496-494 Salvation Stall Ryu

 It's Chave the Adventurer.

 It's an emergency!
 We're losing the whole party!

 Because I wasn't expecting to run into such a vicious monster!

 With this tier of Alexander-sama's dungeon, the monsters that came out were still low grade.
 That kind of carelessness was our downfall.

 The diabolical evil we encountered was more and more careless because it was shaped much like the plant-type monsters that roamed around.

 It was actually a mutated vicious species!

 That plant type has acquired a poisonous taste through mutation, and it's been spraying us with it!
 Thanks to this, the first to jump on him was exposed to the poisonous fluid.

 I managed to carry my friends out, but the situation is still bad.
 My friends are getting weaker and weaker from the poison!

Oh, shit! You're crazy! The antidote doesn't work at all!

 I don't know if it's because I was so wary or because I was too slow to jump on them, but I didn't eat the poison.
 It's a good idea to make sure that the other three members are well-injured and that they are treated, but it's not enough.

 I always keep poisoning remedies handy for adventurers, but they don't help at all, even though they're meant for times like these!

No.....! This is very poisonous. Ordinary poisonous erasers won't work........!

 The fellow who was poisoned says in a snatched voice.

''It seems there are poisonous people like that sometimes. ........Originally, they should be in a higher level, higher difficulty area, even higher than this place. There's no way they have a high-grade poisonous eraser for extreme poisoning...!
What should we do then?
If we hurry out of the dungeon and get to the city, maybe we can find a toolmaker that sells high-grade poisonous erasers or a priest who can use antidote magic...?

 It's absurd, it would take a long time to go back the way we came here and leave the dungeon.
 I knew just by looking at them that my friends' lives wouldn't last that long.

 I'm not going to be able to get out of this, I'm going to lose all the friends I've shared my life with!
 There's no such thing! The party members I've met and worked with and fought for!

Ramen. We don't want ramen.

 Then a prolonged voice comes in.
 This voice isn't real...?

"The rumored noodle shop?

 A mysterious entity that prowls around the dungeon, handing out mysterious food like ramen?

 I was once a customer of theirs and was severely injured, but one bite of their ramen and I recovered completely.

 So that means.........?

"Noodle Shop! I want to feed them ramen noodles, but you don't mind?

 asks a little girl pulling a food truck.
 The fact that such a cute girl is wandering around in a dangerous dungeon is a big mystery, but this is not the time to argue about it.

 The fact that I recovered from a near-death experience with Ramen noodles when I was on the verge of death means that my friends who are now suffering from this poisonous disease will be able to recover by eating Ramen noodles too!
 The god of salvation has appeared here!

'Huh? Hmmm.......no.
I can't counteract the toxicity in their bodies with my ramen. In the first place, the dragon extract used in Gongkotsu Ramen is a poison in the broadest sense of the word. It might strengthen your body and counteract the poison, but if you're this weak, you won't be able to withstand the strengthening and you'll die of shock.
'Oh no!'

 I despair at the girl's calm analysis.
 Isn't there a God in this world?

Hmm, you need to get ready to eat my ramen. Then we'll use that thing.

 The girl takes something out of the cart.

 What's that green powder?
 A cup of that green powder?

What's that move?
I did it. That's the special green juice that Prathi gave me. Drink it.

 Can we drink this?
 In the glass is a really thick green liquid mixed with the green powder, or maybe it's just a mixture of the green powder.
 It's rather poisonous too.
 Are you sure it's safe for them to drink this? Isn't it safe to die now?

'Don't mess around, chug it up! You can't eat ramen if you don't get your act together!

 There's a girl! The poison forced his dying companions to drink it!
 To pour that noxious green liquid into their mouths!
 My friends? My friends!

The poison is gone like a joke.
"Oh, no!

 A short while ago, our friends who were dying from a poisoning spell have made a full recovery!
 Was it that toxic liquid that did this to them?
 Conqueror of poison with poison?

As expected of a green juice made mainly from the leaves of the world tree, the detoxification effect is superb. Platy's stuff is pretty decent too, isn't it?
"World Tree Leaves?

 Isn't that a very high-grade recovery item that can be traded for how many gold coins?
 It's supposed to cleanse all toxicity and, in one theory, even bring the dead back to life?

That's right, this is the special green juice made from the leaves of the World Tree, the farm brand. Right now it's an amazing price with a special shaker!

 You mean the glass with the lid that you just mixed with water and powder?

Is that really necessary?
"Mmm, let's show them how good the Shaker is! It's a green juice stirred without a shaker, not shaken, but steered.

 There were others who had been poisoned by the deadly poison.
 To such friends, the new green juice that was given to them........

Drink it.....! It takes away the poison, it's been proven...!
What the hell? Lumps! All those lumps that aren't dissolved in the water? It gets stuck in your throat.

 This is the trap that lurks in the green juice you mixed without a shaker?
 If you stir it with a muddler, it won't dissolve completely, but it will leave lumps!

'Swallow it and swallow it! Otherwise, the deadly poison might not go away!

 It's terrifying.
 I knew the shaker was necessary to perfectly melt them together without creating lumps!

 But thanks to the green juice she gave me, more and more of my friends' deadly poison is disappearing!
 That's great, ramen shop girl! I knew she was the goddess of salvation that prowls the dungeon!

No! The poison won't go away! I didn't make it in time!

 But there was one companion that not even the green juice could save!
 He was the first one to be poisoned, and because of that, he couldn't detoxify himself in time.

He's not breathing! It's too late! She's dead...?

 How did we lose someone from our party?
 d*mn it, if only I had made a quicker assessment of the situation!

"As expected, if you stop breathing, that green juice of Platy won't do you any good. Then this is what I need to do!

 Girl, do you have another option?

"Sakura cake!

 What? What is that........mysterious squishy thing wrapped in a leaf?

I'm gonna take this guy who just died and stick him in the throat....
""He shoved it in!"

 That cherry blossom cake?
 He's dead, so he shouldn't even be able to chew it, but the whole thing that was put inside him....

"The cherry cake is delicious!
He's been revived!

 I've just witnessed a miracle!
 A comrade who should have died from poisoning has completely detoxified and risen from the dead!

The cherry blossom leaves wrapped in rice cakes are not only as effective as the leaves of the World Tree, they are also strengthened by Master's power! You succeeded in reviving him since he hadn't been dead for a long time. It's called the three-second rule!

 What an awesome item, the cherry blossom cake!
 Even the dead can be brought back to life, just like the legendary efficacy of the leaves of the World Tree!

I was going to serve it to you as dessert after eating ramen, but I'm going to let you guys eat it too. I'll give you one piece each so you can devour it without fighting.

 This would save you from a near-fatal injury in a dungeon!

'Thank you! I'll keep it safe for when the time comes!
No, eat it now. Fresh pastries have a short shelf life. If you don't eat the food the master made for you and taste it properly, you will be killed.

 Poisoned or not, you have to eat it to die?

 I had no choice but to eat the cherry blossom cake with my health intact, it was delicious and thanks to that, we all made it back from the dungeon safely.

 The goddess of salvation we met in the hell called dungeon....
 I can't thank that little girl enough.