494-492 Meeting with King Elf

 That's why I decided to ask the situation from the elves who had been taken prisoner in earnest.
 Why did they attack the farm?
 What is the relevance of the World Tree?

 I'll try to unravel it through future conversations.

Then let's start with your name, shall we?
Very well! I am the chief of the elven kingdom! In other words, the Elf King! Their names are Elf-elf Elfriede Eldupon Eltoelus Elkatl Elza Else Elvira Elmantos Elkatl Else Else Elf-elf Michael Michael Uriel Gabriel Ariel Ariel Ariel Arienai Raphael El Elfant!


Excuse me?
"Couldn't you understand, you fool! Well, I'll say my name again, Elf-elf Elfriede Eldupont Eltoelus Elkator Elza Else Elvira Elmantos Elkator Else Else Elf-elf Michael Michael Uriel Gabriel Ariel. It's Arienai Raphael L'Helfant!
Where do you want me to break that off?
No boundaries! The sacred name of the Elven King of the Straw! Always chant every single letter in your full name!

 I don't like it.
 It's too cluttered.
 Every time I call you from now on, every time I call you Elf-elf Elfriede Eldupont Eltoelus Elkatl Elza Else Elvira Elmantos Elkatl Else Elf-elf Michael Michael Uriel Gabriel Ariel. Do I have to say Alienai Rafael Helfant?

 There's too many words, no matter how many margins there are!

Um ... call him the Elf King.

 Then one of the elves who had attacked with her said, unable to look at her.

'That's the only reason I'm content not to call him by his name. In the first place, the title of Elf King itself is an emergency evacuation name that the bothered person who didn't want to call that person's full name came up with.


So, Mr. Elf King, I have to ask again, what brings you here?
Don't make me repeat myself! We are here to punish you for your misdeeds!

 That bad behavior would be called 'what about the fake world tree'.
 However, from there on, I can't get to the point. Is it because the parties involved insist on it? I wonder if anyone else can explain the situation from a bird's eye view.

'Then let me explain it to you.

 And then he proceeded to come out, aileron!

 She may be an elf too, but she's our fellow farm elf!
 Born and bred on a farm! ...or were you not born on a farm?

Surely a kindred spirit knows their ways! And since you're in our camp, I'm sure you'll be able to break it down for us in a way we can understand.
"First of all, regarding the Elven Kingdom, it's a large Elven settlement on the demon side. I've heard it's the largest collective of elves living in packs in the world.

 Mr. Elon, you explain.
 It's easy to understand, with no footnotes and only third-party comments.

The primary reason for the scale is that we have the World Tree.
The World Tree is not only huge, it also sprinkles purified natural mana around it to revitalize the forest. That's why for the forest people, the area around the World Tree is the best environment for the elves.
What's with the hearsay?
That's right. I'm from the Forest of Mankind and I've never even seen the World Tree.

 And so it was.
 When the forest dried up and she lost her home due to the problems of the human nation, she and her friends became a band of elven thieves who wandered the world.

 Eventually, she found her way to our farm and became a live-in worker.
 She's had a checkered life too.

I've heard that the elves who live at the foot of the World Tree make a lot of money by selling their leaves to the demons. Didn't the saint build a cherry tree with the power of the World Tree the other day?
''Oh, ah...?
''Perhaps the scarcity of the World Tree's leaves has diminished since those leaves were released on the market. That's why the price that was at a premium became more moderate, and the Elf Kingdom, with its dwindling profits, was pissed off...?

 I see.
 Elon's explanation is really easy to understand.

 As expected of the same elf, not only does he have a good understanding of the situation, but he can even talk about the market from his career as a former bandit!

But then again, if that's the case, isn't it completely their fault?

 And then Prati re-enters the scene.

It's the principle of the market that determines the price of things. The buyer and seller must both agree on a fair price. If the buyer and seller are not convinced, they can't sell, and if the seller is not convinced, they won't buy.
Well, it's true that...
If they were scarce, they would have been able to be bullish, but it's not surprising that the price drops when there are more of them on the market. Attacking that with a grudge against an extra supplier is a complete recrimination!

 Prathi continues to hit me with a good argument.

 The point is that the leaves of the world tree (cherry blossom) that flowed from our home went around and caused damage to the Elf Kingdom.
 You never know what will affect where in the world.

 But even so, if Prati is right and the Elf Kingdom is in trouble as a result of market forces, there is nothing we can do for them.
 It's not like we're going to release any of the World Tree's leaves (cherry blossoms) into the world for their sake.

 The price of the leaves of the World Tree, a panacea, has fallen, and I'm sure there are people who have been saved.

'No! It's not your fault! I made a fake one!
"I made a fake...?

 You keep saying that, but it's really judgmental, isn't it?

That's obvious! There is only one World Tree in the world and that's why it's the World Tree! In other words, we in the Elven Kingdom are the only true World Tree! There is no other way! If there is one, it's a fake, isn't it!

 Maybe so, but...?

"If that's the case, then you people who put out the fake ones are nothing but evil people! Even the leaves of the fake world tree look similar, but they don't actually work at all! If that's the case, then bad behavior! We can't afford to overlook this as a righteous elven kingdom!

 When did you start taking on justice?
 Are they pretending to be the establishment when they call themselves the Elven Kingdom or something?

 Of course it was a misunderstanding on the part of the Elf King, but it was too difficult to explain to him.

 The one we have is indeed a genuine world tree, but it is a synthetic world tree created by the homunculus technology of mermaids.
 Is it possible to explain that it is a world cherry blossom tree that was genetically engineered to mix with another species of strain and has the characteristics of a cherry tree?

 It would be as difficult as explaining a smartphone to someone in the Heian period, for example.
 I don't think I could accomplish that for a minute!


 In times like these, we still need to rely on our own people!
 I'm sure that Elon, who is also an elf, would be able to convince the other person with a heart-to-heart!

'No, I can't.'

 He said no on the spot?
 Why would he turn you down, Elon? You're the only one he's counting on!

"The term 'elves' is a complicated one, with different backgrounds and factions...? It's just that elves are exclusive, and just because they belong to a different settlement is enough to exclude them as much as any other race. That's why when our home forest dried up, we couldn't move to another forest!

 Such a worldly thing.
 Can't elves help each other?

'Not only that, but that Elf King is a High Elf, isn't he? The higher elves who are more assimilated to the forest. They look down on ordinary elves, so they can't be persuaded. Instead, they are the ones who think that their pride won't allow them to be admonished by lower elves!
''What a pain in the ass...?

 If that's the case, wouldn't it be impossible to convince not only Elon, but all the elves living on the farm?
 And I don't think any race other than elves can talk them down...?

''Can't we just eradicate them already, master?''
No, Veerle!

 That's not the way the dragon thinks!
 Go play with Junior over there and work on your philanthropic skills!

"......................or is there one? Who could convince that elven king?

 Elon showed us something!
 That's what I'm talking about. Family affairs! Give me a brilliant idea!

Elves are a race that thinks they're the best. "I'm sure you've heard of this. "It's a good thing that they're not the most powerful race in the world, because they live in the forest.
"So bothersome...?
A high elf is more troublesome than that high elf. The only person who can speak to such a high elf is the same high elf.
'Oh! Right!

 An eye for an eye, a high elf for a high elf! So that's it?

 But wait?
 Did we know any high elves?

There you are. I know him from the human planting project, Mr. L.L.C.

 Oh, yes!
 Come to think of it, there was someone like that!

Miss Ellewelsey?
You're LLL-L-L-See, right?
No, wasn't it L.L.C.?

 Which one is it?
 Really, the names of the higher elves are a pain in the ass.