497-495 Visit to the strongest Shitenno

 It's me....

 It's an emergency.
 Belfegamilia-san has visited me at the farm.

 One of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army, and the man who is called the strongest among them.

 His strength is said to surpass even the King of the Demon Kingdom, the Demon King, and in fact, he's not just the strongest of the four heavenly kings, he might even call himself the strongest of all of mankind.
 He is also the illegitimate son of the previous Demon King, and can usurp the Demon King's throne by himself if he wants to.

 I've never been compelled to get involved with the farm, and I've never visited the farm before, but now I'm happy to welcome her.
 For some reason, he came to us unexpectedly.

 We had always thought that we might be able to have a visit like that at some point in the future, but the fact that he came to us without any kind of warning caught us off guard.
 I don't feel like it's typical of him........

The first demon army commander appointed in hundreds of years...?
A visit from such a big shot... this farm is really amazing...?

 The youngsters of the demon tribe who are studying at the farm are the ones who are surprised to hear that.
 They are also originally affiliated with the Demon King's Army, so they seem to know him well.

 On the other hand, the foreign students of the human race and mermaid race....

''That's the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army? It looks weak, doesn't it?
You're so mild-mannered, you know?
''Isn't it a bit of a letdown that a guy like that is the strongest of the Demon King's Army?

 And a lick of rot.

 It's true that Belfegamilia-san is always trying to be lazy at every opportunity, and she doesn't have a shred of supremacy.
 As a layman, he cannot find even a glimpse of strength that has been pushed aside.

 That's the kind of strength he has.
 Only the same strong people would notice and fear his strength.

 The proof of this is that, in contrast to the carefree students, there were those whose tensions went up in a huff as soon as Mr. Belfegamilia visited.

 All the orcs and goblins working on the farm.

''What is this eerie killing atmosphere...?
"Understandable but elusive...? I've never felt such a strange presence in my life!
And yet its strength and enormity are clearly visible. You can't hide it even when you try to hide it. It's massive...! Is that what being a true strong man is all about...?

 It seems that those who understand will understand.

 Not only the orc goblins, but Porgy and the others also lowered their posture and roared when they saw him.

''Grrrrrr........? Koonkwoon!''

 Can the wild beasts also be able to see into the depths of the strong?

Can that man do it?
If it wasn't for us, we'd be missed.

 And the spirits of the earth seem to have noticed.

 And, well, let's not let such reactions of the people around us be a good thing.......
 It's Belfegamilia-san herself.

''Well, this is a nice place. It's quiet, long and peaceful, and I wish I could be lazy in a place like this all year round.

 Thank you for the compliment.
 But there's no one here who's lazy, except for Veerle, though!

So, what can I do for you today?
Don't sleep.

 I looked away for a second and she just pulled a hammock over there and started sleeping.
 What a brilliant move.
 You people are so used to being idle!

But as long as I'm on this farm, there will be no sloth! Wake up! And you'll be welcomed with open arms!

 He flips the hammock over and drops Bellefegamilia-san to the ground.

But he's still in bed.

 To the man who has achieved true laziness, is the ground no better than the bed?

'But wake up! What did you have to come to our house for?
Ha-ha-ha, I'm sorry, but this is a very comfortable place to sleep.

 Bellefegamilia finally woke up by shaking his shoulder.

 It's bad, this guy.
 It's obviously the same type of person as some of the people you've met, the one who doesn't make any progress in the conversation!

'Oh yes, you have an errand. Of course that's why I came to visit you, or else I wouldn't have gone out voluntarily. Otherwise, I wouldn't have gone out on my own, would I?
I'm not proud of that.
'I'm not proud of it, but I'm a man who puts his life on the line to be lazy. I can't let any number of people get in the way of my laziness. Some people will kill you if you interfere with my laziness, okay?

 It's not a joking eye.

'But the question is, is it someone I can't kill even if I wanted to? I'm very vulnerable when people like that make a fuss. I couldn't get the basic measures in place.
What are the basic measures...?


'That's the kind of problem I'm interrupting today. I wanted to kill you guys, but I couldn't, and I wanted you guys to do something about the people who are disturbing my laziness...

 With a lack of explanation, I'm suddenly handed something.

 I looked at the object transferred to my hand and wondered what in the world it was.

 I looked at the object in my hand and saw that it was a skull.
 Or a skull.

 Or a human skull.
 I guess that's what you usually call it.


 Why am I being handed a skull all of a sudden?
 What's going on here?
 This isn't even a horror movie.
 We try to scare you, but it's so sudden and unexpected that it's hard to understand.

 It's only when you understand the extraordinary nature of the situation that you get scared.
 What am I doing wrong?

As expected of a farmer, the Demon King has a lot to answer for. You can't even scream when they suddenly hold your skull in their hands. He's got a lot of guts.
'Because you've been given something more shocking before?

 Like Songgok Phone's raw head (or something like that)...?
 Compared to the impact of that, a skull with all the raw stuff shaved off is just a little bit too much, now, isn't it?

So what's this skull all about?

 You want me to reconstruct it and identify him in his prime?
 We don't do anything like Forensic Science, though, do we?

"Oooooh! You rude bastard!

 She just started talking?
 What's that? The skull in my hand.
 This is indeed a bit of a surprise?

"Call me what I am, the great one! You can't treat me like I'm property! This great emperor! ''The Emperor of the No-Life King!''
''Whaaaaahhh...? Belfegamilia? What is this more and more?

 No, I feel like he already introduced himself to me.

"The Emperor of No Life King. The end of that career.

 The No Life King?

 Speaking of which?
 We're all familiar with it on our farm!

The other side of the world's two biggest disasters. The monsters that have transcended their humanity by absorbing the dungeon's stagnant mana to gain a false sense of eternity. This is one of them.

 And then he plucks up the skull with a hitch.
 It's a mystery where the part of the skull to pick up is located.

''But this skull is quite different from the No Life King I know, but...?

 No, when I thought about it, I was already acquainted with the No-Life King, who was too odd.
 Like cats.

''The biggest difference is........just the head? Wouldn't they normally have all the other parts in place?

 Limb or torso?
 It's like buying a plastic model with only the head, like a plastic model that's been bought part by part and not at all complete, isn't it?

There's a deeper reason for this........ This guy has already been defeated and has lost his power.

 According to Belfegamilia-san........

 It seems that this emperor had ambitions and was planning to attack the entire world. It was right after the end of the Human-Devil War. It is said that just as they were about to raise an army, he struck first and annihilated them.

I'm sure you'll be able to find it. That's amazing!
No, it seems the person who defeated the emperor was a traveler passing by. I've heard that he saved the world from a crisis and then left without giving his name.

 How cool is that...?
 Does the world have such a hero living in the world, hiding his name? Who the hell is that?

I was just ordered to clean up afterwards. That's when I retrieved the skull...?

 The story comes back to this again.

 The Emperor is defeated by a nameless hero.
 But even if he is defeated, he cannot be killed, which is the terrible thing about the No-Life King.
 Five crushed heads can persistently survive, and this monster is about to cause a new kind of mayhem.