491-489 Birth of world cherry tree

We've created something extraordinary again...?

 I injected the genes of the World Tree into a cherry tree sapling.
 My 'supreme bearer', while establishing two different genes, I will plant it in an empty lot on my farm and watch it grow.

 I was thinking of growing it in a dungeon orchard because it was originally a tree, but the tree spirits that live there told me, 'The World Tree will grow beyond your imagination, so grow it in a large plot of land! I was advised.
'Or else we will die out, caught up in the growth of the World Tree! Also.

 I thought that the world tree is not a standard tree, but I tried to grow it in the open space.

 I gave it hyper-fish fertilizer, which is Prati's specialty, and its growth was accelerated.
 It grew to the same size as an ordinary cherry tree in a few days.

We really have everything...?

 The technology to create a world tree, which is supposed to be unique in the world, is something like that.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to accelerate its growth.

 And that's mostly because Prati prepared most of these things on her own.
I've been asked to grow a world tree, but all I could do was sit next to it and watch.

I'm sure you're aware of the fact that the synthetic world tree was completed because of your master's ability to help me. My skills are not as good as the original Zos Saira, so I couldn't have made it this far on my own.

 Prathi says.

'And it was your husband who prepared the space for me to grow the synthetic world tree. I can't go ahead with that part of the farm without the owner's permission, so I'm grateful that he allowed me to do so. That's what my master is all about.
"No, no, no, no, no...?

 I'm embarrassed when you are so abruptly honest.

 The cherry tree, which has acquired the World Tree Factor, is allowed to bloom once in full bloom, then it blooms brightly, then it lets it all fall away, and then it grows lush leaves.

'It's too hard to clean the petals!

 However, while the flowers were in full bloom, they attracted the attention of the farm residents, and they held a cherry blossom viewing party.
 It was delightful, even if I thought it didn't feel like the season.

 However, the ultimate goal was not the flowers.
 It is the leaves that grow thicker after the flowers have fallen.

 The cherry tree was created by synthesizing it with the world tree. If the leaves that grew from it had the same effect as the leaves of the World Tree, it would be an excellent recovery item.

 This meant that Prati could prepare all the ingredients for her own original green juice.

 Now, let's get some leaves from the World Tree Cherry Blossom and experiment with them.

 There was no shortage of people to experiment with.

 In one corner of the farm, young people were still learning and training and engaging in friendly competition today.
 They are foreign students of the human, demon and mermaid races.
 Since the training is in the form of a real battle, naturally, some people are injured.

 It's hard to treat them, so please hold them down as much as possible, although Gala Rufa, who is in charge of medical affairs, was screaming for them to be held down.

''I'll treat you today instead!
""No, no, no,"

 The foreign students who were injured during the training rejected Prathi's proposal without a word.

 Well, don't worry, the injuries are only minor, such as scrapes, cuts and sprains.
 However, he resolutely refused to receive any treatment from Prati.

''Prati-sama doesn't usually do that, but what kind of a blow job is that?
Absolutely suspicious! I've already learned that the word 'kind' is not a word for witches, so I'm already learning!

 The youngsters are getting to grips with the farm life.

'You're so clever! Shut up and be a test subject!
Did you say lab rat?

 A group of kids running away.
 Prathi chases them.

 Their trained movements are also quick, but Prati still can't shake them. He is seized and forced to apply the grated leaves of the World Tree (synthetic).

''Oooh! The wound was closed up in an instant! Clean without a trace!
We've already done animal experiments on monsters and such, so there's no need to be scared! .... human body, and the quality is excellent. The quality is as good as the original.

 Prati gave me a big seal of approval.
 Now, if I used the leaves of the synthetic World Tree, I could make Prati's original green juice without relying on an external source.

 Good for you, Prati.

 Now, to tell you the truth, I've been thinking about it for a while now, and I'd really like to put it into practice.
 I'd really like to put it into action.

"Prati, can I have a few leaves?
The Synthetic World Tree? Of course. What's on the farm is your husband's, so you don't need a permit.

 Thanks for the kind words.
 I said no to Prati and got a few leaves.
 These leaves are the leaves of the World Tree, but at the same time they are also cherry blossom leaves.
 Because it's a homunculus world tree based on the cherry tree and synthesized with the genes of the world tree.

 It's a bit complicated, but the leaves are first washed in water and then exposed to boiling water. After draining the water, I sprinkled some salt on the leaves and put them between my hands to activate the "supreme bearer" technique.
 Then it's done.

'Salted cherry blossom leaves!'

 It was done in an instant.
 If it were true, I'd have to wait a year or so to marinate it in salt, but with the "supreme bearer" it was super short.
 It's a really useful ability.

 The cherry blossom leaves are finished, but they are not yet truly finished.

 For that, we first need to get away from the cherry blossom leaf....
 Take out the glutinous rice.

 Steam the glutinous rice colored with food coloring. Wrap the sweet bean paste in the steamed rice and wrap it in the cherry leaf.
 And what do you think is the result?

"The cherry blossom cake!

 A pink, glistening jewel of glutinous rice! It is wrapped in cherry blossom leaves, an elegant snack!

 It's been on my mind since Prathi was collecting leaves.
 And I wanted to make it.

 Of all things, the genes for the World Tree have synthesized with the cherry blossoms.
 And speaking of cherry blossom leaves, isn't that a cherry blossom cake!

'Oh, sir? I was wondering what you used the leaves for, did you turn them into candy?

 Prathi came by quickly.
 While holding Junior in his arms.

'What are these dumplings? ...wrapped in leaves, doesn't that sound good? I'll take it. Am. Delicious!

 I had a delicious one for now.

'The anko in it is so sweet and delicious! The saltiness of the leaves accentuates the salty taste of the leaves and makes them seem sweeter. The crunchiness of the leaves and the chewy texture of the rice cakes is a good target, and it's very good, sir!

 I'm glad it was a big hit.
 Well, if you're dealing with girls, the sweetness of the anko is ironclad, but I'm glad to see that there was a mention of the cherry blossom leaves as well.
 Some people don't even eat the leaves of cherry blossom cake, you know.

'Oh, but these are the leaves of the world tree, right? What an extravagant use of luxury materials...!
 Huh? Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo?

 That was the next moment.
 Prati suddenly started to shine!

 A golden light emanated from his entire body, and it felt like he was blatantly powered up!
 It was like hearing a shuinshing sound!

''What is this? A power rises up from the depths of my body....oooooohhhh?

 Junior, who was taking a nap in his mother's arms, was startled by the sudden change and woke up, saying, "What? What? Your mother is glowing. He woke up with a look of "What?

"This could be. It's the effect of the leaves surrounding the rice cake. The leaves of the world tree mix with the rice cake and the red bean paste to create an effect that's more than I expected.

 That's right.
 The cherry blossom leaves used for the cherry blossom cake are also the leaves of the world tree.

 The super herb that heals any wound or incurable disease, the leaf of the world tree is also the leaf of the world tree, and its effects appear in this way?

 And then Veerle appeared at the scene of the chaos.

Ooh, my taste buds are all over the place! The master has made a new dish again, hasn't he? Let me eat!

 As usual, Veerle instantly notices when I make a new dish, but with a glance at the glowing prati in front of him.......

'I was wrong. You must leave!

 He left immediately.
 He's also honed his crisis avoidance instincts for a dragon...?

'Hmmmmmmmmm! Sir! I can't believe they've created such a potent medicinal and yet delicious World Tree candy! You're trying to compete with my green juice! It's not just that it works great and tastes great!

 This was a completely unexpected result!

 I'm sure you'll find that the otherworldly cherry blossom cake I created works beyond your imagination, and it seems to remove all sorts of unhealthy effects from those who eat it, making them more powerful.

 That's the leaf of the world tree.
 ........I thought, but the same thing has happened with natto (fermented soy beans) and ramen noodles.
 Oh well, it's the usual.