490-488 Challenge Homemade Sekaiju

 Bacchus's tavern seems to be safe and sound, and I finish checking out the situation and head back to the farm.
 When I came back, Prathi begged me to do something.

'Grow a world tree, sir!

 It was another intense plea.

 I mean, a world tree?

"...grow"? On the farm?

 It was no longer reckless beyond begging.
 Didn't the World Tree grow that easily?

 Isn't that an image that has already risen from the beginning of the world?

I knew it was derived from........green juice?
'Yes! The leaves of the World Tree are now an essential ingredient in this original green juice of mine!

 It's something I can't explain.

 The leaves of the World Tree are even capable of reviving the dead with the highest class of recovery items in some cases, but you're allowed to make a green juice out of it?
They say, "It's not good, I need another drink," and then they say, "Can I have another drink? I can't drink another cup!

 A health food that is too extravagant, the green juice containing the leaves of the World Tree is selling fast in the Demon City.

 I heard that Plati's product is selling like hotcakes in the Magic City.
 Because it's effective against all diseases.
 It's inevitable. That's because it's the leaf of the World Tree.

But you know, the World Tree Leaf is currently purchased through the Chamber of Commerce. That's why it's costing me a lot of money.

 By the way, the profits from selling the green juice are saved for Junior's upbringing.
 It was the money I needed to raise my child well.

But when I was selling the green juice through the Chamber of Commerce, I thought...
What is it?
'I'm not sure I want to go on like this. A lot of people are getting healthier from drinking my green juice. But the cost of buying the leaves from the World Tree is high, and the price is so high that only a few people who can afford it can drink the green juice...!

 Has the cost of purchasing the leaves of the world tree become a bottleneck, and the price has gone up that much?

 Huh? Is this the current price of green juice with World Tree?

 It's so expensive.
 If I have this much money, I can go to Bacchus's oden shop and have a good time.
 I've been traveling back and forth to the Demon City, I've come to understand the market price there.

''Eighty percent of this price is added to the cost of purchasing the World Tree leaves...!
'If we could grow a world tree on the farm and harvest its leaves, we could cut the price of green juice by less than half! Hey, come on, mister! Grow a World Tree, sir! To bring green juice to more people! For the health of the world!

 Prathi has been awakened by a mysterious sense of mission.
 I want to respond to her kindness, but before that, there's an insurmountable problem.

''You say it's easy to grow a world tree, but...''

 I don't know if that's actually possible.
 That's what the World Tree is, right? Isn't that fabulously valuable?

 Basically, I imagine it to be in the category of a system that is unique to the world.

What's a world tree that can grow that casually, like shin hairs or something?
I'm fine! You can do it, Master!

 My wife has a tremendous amount of trust in me.

'Your husband has accomplished a number of things that were considered impossible before! So it's okay! I'm sure you can do it again this time!

 That's what Prati says, but there's actually never been a single impossible that I've tried to make possible.
 I've never found myself trying to make the impossible possible.

 That's why I'm afraid that I'll fail if I hit it with my greedy eye from the start.
 But I couldn't cripple Prati, who was staring at me with expectant eyes....

''Okay, let's give it a go.''


    * * * *

 But, well, when you get the world tree to sprout, grow, and grow enough to harvest the leaves, it's another kind of farm work.

 I've made a lot of new dishes and stuff like that, but it's been a long time since I've tried something new with pure farm work, so my arms are ringing.

So how do we grow the World Tree?

 First of all, if I were to sprout and grow the World Tree, I would need something to be the source of the World Tree.

 A seed of the World Tree, a sapling, something like that.

 If there were such a thing, though. If there are such things, where would we get them from?

"You've got the Master's power. Can't you grow a barbarian with it?

 Prathi says matter-of-factly.
 That's probably what she's expecting. It's probably the ability called 'supreme bearer' that resides in my hand.

 This ability, which is a gift from God, is to bring out more than a hundred percent of the potential of the person you touch.
 With this overly nonsensical effect, if you hold a sword, you can become a swordsman, and if you hold a knife pan or other cooking utensils, you can become a cooking iron man.

 Not only that, if you touched the soil, you could maximize the soil's potential or more, sprout seeds that hadn't even been sown, and cultivate crops.

 It's safe to say that the reason I'm able to continue living on a farm in another world is all thanks to this ability.

 I'm sure Prati is relying on this power, and he's trying to make the world tree sprout up from scratch by being the supreme bearer.

 I couldn't think of any other good moves, so I gave it a try.
 But I couldn't do it.

 I couldn't feel the life-giving texture of the soil, which I would normally be able to feel if I touched the ground.

 How much soil potential can be maximized
Even the 'supreme bearer' who could bring out the above, did not reach the potential to make the World Tree sprout up...?

''As expected of the World Tree, it's incomparable to other agricultural products...!
So I guess we'll have to think of something else?

 That's Prati.
 If things don't go your way for once, you don't freak out, and you immediately take the next step.

 I'll see what I can come up with.

 But it would be impossible to grow the World Tree from scratch. I have to admit that already.

 It would be nice if we could find at least a little clue to help it grow.
 Based on that, the World Tree would sprout and grow... it would not work out so well, would it?

'I have something that might be a good place to start.

 And Prati.

'Leaf of the World Tree!

 Well, she already has some leaves in her possession that she has ripped off from the Original World Tree somewhere in the distant world.
 It was bought through the Pandemonium Chamber of Commerce to be used as an ingredient for green juice.

''I can't cultivate from the leaves of this World Tree, and eventually the World Tree itself...''

 You can't do that, indeed.
 If it's a seed, or a trunk, or at least a twig, it can be grafted onto another tree and grown...but it's possible to expect it.

 A leaf is like a hair if you were to compare it to a human being, and once it grows, it will just fall off.

It's impossible to grow something from a leaf, isn't it?
What do you think? Don't you remember, Master, Zos Saira?

 Zos Saira is one of the Six Witches and a particularly vicious potions user.
 Her major is the creation of homunculi, and she uses potions to create artificial life forms that are far removed from the laws of nature.

 As expected, it's impossible to forget such a strong character, but why her name at this time?

''Attah was able to steal some of her skills through our joint research. It's bad enough that I'm always relying on the master, so this time I've decided to go as far as I can with my own hands.
What do you mean?
'I've applied Zos Saira's research to extract the World Tree's genes from the World Tree's leaves as a prime example! From this, we can create the Homunculus World Tree!
"Homunculus World Tree?

 Another one of your morally reprehensible words.
 Is that a legal requirement? Isn't that against regulations?

You gave birth to a homomunculus horse a long time ago, so why should it be any different now? The problem is how to crossbreed the genes from the World Tree with those of the other trees. It's not going to grow well with just the genes, so we need a host, a synthetic partner.

 So our next action was to find out what it was like to synthesize the tree.

 We decided that trees are the best choice for cross-pollination, so we went into the dungeon orchard to look for a tree that was compatible with it.

 With the help of the tree spirits, the selection process went smoothly, and the tree that was easiest to combine with the World Tree was determined.

 It was the cherry tree.