495-493 High elf confrontation

 Here's a bit of a look back at the past.

 Ellelsi is a high elf she met in human country.
 In the past, the nature in the human country was in a state of disrepair and the forest where the elves lived was on the verge of extinction, but in order to improve the situation, he embarked on a tree-planting project.
 Along the way, they encountered a high elf, Ellelsi, who was a high elf.

 We clashed with him at first, but in the end he understood our intentions and is now helping us to plant trees.

 I'm abbreviating his name as L4C-san because his name is long.

 The Elven Kingdom is on the Demon Kingdom side and the forest where L4C-san lives is on the Human Kingdom side.
 Although they are in different settlements, I decided to ask for help, thinking that if they are the same high elves, they would be able to communicate with each other.

 On behalf of him, Elon flew in with transition magic, and after about an hour........

''I'm here. It is arrogant of you to summon the High Elves.

 You're here! High Elf L4C!
 Moreover, I thought there was some kind of sudden fog, and then I appeared out of it. I went to call for him, and he and Aileron were in tow!

You could use that magic!
''The Flying Sage is a rudimentary skill that any High Elf can use. The demons' transference magic only allows them to fly to pre-determined coordinates. Our transference can be used to fly to most places where there is a large amount of natural mana in play.


I've noticed that there's a big natural mana reaction around here. And it's a very recent development. I'm not sure what happened, but it was your doing. He's still going through the motions.

 I've only met her once, but what kind of perception do you think she has?
 Well, I guess I got the impression that you're still doing whatever you want.

What are the new reactions that have emerged?
That's the one, isn't it?

 Following L4C-san's gaze, I came to the World Cherry Tree in question.
 That's it.

I'm sure it's a good idea for you to be able to get the attention of the high elves," he said, "if it's emitting a power of the world tree level. I'm sure that's how that idiot got here too.

 Mr. Elf King, who was still in captivity at one point, roared.

''You've created a great reaction where there was none until recently! Even an idiot would find it suspicious! I tried to transition on that and I hit the jackpot! You dug the grave, you scoundrel! Ho ho ho ho!
The High Elves' Flying Fairy Haze needs a natural mana as special as the World Tree to be able to target and fly. It's a convenient but completely useless magic.

 There's practically only one target that can be transferred, isn't that Lula from DocuKue 1?

 But how ironic that the creation of the second world tree on this farm has given us a new transferable goal...?

'Well, it's been a while. Elf elves Elfriede, Elfriede, El Dupont, Elthoelus, Elkator, Elsa, Else, Elvira, Elmantos, Elkator, Else, Elf elves Mikael, Uriel, Gabriel, Ariel, Arienai, Raphael, and Ellephant. I never thought that I would see you again in this life.
"You are the one, El-L-L-See! I thought that the forest in which it is based would decay, but you're still alive, you stubborn bastard!

 Why do all the top elves have such nasty names?

But more importantly, do you two know each other?
There aren't many High Elves on earth. It's a good idea to be able to have a good time with them. This is a particularly famous settlement that owns the World Tree.

 We both have a 'noja' tone of voice, so maybe we're on the same page.

Aeron has already told me of his errand. It would be the height of arrogance to send a straw man to persuade a fool like this. I wouldn't have agreed to it if I hadn't gotten something in return.

 He's not going to be happy about it.

"You're not looking down on him, Ellelsey! You have sided with the enemies of the elves! Has your retreat into the decaying woods rotted you out, even your pride!
'How can one of your settlements become the enemy of the entire Elves just because it's against you? You've been like that for hundreds of years. You just happen to be the leader of a village that happens to have the World Tree and call yourself the King of the Elves, so the other chiefs hate you.

 I began to blurt out something righteous.
 It seems that the two of them have that kind of relationship.

It's a good thing that these people have the fake world tree! If the World Tree is sacred to the entire elven race, you must join in the punishment!
That's the way it is. It is true that Warauwa, as an Elf, respects the World Tree. If anyone insults this tree, I will surely kill them.

 I'm afraid.

'Yes, it would be, it would be! Then the villains who created the fake World Tree together...!
But is it really a fake?

 L4C's frank question caused the Elf King to choke on his words.

'Think about it. How did Walla and you get to this point? As I've said before, the Flying Fairy Haze can only fly towards World Tree Grade Natural Mana. Only to huge and pure mana.
Oh, that's...?
Isn't the fact that you found this place and came here proof that there is a legitimate World Tree in here?

 That's right.
 Mr. Elf King, while calling us phony, using magic that only corresponds to the real world tree, isn't this a fallacy to talk about?

I will tell you more. You know, as I'm sure you do, that the High Elves can only live in the forest, because they are with the forest and have become too much of a part of it. Because they are too much a part of the forest, they can only take in the clean mana filtered by the trees.
What do you mean again? I don't need to be told that now!
Didn't you forget? Then why didn't you notice? Do you know how dangerous we are right now?
'What? ........ah!

 Right now, me and the two high elves (and many others) are in an open, flat area in a corner of the farm.
 Since it was originally a land that was to be cultivated, not only the trees in the forest, but even the grasses have been cut down and are not growing.

 If what the two of them just said is true, then they're out of the forest as much as they can right now, and they're probably in a state of anoxia, so to speak.

"If you ask me, I'll say it! Ugh, I'm going to die! Why did it spread to this place?
Because it can't be dangerous, right? The reason why the Flying Fairy Haze senses the powerful clean mana and flies in the first place is to protect the high elves, the magicians, from danger. There is enough clean mana in this place to protect the warriors.
How? Not a single tree grows here!
There's a tree growing there. Right there.

 L4C pointed to a single towering cherry blossom tree that stood alone in the open ground.
 It was the World Cherry Blossom Tree in question.

The World Cherry Tree is a very special tree. The World Cherry Blossom Tree is a special tree that releases a forest's worth of clean mana from a single tree. That's why both you and your fellow high elves are safe and sound.
What...? What a...?
Indeed, the World Tree is unique. Except for the first one, they could all be fake. But if it emits this much pure mana, is it as good as the real thing?
''If you say so...?''

 The Elf King, who couldn't come up with an argument, had to admit that the World Tree on this farm was also real.

 In the end, they agreed to supply each other with the leaves of the World Tree and contribute to society.

    * * * *

"I didn't know the World Tree really existed outside of my kingdom...! The unique status of my kingdom is unique...!

 The Elf King was kind of shocked.
 She served dumplings to the ordinary elves who came with her.

''Since you've come all this way, I want you to take home some good memories as well.
Then the same goes for the warriors. It's so undeserved, having to persuade a group of idiots and then going home. I don't have a single good memory of it.

 And L4C.
 Totally. I'm really sorry that you have only listened to me today.

So, let's leave with our reward intact. So, go ahead and give us the aileron and the first thing you promised.

 L4C, did you promise to get something from Elon?

 It's true that it was Elon who went to call her, but did he negotiate with her in that case?
 In contrast, Elon, as if he had learned his lesson....

''Then, as a reward for successfully persuading the Elf King. Please accept my new work.

 L4C exclaimed.
 Are you that happy?

 The farm pottery maker, Elon, was too elaborate in his path and only pursued artistry in this vessel.
 There's something distorted and avant-garde about the shapes, and I'm already finding it difficult to understand.

In this latest work of mine, I have inscribed it as 'Elven Three-Step Belly'. I'm rather honored to have it received by L4C, who understands its value.
That's right. I would be delighted to receive such a beautiful reward for your kindness. You can always count on me!

 L4C says that he's been doped up since he was presented with an aileron's work the other day.
 Then, will you willingly do what I ask of you?


 Then the Elf King breaks in with a scream.

It's not a good idea. Farm-branded high-fashion pottery, isn't it! Why do you have it?
Why, because she's the one who made it?
What is the matter with you?

 Elf King," he says to Aeron.

"This is the artist who creates such wonderful vessels? What a wonderful meeting! I'm a fan of your work! I was the first to buy the new one the other day!
"What? Really? I'm so happy!?

 Unexpectedly, there were also fans of Aeron.
 Her work seems to be particularly popular with the High Elves.

I don't know if that's what you were hoping to get for your money? Selling the leaves of the World Tree? But the fastest and most recent one was given to me by a strawman, and it's free!
That's not fair! Sensei, you've made more new ones for the strawberries! We won't be paying you a dime for it!
It's a breach of honor to order directly from a craftsman! And Professor Elon is from the forest on the human side! I will not listen to your requests from another village!

 The High Elves are fighting with each other, calling Elon a teacher...?

 Thus, the problem surrounding the World Tree is uniformly resolved....
 The number of customers for the pottery made by Elon has increased.