492-490 Elf Kingdom Security

 The names of the straw are Elf Elf Elf, Elfriede, Elle Dupont, Elthoelus, Elkator, Elsa, Else, Elvira, Elmantos, Elkator, Else, Elf Elf, Mikael, Uriel, Gabriel, Ariel, Ariel, Arienai, Raphael, and Elfant.

 He is the supreme Elf, who is permitted to carve twenty-two of the sacred symbols of our Elf race into his name.

 He is a High Elf, of course.

 He is revered as the chief of the forest, and is also known as the Elf King.
 The Elf village governed by the Wawa is of a size and culture level that makes it worthy of being called a kingdom.

 It's a good idea to have a good time with your friends.

 The elven settlements in the so-called demon country side are showing unprecedented prosperity.

 Among them, the village governed by the Warawa in particular has never waned in its prosperity.

 Because in the village ruled by Warawa, there is only one tree standing tall in the world.

 The World Tree.

 It is the largest, most powerful, and most precious tree in all of existence.
 It is said to have existed since the beginning of the world, and is said to be thousands or even tens of thousands of years old.

 It is a sacred tree, and simply standing there spreads clean air around it, wiping out dirt and giving life vitality.

 Thanks to this, the forest around the World Tree is always healthy and free from disease. No part of the forest has ever died for at least the past few hundred years.
 It's a far cry from the forests of humanity.
 This is all because of the World Tree that stands at the center of the forest.
 As long as the World Tree exists, the Elven Kingdom, a village of strawmen, will be safe.

 And there are other benefits that the World Tree provides.

 The leaves of the World Tree.

 A certain number of leaves are harvested several times a year after a festival to give thanks to the World Tree, and these leaves have a special effect on the body.

 Grind them up and apply them to the affected area and they will heal any wounds, while ingesting them in your body will eliminate incurable diseases and cure all sorts of ailments, leading to a healthy body for the inoculated person.
 The "panacea" is a name for the leaves of the World Tree.

 The leaves of the World Tree are used exclusively for the health of our elves, and some of them are carried off to other parts of the forest.

 But some of the leaves drift out of the forest, for they are coveted by those who have heard of their benefits.

 In the old days, wild thieves would invade the forest, hoping to rob it by force, but the elite of our elves, known as the Manhunters, never let any of them leave alive.

 But the elite elves, known as manhunters, would not let a single one of them leave alive, and so we decided to give them a few leaves in exchange for a large sum of money.
 And they made an unexpectedly large profit.

 We elves have never had wealth in our lives, but thanks to this, we have been able to buy all sorts of useful things from outside the forest, and we have become richer and richer.

 So the World Tree has benefited Strawberry in many ways.

 Long live the World Tree!
 The World Tree is the greatest protector of our elves!

 It is the elves on the human side who could not have such a guardian that are the most pitiable.

 But I am not concerned about the hardships of others. We, the Elven Kingdom, will receive the blessing of the World Tree and continue to be safe forever.

 And that's what I was thinking........
 It seems like a long time ago now....

    * * * *

What is this?

 What really got on my nerves was when I was shown a quote on a deal.

 You're doing what you always do, selling the leaves of the World Tree what's that saying?
 Well, the good demon tribe merchant was quite licking his chops that day.

''As you can see, here's an estimate for the leaves of the World Tree you're selling.
That's pretty cheap. It's about half the price of the last one, though.

 I'm sure the amount of leaves on the World Tree you're selling off will be the same.
 So why is the price only less than the price?

Didn't you know? Right now, there's a collapse in the price of the World Tree in the Devil's Land.
Price collapse?

 You didn't tell me what was important in the first place!
 We've been living in the woods far too long to know much about the world!

 And why? Why are we experiencing a price collapse?
 Price collapse is what it is. It means the price of things will suddenly drop and become cheaper, right?

 How come the leaves of the Sacred World Tree are so cheap?
 Do you want to rob me of something precious and valuable? Godd*mn it!

Please calm down, sir. The prices are not dropping for no reason.
'Do you think it's for a good cause? That the leaves of the World Tree are going to be cheap! Impossible!

 The World Tree is a treasure revered by our elves!
 Even the leaves that are part of it are nice enough!

 Cheaper foliage on the World Tree could mean less value!
 That can't be allowed to happen!

The reason why the leaves of the World Tree have been so expensive is because the absolute number of leaves was so tiny. The supply was too small to keep up with the demand. It's inevitable that those things will be pricey.
It's true, isn't it? The leaves of the World Tree are precious to me! It's not something to be sold off to the xenophobes just because of that!

 And I should be grateful that we're selling even a fraction of that out there!
 I'm not gonna let you try to lower the price by flirting with me!

However, we have recently opened up a new sales channel...
Supply is catching up with demand. So it's only natural that prices should reflect that.

 What's going on here?
 New distribution channels?
 There's no such thing as a new sales channel!

There's only one World Tree in the world! There's only one World Tree in the world! How can there be leaves of the World Tree in another place?
Well, I can't tell you why, because we have a confidentiality agreement. But in order to make it easier for our consumers to get the best deal, we would like to make good use of multiple suppliers. We look forward to working with you in the future.
"Alright, can you do it? Not a leaf of the World Tree can be sold to a man who would mock the straws! I will not be doing any more business with you guys unless you lift the unfair price reduction!
Well, then, apart from the World Tree leaf deal, I also brought this pottery for you to purchase. Do I also have to bring home the new "Elf Belly", a new piece of pottery that the farm brand's artisans have put their hearts and souls into, the famous "Elf Belly"...
'Wait a minute! I want that! Let's take a closer look!

 Thank God.

 How profound the color and shape of this clay-fired pottery is...!

 I'll buy this one.
 I'll buy it, but I'm not happy with the deal price of the leaves, so hold off on that one!

    * * *

'So that's why you couldn't sell the leaves of the World Tree? On the contrary, you think they only bought that piece of pottery for that obscure amount of money?
What is this, the Assistant Elf? Isn't it good? This is a very wonderful thing!

 The plates and bowls that have been circulating in the land of demons lately have scared the shit out of the elven king, the Warawa!

That's a bit much, isn't it? How many of these are there? I spent most of my earnings from selling the leaves of the World Tree on these. If we can't sell any more leaves at this point, won't the whole Elf kingdom be lost?

 Yes, that's the problem.

 I've been able to sell the leaves of the world tree at asking price without any effort, and it's brought in a great deal of profit.
 That winning pattern will be broken.

The demon merchants said that they have developed new buyers, but is that possible?
No, it's the only one in the world, so that's why it's a world tree, isn't it? I don't see how it can be anything else.

 I agree. I think so too.

 It's possible that someone has created an elaborate imitation.

"Insolence! Imitating the sacred world tree and creating a sham, that's outrageous! As an elf serving the World Tree, I will not let this misdeed go unnoticed!
''If we crush our rivals, we can sell the leaves of the World Tree for a high price again!

 Why don't you get that snobbish thing out of the way, auxiliary elf?

 Anyway, we must investigate as soon as possible and find out who the offenders are who produce the leaves of the fake world tree!
 And give him the forest sanction he deserves!
You will be reminded of the might of the elven settlement that bears the name of your kingdom!

'As you wish! But... but...?
What are you, the junior elf?
Even though it is a matter of investigation, the people of the Elven Kingdom can't really extend their power outside of their own territory. Of course, the enemy will be outside of our territory, so what can we do...?

 Hmm, is that what you're saying?

'Do not overlook the straw. Arrienai, Rafael El Helfant, will you be?
Don't bother telling me your name.

 I see.

"As the King of the Elves, he has many skills that you lowly Elves do not have.

 It's easy to roast the transgressors by using them.

 You'll see, we'll swiftly smash the fake World Tree and restore the World Tree's leaves to their original "decent price".

 And use the money you make to buy more interesting pottery from the farm!