fact that it's hot water instead of water is a high point, in keeping with the theme of Oden, which is trying to warm you to the core.

 Verena is totally a good play-by-play guy.

 The game that takes place in Bacchus' oden shop has entered a realm that is a bit beyond my comprehension.

In contrast, Shakus-san, who inadvertently ordered food before liquor in the tavern, ordered liquor in a hurry, but I can't deny the impression it was lackluster. We ordered a bottle of shochu with hot water. Even though it was the best solution, it was the same as the other person's, so we were falling behind.

 Really real life.

'How would the saints here evaluate the first move of both sides?
Ha, a highball would be nice, wouldn't it?

 Better yet, stop putting me in the commentary position.

'The second move to follow began. Mr. Shax ordered ... eggs, konnyaku, and gummoji! It's a basic choice.
Mr. Shaks, you're going to have to be tough on the basics.

 Is the idea still solid from your position as the head of a large capital company?
 In contrast, Samijura-san...?

"A half-centimeter.
And the chickweed.

 Buzzing, buzzing, buzzing, buzzing!
 The gallery was abuzz with noise.

'This is Samijula! We've got a big win coming out of phase two! Both hanpane and chikuwa-bu have their share of likes and dislikes in the oden sauce! By daring to ask for that, you're aiming for more oden connoisseurs! By the way, I love it, chikuwa-bu!

 Verena's personal argument exploded.
 But it's certainly a common sense thing to be able to say that you 'like' something you don't like.

 Is this a big point?


 More than anything else, my opponent, Shax-san, is overwhelmed.
 I was so impressed with the way my opponent ordered that I stopped moving. As if to make use of the gap, Samajra-san is even more aggressive!

'Cabbage rolls and sausages!'

 Heretical newborn babies in the world of oden!
 They have crossed the ocean and are high-powered people with a side-character name.
 At first glance, they may seem barbaric and disrespectful of tradition, but the depth of Oden is that they accept everything without hardening their thinking.

 Believing in Oden's ability to tolerate, the order I placed was an order of courage.

 Here again, Samijula, you have raised a man as a drinker!

Can't you see...?
What's the matter, Trade Chairman, have you stopped eating?

 It has become a one-sided game for Samijra.
 Samijura said to Shaks.

You've changed," he said to Shaks. You were more adventurous in the old days. You weren't the kind of guy who could stick to the basics and stay small.

 I say as I chivvy up a cup of hot water.

'Has your standing become more stable and defensive? But a businessman who doesn't compete is a tricky thing to figure out, isn't he? The future of the Chamber of Commerce looks bleak if you stay on your own. ........more shochu, General, more shochu.

 This is a perfectly timed refill!
 And with a tedious sermon, like a drunkard. Does that also count as a point?

 Samijura-san's understanding of drinking is too deep for the face of a tavern guild master.

''........But, Samijura-san has been talking funny just now, hasn't she? Against Mr. Shaks.

 They used to be like that, or they used to be like this.
 It's really a troublesome way to get involved in a drinker's relationship, but that kind of thing only comes up when the people who know each other are familiar with each other from the past.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this," he said. This was when he was still a teenager.

 What did Bacchus say?

From an early age, he was very perceptive and quickly rose to prominence and was entrusted with important tasks. His talent caught the attention of the Chamber of Commerce and he was headhunted and transferred to the company. He is a hardcore upstart who has risen through the ranks of the Chamber of Commerce to become the chairman of the trade association, and that's him. That's what he is.
Master Bacchus, you know? What can you tell me about my background...?
Being a barroom dad, I get a lot of gossip.

 Mr. Shaks, I thought you were born into the upper class, but you've gone through all that hardship...?

Hmm? But you were working as an apprentice in a tavern...?
That's right, it's my joint, my bar.

 Samajra-san said as she ate her cabbage roll.

I was a year older than him, but he was so quick to learn that I didn't even notice the difference in level of understanding. I couldn't stand it when I was used by my juniors and I had to learn the job as hard as I could. I thought that in the future, this guy and I would compete with each other for the position of store manager.

 He took a sip of liquor and licked it....

"I never thought I'd end up at a trading company. I felt betrayed. I stayed at the store and worked my way up to the position of store manager. At the same time, I owned several shops and became a guild master. But even so, I'm still the king of the mountain compared to you, who became the chairman of the trade association.
Even I have become great. I worked hard to become great...!

 Don, there was a loud bang on the table with the bottom of the empty glass.
 'Mr. Shaks is rough!

'I wanted to rise to the occasion! I wanted to get ahead as far as I could! Because I believed that going up was the key to happiness!
'Is that why you went to the Chamber of Commerce? Better than that?
'Yes, sir! And you can't be either! Not content with just being the owner, he became the master of the Tavern Guild! Everyone wants to be great! I don't want to be poor in the lower classes! Do you want to go back to those days when you just started serving as an apprentice, when you were half-empty and were only allowed to eat sambara potatoes!

 What's that?

It's one of the most popular crops in the Land of Evil. It's one of the most popular crops in the Land of Evil. Because of that, it's cheap, and it's an indispensable food for poor people.

 Like potatoes?

'The fuzzy texture of the sambara potatoes we work and eat at night when we are beaten by our superiors and ragged and battered! That tasteless potato made me climb to this point! He said he'd be flat to live like that for the rest of his life!
Sambara potatoes....they sure are not very good. When you and I were in the service, the boss was a real jerk, and the only thing he would eat was that sweet potato. The only thing he would eat was the sweet potatoes... We ate them while crying. Because of that, the potatoes turned out to be salty...!
'It was my only saving grace. Even if it was salty, I couldn't swallow it without the taste...!

 It's getting to be a bit of a sobering story...?

'I don't want to taste Sambala potatoes ever again! That's why I keep on making money in the Chamber of Commerce! I can't lose in a place like this for that! ......Master!
Konjac! Cancer! That would be!

 What's your choice?
 Isn't that a legendary combination of fatty oden?

 Those three items are skewered together to make a beautiful piece of art that is a godsend. It is impossible for Shax-san, an otherworldly person, to have this knowledge, but...?
 Is it possible that he has managed to pull off this form with his sense!

 The people around him are also shaking with astonishment at this sense.

 Shakus has been pushed around by Samijura, but now he can say that he has regained his footing.

 The game is becoming unpredictable...!

You're good, Shax. Your old shiny face is back. Well, it was worth the talk, wasn't it?
You're the one that's gonna get trampled if you keep acting like you're somebody else.

 Rivalries spark each other!
 The game has reached a climax...?

Now, to conclude the contest, I would like to offer you a dish to finish it off.

 You want me to order a menu from Bacchus?

Interesting, isn't it a competition to see who gets to eat the general's recommendations?
I'm really proud of it. Let's savor it with your name on it.

 What was presented in front of the two enthusiastic men........
 The one presented before them with a lot of oden sauce........potatoes?


 It's true that potatoes are a good oden dish.
 However, they are difficult to make because they are prone to collapse. I'm sure they weren't on the menu at first.

 I'm sorry, Bacchus, but did you study this stuff without me knowing?

Don't be silly!

 Mr. Shaks stands up and protests.

'Isn't this a Sambara potato!
'What? This is it?

 The Sambara potatoes that you were reminiscing about earlier?

'We, of all places, could have gotten a sambara! I'm sure you heard the same old story I just told you, shopkeeper!
Yes, and I would like you to eat on it.
How rude!

 For Mr. Shaks and Mr. Samajula, the potatoes are a symbol of a painful underclass.

 What is Bacchus's true intention in this harassing act of deliberately recalling bad memories?

"No, Shax, you gotta try this potato...? What the hell?

 At the urging of his old friend, Shax, reluctantly, takes a bite of the potato.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what to expect.

The dewdrop soaks into the soup and tastes so good...?
"The god Bacchus spent a lot of time preparing this soup. That's what makes it taste so good. Even if it's just a potato full of bad memories...
"No, on the contrary.......it's as if the oden sauce gently envelops the bad memories stuck in the potato.......? These potatoes are so delicious...?
'Yeah, and those days weren't all bad memories either. It's a good thing that you have a friend to help you through the hard times. If you hadn't come in a year late and you hadn't come in, I would have definitely fallen apart and run away.
''Even I........you always protected me from my nasty superiors. Just because you're a year older than me........! Yes, this potato reminded me of that. It's hard, but it also reminded me that I had some good memories...!
These oden potatoes...!

 The boys, older and fully grown, shook each other's hands with gusto.
 Tears were streaming from their eyes.

'Will you allow me to work with you to repay you for that time? I want to work together with the Chamber of Commerce and the Tavern Guild to spread Master Bacchus's oden regardless of status or rank.
Well, you and I had an amazing experience today, and I want everyone to feel the same way...! We can do anything, you and I can do anything........!
'Just like that day...!'

 Applause erupted from all around them.
 Celebrating the reconciliation of the men who departed from the same place and trapped in their respective paths.

 The rivalry between the Tavern Guild and the Chamber of Commerce was now resolved, and it was a happy ending.

 Did Bacchus set out to win the game with the intention of making this happen from the beginning?

 He said he was a tavern owner and used to get a lot of gossip, but he was preparing potatoes to reconcile the two of them after learning of their backgrounds?

 It's the kind of concern that a god who has lived for thousands of years would have...!

 You're ending the story like a gourmet comic again!