493-491 Invasion Elf Kingdom

 It's me.

 The synthetic world tree I created the other day had an unexpectedly large effect on me.
 The one who showed the biggest reaction was the demon trader Shax-san.

''By all means, the leaves of the World Tree over here! Would you sell it to me?

 No, Prathi has been selling the product made into a green juice for a long time now, haven't you?
 You want the material intact?
 Well, if you want it, I'll share it with you, but it's just an overflow from our needs, right?

 The money?

 It's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it just grew by itself.

 This synthetic world tree was created based on cherry blossoms, so it will surely fall off in the winter.

 Then it's better to be generous and not stingy with it....
 It sounds like a lot of work to clean up the fallen leaves.

 Do the leaves of the world tree have any residual effects?
 It's a subject for future research.

 Still, cherry blossom trees with the power of the World Tree are more difficult to handle than I expected, and since the other day I've been too afraid to make cherry blossom cakes again.

 Well, the reason why Platy is in such a state is probably not only because of the effect of the World Tree's leaves, but also because of the strengthening by my 'supreme bearer' who worked on it....

 Nevertheless, I've collected some leaves, and this time I've taken the time to salt them properly.
 Next year, I'm sure I'll be able to eat more normal and safe cherry blossom cakes.

 While I was thinking about this, I was looking at the leafy cherry blossoms of the World Tree....

'Kukku kukku kukku...! So this is the lair of the transgressors?

 What's that voice?
 It came out of nowhere.

 It's no longer a surprise to hear an unfamiliar voice, as it's an everyday occurrence on the farm, but even so, I can't help but be wary.

 Who are you!

''The Warriors.......no, the Warriors are messengers of heavenly punishment. We have descended to bring sanctions against those who have created a fake World Tree and insulted the True World Tree!

 In front of my eyes, where there had been nothing before, I suddenly felt a haze, and when that haze cleared, a group of people appeared behind me.

 Moreover, they were dangerous.

 All of them, which seemed to be about a hundred in all, were armed and bowing against me.

 It's a good idea to be able to have a good idea of what you're looking for when you're in the marketplace.

It's a good thing that you're able to see at a glance that we're elves, but of course, you know what elves are, since we create the fake World Tree. But you've touched something you're not supposed to touch, haven't you?
"What? I'm not allowed to touch anything!

 What the hell does that mean?

 You're the No-Life King, right? A dragon viel? The gods of heaven, earth and sea, or the angels Folkosfon & Songokfon?
 Other than that, the previous mermaid queen Sheila, who used the chanting magic method...?

I'm sorry, I don't know of too many...!
''I have too many guesses!

 Anyway, these barging elves, what is it that they are so angry about?

 ...it's a tick-tock, right?
 Do you mean to tell me that you are armed to the teeth?

Well well, then, let me tell you your sins! That's what you did to our elven kingdom!
"What? That's exactly what I don't remember at all...?
The warriors of the Elven Kingdom are the strongest and most elite in the world, having defied the invasion of the Demon King's army in the past. You're going to be able to get the most out of it. That's what you deserve for opposing us!

 The leader of the group, a jerky-tongued elf, called out to him, and the other elves shot arrows at him as he ordered.


 About ten seconds later........

    * * * *.

 Subdued and complete.


 The time it took to subdue it, a breakdown of ten seconds....

 It took eight seconds for the inhabitants, who had sensed the change, to rush to the scene.
 It took two seconds for the first goblin to arrive at the scene, wielding his scythe and destroying all of the opponent's weapons.

 ...a total of ten seconds.

 From there, the new orc goblins that came rushing in were surrounded by orc goblins and potties, and the raiding elves lost their will to fight.

"Gona na na na na........? What is it? What is this?

"What is it? You may ask.
 These are my fellow farmhands, my fellow countrymen.

What, sir? Another weird one?

 Prathi comes in late, too. He comes in with Junior in his arms.
 It's nothing important, so you could just go home and let Junior sleep in.

"Something about an elf. Did they say we were picking a fight with the...?
Well, that's rather typical of the way you pick a fight...!

 Don't let your eyes glaze over?

'You attack them one-sidedly, as if we were at fault. This isn't our farm where such sophistry is acceptable! Orcs and goblins! Hang them up! Let them know what will happen to those who defy the farm!

 I ain't!
 Of course we need to defend ourselves, but not over-defense!

'Why don't we listen to him some more! Yes! They said something about a World Tree! I knew there was something wrong with us...

 The same leader-like elf from among the suppressed elves says

''Accusations are accusations! You were obviously the one who did the harm first! A plot to distribute fake World Tree leaves and weed out the leaves of our real World Tree! It's all clear!

 A fake World Tree?
 I have no idea!

"How could I be so careless today! I didn't know they had this kind of defensive force ready to go! Let us honestly admit that it was a mistake to set up a small force of a hundred horsemen!

 "Brash Elf," he says.

''Then next time we will attack with the full force of our elven kingdom to ensure our victory!
What are you talking about? Do you understand the situation we're in?

 I know what Prathi wants to say.
 The raiding elves are now all disarmed and surrounded by our orcs and goblins all around them.

 It would be extremely difficult for them to slip through the cracks and escape, and thus, return home.

 I'm not so peace-loving that I can't just let them go with the situation in a hazy state....

"*Hmmmm........! Remember? How did I come to be here?

 Oh, speaking of which.
 First time they came out of nowhere, didn't they?

 It's like transference magic.
 Don't tell me they use transference magic too?

"Ho ho ho ho ho! Did you think that shapeshifting magic was the sole province of demons? This Elf King, the Strawberry, can do so many things you can't even imagine!

 The Elf King?
 What an ostentatious name!

 A haze arises around her, and it covers not only her, but all her fellow elves!

''This is the transference magic of the elves? That mist distorts dimensions and connects them to distant places?
'Only the High Elves use natural magic! No matter what force is used, it cannot be pursued to the farthest reaches of the dimension! Farewell! We'll meet again, until we're ready for our vengeance war!

 Elf-san leaves, leaving behind a discarded line.
 He hides his figure in the haze... and when the haze clears...!

 ...still there.


 The haze was gone, but it hadn't shifted at all.

''What do you mean? It's true that Walla Walla's 'Flying Fairy Haze' has been activated, so why hasn't it jumped across dimensions?
I don't know how great the magic of the elves is, but...

 Prathi says.

'You shouldn't have used it right in front of Atashi. 'It's a piece of cake to block the activation with Attah's potions.'

 That's a mermaid's best potions user!
 I didn't know you could do that!

That's not all. I can dispel the Ninjens' magic with a single glance. Whatever it is.


"I didn't need to do anything about it. "I had to activate a magical spell to suppress the distortion of space just in case, but...

 Even the No-Life King's teacher?

"Wow, I've taken care of that too...?

 And Verena?
 We have too many people to deal with this on our farm!

 I'm more worried that we're going to have so much to deal with that we're going to have to deal with a lot of overlap and another unexpected event!